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New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware Primaries - Tuesday 9/11/2012

This thread will be updated regularly on Tuesday 9/11/2012

Everyone needs to get off their arse and vote "liberty candidates" into office so we can change the playing field in the country that has bent and broken the rules against us. If you don't live in a primary state, then do YOUR part and get the word out that people from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Delaware must go out and vote on Tuesday.

On Tuesday 9/11/12 people in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware have a chance to pull the rug out from under the status quo because the sheeple are only motivated to go vote in the big elections. Below I've collected names of liberty candidates from different sources. I suggest voting for these people, but nothing trumps your own research. I don't know it all and someone's definition of a "liberty candidate" may differ from yours.

New Hampshire: 9/11/12
polling hours 6:00a EDT (1000 UTC) to 8:00p EDT (0000 UTC). Polls must open by 11 AM however most open between 7 AM and 8 AM. NEW HAMPSHIRE permits its 13 cities to keep their polls open until 8 PM Eastern Time by local option- however, as there ARE only 13 cities among New Hampshire's 234 County subdivisions [the 221 "non-cities", of course, being the proverbial New England Town(ship)], the fact is that the vast majority of NH's polls have closed by 7 PM Eastern Time and the networks have no problem considering this hour as the earliest hour of potential projection.
[] Frank W. Szabo Sheriff of Hillsborough County
[] Dennis Lamare House Rep. Dist. 2
[] Norman Tregenza House Rep Carroll 7
[] Josh Youseff Senate Dist 7
[] Bradley Jardis Coös County Sheriff
[] Tammy Simmons House Rep Hillsborough 17
[] Jonathan Maltz House Rep Hillsborough 27
[] George Lambert House Rep Hillsborough 44
[] Kyle Tasker House Rep Rockingham 1
[] Ann Cartwright House Rep Cheshire 2
[] Donna Mauro House Rep Rockingham 7
[] Keith Murphy House Rep Hillsborough 7
[] Paul Mirski House Rep Grafton 10
[] Timothy Comerford House Rep Rockingham 33
[] Andy Sanborn Senate Dist 9
[] Richard Kahn Senate Dist 14
[] Kevin Leandro House Rep Belknap 2
[] Colette Worsman House Rep Belknap 2
[] Robert Greemore House Rep Belknap 2
[] Kenneth A. Deshaies House Rep Belknap 3
[] Robert Kingsbury House Rep Belknap 3
[] Guy Comtois House Rep Belknap 7
[] Jane Cormier House Rep Belknap 8
[] Harry Accornero House Rep Belknap 9
[] Paul J. Askew House Rep Carroll 4
[] Harry C. Merrow House Rep Carroll 5
[] Christopher J. Ahlgren House Rep Carroll 6
[] Keith Carlsen House Rep Cheshire 6
[] Charles Moore House Rep Cheshire 9
[] Dick Thackston House Rep Cheshire 10
[] Michael J. Walsh House Rep Cheshire 10
[] Eric Jackman House Rep Cheshire 12
[] Rick Thackston House Rep Cheshire 15
[] Ian Freeman House Rep Cheshire 16
[] Charles H. Kurtz House Rep Coos 1
[] Laurence Rappaport House Rep Coos 1
[] Leon H. Rideout House Rep Coos 7
[] Jeffery P. Young House Rep Coos 7
[] Gregory M. Sorg House Rep Grafton 3
[] Neil F. McIver House Rep Grafton 8
[] Jeremy J.Olson House Rep Grafton 9
[] Robert Hull House Rep Grafton 9
[] Paul Mirski House Rep Grafton 10
[] Joe Frazier House Rep Grafton 11
[] Paul Ingbretson House Rep Grafton 15
[] Charles Sova House Rep Grafton 16
[] Robert A. Fredette House Rep Hillsborough 1
[] Holly Mecheski House Rep Hillsborough 1
[] Neal M. Kurk House Rep Hillsborough 2
[] Bob Mead House Rep Hillsborough 5
[] John A. Hikel House Rep Hillsborough 6
[] Richard Meaney House Rep Hillsborough 6
[] Kelleigh D. Murphy House Rep Hillsborough 7
[] R. Christopher Richards House Rep Hillsborough 7
[] Omer Beaudoin House Rep Hillsborough 8
[] J. Michael Ball House Rep Hillsborough 9
[] John J. Callahan House Rep Hillsborough 11
[] Shuvom Ghose House Rep Hillsborough 11
[] Larry G. Gagne House Rep Hillsborough 13
[] William Infantine House Rep Hillsborough 13
[] Steve Vaillancourt House Rep Hillsborough 15
[] Stephen Stefanik House Rep Hillsborough 16
[] Donald J. Frye House Rep Hillsborough 16
[] Tammy Simmons House Rep Hillsborough 17
[] Joshua Holmes House Rep Hillsborough 18
[] Emily Sandblade House Rep Hillsborough 18
[] Dick Marston House Rep Hillsborough 19
[] Ralph G. Boehm House Rep Hillsborough 20
[] Jeanine Notter House Rep Hillsborough 21
[] Stephen B. Stepanek House Rep Hillsborough 22
[] Stephen Palmer House Rep Hillsborough 23
[] Robert F. Willette House Rep Hillsborough 23
[] Bruce Marcus House Rep Hillsborough 24
[] Jim Parison House Rep Hillsborough 25
[] Kevin Avard House Rep Hillsborough 28
[] Carl W. Seidel House Rep Hillsborough 28
[] Doris Hohensee House Rep Hillsborough 30
[] David Schoneman House Rep Hillsborough 30
[] Don LeBrun House Rep Hillsborough 32
[] David Murotake House Rep Hillsborough 32
[] Greg Surbey House Rep Hillsborough 33
[] Dee Hogan House Rep Hillsborough 34
[] Jacqueline Casey House Rep Hillsborough 34
[] Lynne Ober House Rep Hillsborough 37
[] Russell T. Ober House Rep Hillsborough 37
[] Richard D. LeVasseur House Rep Hillsborough 37
[] Jonathan Maltz House Rep Hillsborough 37
[] Frank Edelblut House Rep Hillsboroug 38
[] Mark Warden House Rep Hillsborough 39
[] Gary Daniels House Rep Hillsborough 40
[] Benjamin Linn House Rep Hillsborough 40
[] Laurie Sanborn House Rep Hillsborough 41
[] Kathleen Souza House Rep Hillsborough 43
[] Roy Shoults House Rep Hillsborough 43
[] Ernesto A. Pinder House Rep Hillsborough 43
[] George Lambert House Rep Hillsborough 44
[] Matthew J. Swank House Rep Hillsborough 45
[] Jenn Coffey House Rep. Merrimack 1
[] Dennis Reed House Rep Merrimack 2
[] Gregory Hill House Rep Merrimack 3
[] Steve Winter House Rep Merrimack 5
[] Susan Olsen House Rep Merrimack 7
[] Lee Shaikh House Rep Merrimack 9
[] Richard E. Kennedy House Rep Merrimack 10
[] Brian Seaworth House Rep Merrimack 20
[] Dan McGuire House Rep Merrimack 21
[] J.R. Hoell House Rep Merrimack 23
[] Dick Marple House Rep Merrimack 24
[] Ron Noyes House Rep Merrimack 27
[] Al Jones House Rep Merrimack 28
[] Carol McGuire House Rep Merrimack 29
[] Joe Duarte House Rep Rockingham 2
[] Kathleen M. Hoelzel House Rep Rockingham 3
[] L. Mike Kappler House Rep Rockingham 3
[] Kyle Scofield House Rep Rockingham 3
[] Dan Dumaine House Rep Rockingham 4
[] Stella Tremblay House Rep Rockingham 4
[] Robert Introne House Rep Rockingham 5
[] Robert Fesh House Rep Rockingham 6
[] Kevin Reichard House Rep Rockingham 6
[] Donna Mauro House Rep Rockingham 7
[] Mark Samsel House Rep Rockingham 7
[] Bianca R. Garcia House Rep Rockingham 8
[] Michael Falagan House Rep Rockingham 9
[] Daniel Itse House Rep Rockingham 10
[] Kenneth L. Weyler House Rep Rockingham 13
[] Glenn Ritter House Rep Rockingham 16
[] Joshua Davenport House Rep Rockingham 17
[] Christopher Suprock House Rep Rockingham 18
[] Joseph Korowski House Rep Rockingham 21
[] Tracy Emerick House Rep Rockingham 21
[] Will Smith House Rep Rockingham 24
[] Kevin J. Kervick House Rep Rockingham 30
[] Robert Boyle House Rep Rockingham 31
[] Donald Gorman House Rep Rockingham 32
[] Timothy Comerford House Rep Rockingham 33
[] Marie N. Sapienza House Rep Rockingham 34
[] Bob Goodman House Rep Rockingham 36
[] Antonio Luciani House Rep Strafford 2
[] Joseph Pitre House Rep Strafford 2
[] Kurt Wuelper House Rep Strafford 3
[] Devon C. Boyd House Rep Strafford 4
[] Bruce Cory House Rep Strafford 7
[] Warren Groen House Rep Strafford 10
[] Susan DeLemus House Rep Strafford 11
[] Marga M. Coulp House Rep Strafford 15
[] Donald C. Andolina House Rep Strafford 17
[] Michael W. Weeden House Rep Strafford 17
[] Kirsten Larsen Schultz House Rep Strafford 21
[] Clifford Newton House Rep Strafford 23
[] Laura Jones House Rep Strafford 24
[] Len Turcotte House Rep Strafford 25
[] Bill Walker House Rep Sullivan 1
[] Spec Bowers House Rep Sullivan 2
[] Thomas Howard House Rep Sullivan 9
[] Steven D. Smith House Rep Sullivan 11
[] Phyllis Woods Senate Dist 4
[] Joe Osgood Senate Dist 5
[] Cynthia Coolidge Howard Senate Dist 5
[] Sam Cataldo Senate Dist 6
[] Daniel Dwyer Senate Dist 11
[] Joseph F. Krasucki Senate Dist 13
[] Howard Pearl Senate Dist 17
[] John Reagan Senate Dist 17
[] Phil Greazzo Senate Dist 20
[] Russell Prescott Senate Dist 23
[] Dennis Acton Senate Dist 23
[] Howard Wilson Exec Council Dist 2
[] Michael Baldasarre Exec Council Dist 3
[] Ken Blevens Exec Council Dist 4
[] Robert Burns Exec Council Dist 4
[] John Babiarz Governor
[] Albert "Max" Abramson Rockingham County Attorney
[] James Parker Hillsborough 3 County Commissioner

Rhode Island: 9/11/12
polling hours 7:00a EDT (1100 UTC) to 8:00p EDT (0000 UTC). Polls open 7a to 9a by location
[] Barry Hinckley Senate
[] Mike Donahue House Rep Dist 1

Delaware: 9/11/12
polling hours 7:00a EDT (1100 UTC) to 8:00p EDT (0000 UTC)
[] Rose Izzo House Rep At-Large District
[] Will McVay House Rep Dist 32
Is there anyone else?
Check out New Hampshire: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/NH Rhode Island: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/RI Delaware: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/DE see if your district has a run off. It may say something like "Proceeds to Runoff on 11 September 2012" under a candidate's name if they're participating in this election.

I'm not in either of these states, is there a run off election in my state? There are a bunch and you can find out here: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/events.phtml?format=chrono...

There's no one for me to vote for in the run off, who should I be considering to vote for in addition to Ron Paul in the November 6th general election? I've put together a list of as many liberty candidates as I could find, organized by election date, here: http://www.dailypaul.com/242897/updated-list-of-liberty-cand...

There's a run off or other election, but none of the participants are listed as liberty candidates I'm not omnipotent. Just because I don't have someone on my list doesn't mean they're not a liberty candidate. It's up to you to do the research. Find out when your next election by you is at http://www.thegreenpapers.com/G12/events.phtml?format=chrono... and research the candidates.

There's someone not on your list that should be Please leave that person's name, office running for, election date and any other information in the comment section of http://www.dailypaul.com/242897/updated-list-of-liberty-cand...

There's someone on this list that shouldn't be This list is collected from many different sources and what qualifies someone as a "liberty candidate" may not meet everyone's qualifications. Please feel free to leave a comment stating your opinion and why. I would like all opinions, good and bad, to be put out there so everyone can make a decision based on all information.

What can I do to get more people to the polls for these elections to vote for these liberty candidates? The main problem is that only a very few people even know these elections are taking place. Please share this information in EVERY way you can. Re-tweet, thumbs up, add to every social network, ask the mods to put this on the front page on the 11th, etc. Promote this thread as best you can.
RonPaulForums Liberty Candidate List
1 http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?365683-List-of-L...
2 http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?384721-UPDATED-L...
Liberty Candidates List http://libertycandidates.com
Republican Liberty Caucus List http://www.rlc.org/candidate-endorsements-2012/
Liberty Candidates United List http://libertycandidatesunited.wordpress.com/
Do you know a candidate running for office? Have them fill out these forms to help get their name out there:
1 http://libertycandidates.com/liberty-questions/
2 http://www.yaliberty.org/campaigns/recommend
3 http://www.rlc.org/rlc-resources-links/#Surveys
4 http://pledge.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2009/08/13/for-legisl...
Don't know your district? Just enter your zip code (if multiple representatives are given, then enter your address) here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ and it will tell you who your current representative is and which congressional district you live in.
Thinking about running for office yourself? http://www.amazon.com/How-Office-Liberty-Platform-Liberty-Ca...

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Any updates on the DE and RI

Any updates on the DE and RI primaries? Did any of the pro-liberty candidates win?

Live Free or Die!

9/11 NH Primary results are good!

All of the results are back.

7 of the 10 pro-liberty candidates for NH State Senate made it through the primary.

Approximate total pro-liberty State House candidates 137
114 made it to the general election ballot 83%
23 will not be on the general election ballot 17%

Approximate total legislative candidates 147
121 made it to the general election ballot 82%
26 will not be on the general election ballot 18%

Candidates for other offices 13
8 made it to the general election ballot 62%
5 will not be on the general election ballot 38%

Approximate total of pro-liberty candidates on the 11/6/12 ballot 129
81% (129 candidates on the general election ballot out of 160 pro-liberty candidates running to be on the ballot)

Ron Paul endorsing incumbents running for reelection:
33 New Hampshire legislators endorsed Ron Paul. 26 of them ran for reelection. 24 of them made it through the New Hampshire Republican Primary. That is a 92% success rate for Ron Paul endorsing incumbent legislators, so far.

(won/lost, position, name, other information)
won Andy Sanborn (he was a state senator when he endorsed Ron Paul) 61%
won State Representative Anne Cartwright Uncontested
won State Representative Jenn Coffey Uncontested
won State Representative Tim Comerford Uncontested
won State Representative Guy Comtois 60%
won State Representative Phil Greazzo (candidate for senate) Uncontested
won State Representative J.R. Hoell Uncontested
won State Representative Paul Ingbretson Uncontested
won State Representative Laura Jones 85%
won State Representative Robert Kingsbury 19% in a 5 way race, top 4 make it
won State Representative George Lambert Uncontested
won State Representative Fred Leonard Uncontested
lost State Representative Jonathan Maltz
lost State Representative Donna Mauro
won State Representative Paul Mirski Uncontested
won State Representative Keith Murphy 13%, 4th place in a 9 way race, top 6 make it
won State Representative Laurence Rappaport 43% in 3 way race, top 2 make it
won State Representative Kevin Reichard 8%, 6th place out of 11, top 10 make it
won State Representative Brian Seaworth Uncontested
won State Representative Lisa Scontsas Uncontested
won State Representative Tammy Simmons Uncontested
won State Representative Kathleen Souza Uncontested
won State Representative Kyle Tasker Uncontested
won State Representative Norman Tregenza 67%
won State Representative Steve Vaillancourt 32% top 2 make it
won State Representative Mark Warden Uncontested

Note: There may have been additional pro-liberty candidates on the ballot. It is hard to identify all of the pro-liberty candidates in a state.
See more here http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?389615-Results-t...

Live Free or Die!

Andy Sanborn and many others won

Results are coming in. Look for detailed results at link.

Note: Andy Sanborn won. 33 New Hampshire legislators endorsed Ron Paul. 26 of them ran for reelection. 24 of them made it through the New Hampshire Republican Primary. That is a 92% success rate for Ron Paul endorsing incumbent legislators, so far.

Live Free or Die!

Any news on how it went

Any news on how it went today?

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Today was an election day?

I didn't vote. Don't care.

If you spend thirty seconds looking at media in NH (or any stupid state), but let's focus on NH for now.

the republican is GUINTA
the democrat is SHEA-PORTER

why the heck is there a primary vote?

waste of time. have a nice day. do I need to reference the presidential election "primary" ? Romney "won" on day one. There's a reason the RNC was not a convention but a coronation.

Here's an idea:


Stop pretending government matters. Stop pretending we can change this bureaucracy that dictates our lives. Just subvert the system in every way you can, and prepare for the day it crumbles. In the recent Tom Woods C-SPAN video, he makes the case for government dissolving, so that we can experience a "clean slate." Let's hope for that instead of this horse race B.S. political game that leads to nothing. Even if RP was prez, I don't think we'd fix anything. It's bound to fail. The ideological debate is on/ the physical battle is over. Don't vote. Get ready to watch the tidal wave hit the city.


my diy adventure blog: dickdoesit.blogpsot.com

If it didn't matter, you wouldn't be reading or commenting on

this blog. You can't fool us. LOL!

ALWAYS ask youself question...

WHY... are we using the INCORRECT LANGUAGE "Liberty candidates" to describe REPUBLICANS?

WHY... don't we just say "republicans?"

WHY... don't we use "Liberty republicans?"

WHY... are REPUBLICAN PARTY CANDIDATES listed... while OMITTING third party candidates?

Does this seem overtly DECEPTIVE to anyone?

Does DECEPTION restore Liberty?

Didn't the FAKE-TEA GOP use the SAME TACTICS in 2010 TO ELECT A GAGGLE OF FAKE-TEA REPUBLICANS, by DECEPTIVELY calling them "tea party conservatives?"

Are we NOT... learning?

Are our memories so shallow?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

WHY...DO you TYPE like

WHY...DO you TYPE like this?
Does it seem like a CONSPIRACY?

MY CAPS lock button is not working CORRECTLY...Are we not Liberty?


Southern Agrarian

Maybe because if you actually

Maybe because if you actually go through the list you'd find that there are more than just republicans on it, but that would require reading instead of trolling.


The ambiguity is DESIGNED to blend republicans in with third parties under a DECEPTIVE umbrella of "Liberty Candidates." That's EXACTLY what exposes the deception! I've got name, State, district, etc... but STRANGELY... no party affiliation. Hmmm....

Again, EXACTLY what GOP tea party CO-OPTERS did just a few year ago. Statists Bachmann, West, Rubio, etc... were NEVER billed as "republicans," but "tea party conservatives." Same SCAM.

HOWEVER... I actually did randomly pick a name: Mark Warden. But nowhere do I see the LIBERTARIAN OPPONENT Lisa Wilber. I'm not the sharpest tool and don't know spit about Lisa Wilber... but, am I missing something? Is she... NOT a "Liberty Candidate?" Is she NOT on the ballot?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Maybe if you stopped wasting

Maybe if you stopped wasting your time picking out conspiracies and just suggested names then I wouldn't think you had some kind of brain damage due to your caps lock going on and off. I really don't care about party politics. It's a waste of time. I prefer to concentrate on the issues. Maybe you should put your own list up.

Fantastic REPUBLICAN list!

Personally, I detest REPUBLICANS, after having been burned OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, but good luck with your REPUBLICAN candidates from the REPUBLICAN party. I'm sure voting in more REPUBLICANS from the REPUBLICAN party will be completely different than the last set of REPUBLICANS from the REPUBLICAN party. The REPUBLICAN party help create the REPUBLICAN mess we face from REPUBLICANS, but these REPUBLICANS from the REPUBLICAN party, I'm sure, will help us solve the REPUBLICAN mess.



Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.


I notice the word "republican" has been strangely OMITTED from these lists... OF REPUBLICANS. I wonder... why? The FAKE-TEA republicans used the SAME DECEPTIVE TACTIC a few years ago.

Personally, I will NOT VOTE for ANY republicans, whether they DISGUISE THEMSELVES as "Liberty candidates" or not.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

kinda like how Ron Paul is a

kinda like how Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN, right?

Ron Paul is not a Republican.

"Evan Cutler of Alaskans for Ron Paul told those on the conference call that he spoke at length with Paul and his wife last Friday. Cutler said Paul told him he has not completely ruled out a third-party run. Cutler said Paul did express concerns about ballot access and the money that would be required for such a run.
According to Cutler, Paul was 'no longer a Republican as of Friday,' and for Paul to get his name on the ballot in all 50 states, Paul would have to be on the Libertarian Party ticket. "


Ron Paul

is the SOLE EXCEPTION to this equation. Had Rand NOT knelt to kiss the ring of the LEFTIST, SOCIALIST GOP... he would've been #2, and your assertion would have a tad more strength.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Delaware Liberty Candidates

on the ballot would be Rose Izzo for State Rep & Will McVay in District 32.

I just voted in N.H. also.

I voted for Ron Paul for Gov. and Cong. and then had one liberty cand. for rep. and one for delegate.




Just Voted in NH

I now have at least one vote for myself as Delegate :P
I was also the only one listed on my Ballot, however there was a write in with a picket sign outside...

Good luck, liberty candidates!

Let the changing of the guard continue.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Broken down NH 9/11 Primary recommendations

See a broken down version of the recommendations here. For 4 of the counties, the recommendations are broken down extremely nicely. For the other 6 counties, it is still a much more readable format than listed above. http://www.dailypaul.com/254111/new-hampshire-primary-on-tue...

Live Free or Die!

Great example of difference between states.

I've always read that New Hampshire was a liberty loving state. Keep up the great work for liberty.

Pro-liberty candidates for the 9/11/12 NH Primary

[] Andy Sanborn Senate Dist 9
[] Ken Hawkins Senate Dist 9

In that race I recommend Andy Sanborn, he was endorsed by Ron Paul. Ken Hawkins is actually not a RINO but he is an establishment Republican who has taken heat for anti-liberty positions on guns and medical marijuana. Andy Sanborn was a co-chair of the Ron Paul campaign in NH.

[] John Reagan Senate Dist 17
[] Howard Pearl Senate Dist 17

Both candidates are listed but John Reagan is the pro-liberty candidate. He is the candidate endorsed by groups like the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.

[] Sam Cataldo Senate Dist 6
[] Dick Green Senate Dist 6

In that race I recommend Sam Cataldo. Neither candidate is pro-liberty but Dick Green is the establishment RINO and Sam Cataldo is a pretty good conservative.

I noticed that a bunch of candidate without contested primaries are listed, which is also fine. A bunch of the candidates on the list are Libertarian Party candidates and will not be on the ballot on primary day.

Live Free or Die!

Andy Sanborn is great! He was

Andy Sanborn is great! He was the only candidate I've seen during this cycle who went to our selectboard (Sharon) meetings and fielded questions from my fellow select persons. When I saw Ron Paul endorse him, I was even more sold.

I'm from RI and I don't like Hinckley

I really don't like the incumbent. But honestly don't like Hinckley. He basically hooks onto anything the Ron Paul folks do and somehow does some sort of mental jujitsu and turns it into a sign wave for him. At one GOP meeting people showed up with their Ron Paul signs - as it was supposed to be a Ron Paul sign wave and Hinckley's lapdog young republican started handing out Hinkley T-shirts and taking everyone's Ron Paul signs and gave them Hinkley signs. Most of the Ron Paul people left in disgust. As I sat through the GOP meeting he made a point to make sure that he wormed his way and sat next to me for the photographers that were there (I'm pretty much the recognizable Ron Paul person) and I didn't like how he needed to make it look like I was OK with him tricking the RonPaulers to come out and do his dirty work. The guy trots out his cute kid and exploits the crap out of him. I'm sorry. I do not like the incumbent at all. But I really don't appreciate Hinckley. AND when asked if it was time to implement stricter gun laws and his thoughts about the 2nd amendment - instead of just saying something like "its in the Bill of Rights and I honor the Law of the Land..." or something as benign as that, he opens his yap and says, "Now is not the time to discuss this without some serious thought." WHAT THE HECK??!! AND every GOP meeting he comes to they have to get someone to bring him out from the bar to which he retreats after he's done his campaigning. I'm sorry. But this guy is already just too much of a politician. I don't care him.

2 Ron Paul Signs I-95 N (Cranston)

Thanks for the inside info (on Hinckley), he seemed like a typical politician during the URI rally waiting line when he walked down the rows shaking hands.

Mike Donahue, any thoughts?

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

I didn't even know he had a primary opponent.


good to know, thank you for

good to know, thank you for your input


Just sent out this Info to my In-Laws in Rhode Island. Most people just need the reminder that there's an election. It usually takes no more than 5 minutes to make it to the polling location & vote (especially at these low turn out primaries).

Thank you so much for the info.