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Where we go from here

Here is a beacon of hope and a guideline to success.

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Should we leave the republican party? No, I would not advise it. No matter how demoralized some of you may be there is no denying that the playing field as it appears we will be handed is the ripest for our ideals and our goals. Allow me to explain; Ron Paul has been our greatest ally as well as our greatest enemy. Under the banner of Ron Paul all of us have gravitated from all over and formed into something far more powerful than the federal government. We have formed into We the People. We are the bearers of the birthright of Freedom and Liberty and it has always been We who are the masters of this country and rulers of our own selves. We have simply forgotten it, as have they. They being people who do not yet understand that the system they are partaking in is actually malevolent to them as well. Yet our authority has not been recognized because up until now they have been able to label us “Those Ron Paul supporters”.

I would suggest that not being able to be labeled a Ron Paul supporter is now the best possible position for a Ron Paul supporter, wouldn’t you say? Now you are simply a republican. And lest we forget that though we dug into the system and came a little short we nevertheless dug into the system. We are in it. We are an infection which has gotten into the blood stream of the bloated elephant and they would love nothing more than to simply flush us out of their system, but like any good virus I know we can adapt and spread if we so desired it.

I am of the opinion that all of those who make up the several ‘Liberty’ or ‘Ron Paul’ pages or anyone else who marched in to become a delegate for this election cycle as well as Liberty activists overall in district 8 remain in the local GOP. I think that because of the stigma of being a Ron Paul supporter is going to fade away and the short term memory of the sitting republicans will kick in and they will be forced to have to deal with our ideals rather than our candidate. As we know our ideals, when properly presented, always win. They always win because they are right and true and undeniable. As we continue to be active in the local political system our individual credibility will ultimately rise and the reason for this is because of man’s inner nature. Man will tend to believe something if he sees at least more than one other person believing it around him. Man measures his sanity by collective thinking. When these republicans see that a lot of other republicans want to audit the fed or draw down the wars they are more likely to accept these ideas. Our mere presence at this point is infectious if we choose to remain in the party.

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Sorry, but that is CRAP

From Machiavelli to Stalin, good Central Planners know to keep your friends close and enemies closer and to turn one into the other as one requires. That is one of the covenants to maintaining arbitrary power.

Under the GOP tent, the Republican Party can keep Liberty minded candidates and ideas at bay. They are in control of the Rules, they are in control of the donated money, and they are in control of the platform.

The Founders, most of them, were envisioning the Libertarian Party or something similar to Switzerland when they Declared Independence not just simply from a King, but from Central Planning in general. Republicans (sic) are Central Planners.

Shame yourself by keeping your association with those dirtbags if you please. I will help build the Libertarian Party which just purged its fake leadership in Bab Barr and the like.


All Ron Paul supporters believe in liberty. I don't see why we all don't vote for Gary Johnson. He's running the libertarian party. Third biggest party in the US. Ron Paul likes him. Writing in Ron Paul's name won't help the liberty movement. He lead us to this point and he won't tell us what to do but he said he is voting and we know he wouldn't vote for robomney and wouldn't write his own name in. Sounds like he's goin vote for the libertarian canidate. Hell, he ran for pres in the libertarian party in 88. 


You write:

"...not being able to be labeled a Ron Paul supporter is now the best possible position for a Ron Paul supporter, wouldn’t you say? Now you are simply a republican."

Pure drivel. First of all, who cares if "they" label you a Ron Paul supporter? Are you embarrassed to be affiliated with Ron Paul? It seems to me, after all the hard work many supporters have done this past year, to be labelled a Republican is the insult. People now must find their own way, and I think many will vote for Gary Johnson, warts and all. Libertarianism is much preferred to being a warmongering, corporate-controlled, pro-NDAA, pro-Israel Republican. There are many plain old Republicans that are now deciding to vote for Gary Johnson, so he will have support from the right and independents on the right. That will be a force to be reckoned with.

Next, you write:

"...the short term memory of the sitting republicans will kick in and they will be forced to have to deal with our ideals rather than our candidate. As we know our ideals, when properly presented, always win. They always win because they are right and true and undeniable."

Complete and utter bullsh*t. You put the corporations like Goldman Sachs on one hand and "our ideals" on the other and which do you think will weigh more heavily on the corrupt, bought-and-paid-for politicians' small minds? They don't care about right or wrong. They only care about themselves and securing their wealth.

Get off those Republican rolls if you're still registered as one. Vote for anybody but Obama or Romney. Come to the realization that although one of those two greedy, murdering warmongers will win, at least, you kept true to yourself and your values, and if you abandon your values, morals, and beliefs, you're left with nothing.

Perfectly Written, Simple and Direct

"Get off those Republican rolls if you're still registered as one. Vote for anybody but Obama or Romney."

Lefttown, your logic is clear and to the point. Vote for any third party you choose. You'll be denying the den of vile corruption your vote. It is a propitious and powerful statement against the putrid scum in Washington, DC.

Our liberty and freedom is not red or blue. It is the foundation of our natural rights. It is, "We the People".

Thank You

I absolutely agree with you that our freedom is not red or blue. Attaching our ideals to the equally corrupt red or blue party headed by civil-liberties destroying power addicts is a foolish thing to do.
The point now is, in my opinion, to get as many people on board to vote for any third party candidate rather than Obama or Romney. Will any third party candidate win? No, but little by little, more and more will break free, and they will see these politicians as we now see them. Plus we stay true to ourselves.
Jonathan Turley said:

"I think that people have to accept that they own this decision, that they can walk away. I realize that this is a tough decision for people but maybe, if enough people walked away, we could finally galvanize people into action to make serious changes."


Yes, I love being compared to

Yes, I love being compared to an STD ^^

...an elephant STD. But then again that pachyderm should have known better than to sleep around with Goldwater back in '64

Unite all like minded 3rd

Unite all like minded 3rd parties. That's what we should do.

leave the GOP 9:00 am this morning

... don't leave politics. Don't drop out, just drop the two-party fraud

So you can make the challenge

So you can make the challenge more difficult for those of us who stay involved, like Maine, NV, and Iowa?

Go fuque yourself.

you're a doormat

... for Reince Prebus to wipe his loafers after he stepped in some stinky poo.

Obviously you weren't in

Obviously you weren't in Tampa.

I will be going to a

I will be going to a different party.

Have fun in your impotent

Have fun in your impotent party that never has gotten anyone elected to a major office and never will.

Go fuque yourself too.

"Go fuque yourself too." What

"Go fuque yourself too."

What are you, 10?

How was Tampa?
Did they provide you with enough Vaseline?
Oh wait, they gaged you, before bending you over. My bad.


All Good !! But We are not the VIRUS. The NRC has the VIRUS , we R the CURE!!!! ;-))

Switch to Libertarian Party

We need to strenghten the Libertarian Party as the third sane choice to put some life in politics.

Also, it is not too late to get Ron Paul into the White house.

By denying both Obama and Romney a clear majority of 270+ Electoral College Votes (ECV) on November 6 throws the election to the House. Help RP win IA, ME and NH by a “severe” write-in campaign for 14 ECVs. Help Johnson win NM and CO (another 14 ECVs.)

If the Liberty candidates win 28 ECVs and Romney and Obama are nearly matched, they each get an average of 255 (Half of 538-28) ECVs in December and the House gets to select the new President from the top three ECV candidates. Make sure Paul is number three along with Obama and Romney. 24 states impose no penalty on the Electors voting their conscience, and not their mandate so it is possible that someone from other states like TX or MN will place a vote for RP. In many other states, the penalty is not a lot more than a slap on the wrist. http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/electoral-college/e...

The House votes by state and 26 states will need to be won to select the President. It is unlikely that Obama and Romney will cede any territory to each other publicly so there is a chance that Ron Paul can eke in a victory by March 3rd deadline before the VP selected by the Senate becomes the President (Biden?) if the House has not decided. You may end up with a Paul/Biden team. Remember, it is the newly elected House and Senate that will decide these elections.Make sure to elect Liberty minded people to Congress. That is also the long term solution.

Sounds nice? Lets make it happen.

Plan B

1. Make sure Johnson and Paul get together soon. The deadline for that is practically Sept. 14 because of the need to print overseas and military ballots. This will affect Plan A as we may end up with a Johnson/Biden term but what the heck, I would take that over anything else that is offered.

2. Make a lot of noise about getting Johnson in the debates. Get on the campaign to arm twist various pollers to include Johnson in the polls. He needs to show 15% in 5 polls to make the debates. How inconvenient when the polls don’t even include him. Break the logjam. There is only a couple of weeks left for this to happen.

Plan C

Obama with a four year deadlocked congress is better than eight years of Romney. Just keep that in your mind if plan A is not feasible.

Where is the good Doctor when the country really needs him.

For the crime of telling the truth, Ron Paul MUST be sentenced to serve four years in the White House.

Great post and worth taking note.

But if we ever manage to take over the 2 party system we must destroy it.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Do as you wish.

I have boycotted the Republican Party and washed my hands of it for good.

There isn't going to be a single path forward from here. There will be multiple paths. This is as it should be.

Support the Constitution of the United States

There is no path for you.

There is no path for you. But for those of us who are staying in the GOP will make our own damn path without you.

It's pathetic that people like you abandon the effort at the first sign of discouragement, making it harder for the rest of us.

Stay out of my damn party, we have work to do.

I've been out for years, friend...

and one would think watching my countrymen and women hopelessly toil with their latest republican Sisyphus up that ol' mountain "path" every few years, would be rather entertaining... but it ain't.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Maine, Nevada, Alaska, and

Maine, Nevada, Alaska, and Iowa made it to the top...

But that's because they didn't give up. The cool thing about Sisyphus is, if he ever gets that bolder up to the top of the hill, he gets to roll it down the other side.

NOBODY "made it to the top."

And the boulder rolled down YOUR SIDE... again.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.


I will never again be a Republican or associate myself with their party, and it has nothing to do with being demoralized. That isn't to say I won't ever vote for a Republican again (my state has open primaries). I may, if a strongly libertarian one comes along. I haven't called myself a Republican since I awoke from my neocon slumber some years ago, though, and I never will again.

I'm staying in the Republican Party...

... and continuing the fight, however I'm voting for Gary Johnson this go around. The party can go eff it's self right now, but right now isn't the time to bail out of the party. Now that I'm almost done with school, I plan on taking a position of leadership by the next big election.


Don't let the naysayers demotivate you!

Contradictions aside...

with your cowardice and bad judgement... you will not have my vote.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

within the local party*

within the local party*

Trolls like you need to tone it down. Keep it civil.


I've watched the leftist, socialist, progressive GOP systematically dismantle our Constitutional Republic with their PARTNERS the democrats, for decades. That can make a man a little... grumpy.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

To those who want to leave:

What will the state of our country be when the last, small contingency of liberty-minded voices disappears from politics? You think things are bad now, what about when you kick the legs out from underneath Justin Amash, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, etc? Who will challenge John McCain and Lindsey Graham when the next NDAA bill rolls out? As quickly as our Liberties are being steamrolled now, how much more quickly will they be lost when we have (voluntarily) purged Washington of sanity?

I don't anticipate having the honor to ever vote for another Ron Paul in my lifetime, but we need to stay focused on fighting tyranny whenever and where ever we can. Does anyone really think it is an intelligent or rational strategy to abandon our foothold on the GOP while we argue on message boards about libertarianism, all the while the Federal government grows stronger and stronger, and we grow weaker and more fractured?

To abandon the GOP en masse is to nullify the efforts of the thousands, if not millions, who have come out of the shadows since 2007 and emerged to fight under the banner of Ron Paul. Once our greatest vehicle of unity has been abandoned, we run the risk of returning to 2006, where a vast, but splintered group lurks online or flies under the radar, empowering the State through their anonymity and passivity.

The republican party is an empty shell. It is not the ideas they ignore, and it is not the criminals who occupy its positions of power. It bears no resemblance to the Republican party of 50 years ago, and how it looks in another 5 is entirely up to us.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito