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The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

As sold to us by the U.S. Government, the mainstream media, and all the people who bought it, hook line and sinker without a second thought:

Thanks to James Corbett., Patriot for putting this together:


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You are mostly watching Hollywood special effects there. You will see much of the same in the movie Independence Day from 1996:


Lenin said: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."

Get out of the Virtual Reality.

Ron Paul knew the truth about Sept. 11.

heres a video of ron Paul acknowledging that 9-11 was an inside job.

f___ all forms of govt.

Quit lying about Ron Paul!!!!

Quit lying about Ron Paul!!!! He was NOT asked whether 9-11 was an "inside job." You put words in his mouth. If the truthers are right, Ron Paul is a liar or a fool. IMHO, he is neither. You apparently disagree.

Argumentum Verbosium

This video is so full of fallacies it is almost annoying to watch. Many are very obvious, but the one that is most important, and most prevelant is called argumentum verbosium. It doesn't matter how much of the information is proven wrong, because the conspiracy theorists simply add more and more info, no matter how fallacious or innacurate it is. Because they keep adding and adding to the conspiracy, eventually, anyone who researches the information and finds it to be false, simply gives up because they are tired of debating someone who has no standard for truth, and it seems pointless to carry on a debate with someone who will just keep adding flimsy evidence. Once the opposition gives up the argument, the theorists claim victory. They claim that they have won the argument because the other side no longer wants to debate the issue. In reality, the majority of the conspiracy theoritst's information has been fallacious, untrue, or made up, but in their own minds, they win because the opposition has lost the will to continue to debate.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Yet the media still promotes new versions of truth

The ever changing story we are now to believe it that 'Obama got Osama for 9/11'. We are just to assume justice was served and feel good about everything being set right in the world.

The new truth is that there is no new truth yet we are to now assume things have changed since the OBL 'assassination' even though no new evidence was found after the assassination of OBL. According to the official findings of US Law enforcement, and as it has stood for years, no direct evidence linking OBL to 9/11 exists. Yet say such a thing and most Prop-O-ganda addled fools will accuse you of being a conspiracy nut.

Had OBL been captured, he would not have been tried for 9/11 because the only indictments against him were last filed long before 9/11 and the most recent being committed on August 7,1998.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

This is the Operation Managements strategy

As Lenin said: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."

What they do is adding more and more details and distractions that leads exactly nowhere - this i what they do. They might get aggressive if you touch the important points. You will never see AJ et al point out this simple fact:



what if duhbya et al were set up by someone/something else??

just seems all to perfect of a conspiracy..
why were only 3k people targeted??
It could have been millions...
Why so many blatant inconsistencies???

I believe the government has done so many things and are behind most, but I do not anylonger believe the US gvt is involvedin anyway in 911.
I believe that they have so much disinfo and distrust, even amongst each other, that no one really knows who did it.
I think it may have been a trap set with as little life lost as possible to expose a deep deep seeded evil that was/is festering in our gvt and was getting larger and more massive by the month- after 2000k duhbya election. duhbya had the look of fear that day in front of the children when told... I know fear. Cheney was said to have been running around the basement clenching his brief case and scared out of his mind. Maybe true? who knows.. but it all seems to perfect
Someone or something went out of their way to leave all tracks pointing to, you guessed it- the most evil and corrupt in our government.
The disinfo campaign absolutely has them looking at each other, and no one in our government trusts the other.
You think the evil in our gvt trusts the other evil it shares the swamp with?
I like to look at what the outcome has been and the only outcome I see as the only positive from 911, is 3000k peoples lives were lost on that day to save freedom and expose the blatant evil that exists in our own government.
and it has exposed this to a degree no other event has.

just my thoughts.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

I think one of the problems with the "9/11 truther" movement...

...is that many adherents have gone from asking questions to providng answers, and have done that without seeing official government records. This video works for me (as someone who is not completely sold on 9/11 truth because it focuses on questions. Let's call for another investigation done by an independent organization, but let's not pretend we know every single detail of what happened that day. Remember, if you are a "truther", it's not your job to explain every minute detail of the events on September 11 and shortly after. You can be most successful when you carefully demonstrate that the "official" story has often been a misrepresentation, i.e, Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and the like. Instead of pretending to understand everything that day, we should focus on getting the public to ask questions about the official government story, and demand a new investigation by an independent body. But proudly displaying a video labeled "conspiracy" on the front page on the 9/11 anniversary is in bad taste, and will not attract new people to the movement.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

Thank you

Well said.

This is great. I was

This is great. I was wondering if this would be front paged and it is :)

Oh, I just couldn't help myself

I just sent this to all of my sleeping family members.
Doubt I'll get any replies.... hahahahahaha
I love this video!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Have truthers taken over this

Have truthers taken over this site?! Why is this headlined? If this theory is right, Ron Paul is either a fool or liar since he has repeatedly blamed those "guys with boxcutters" for 9-11 and, indeed, has used it as the entire basis of his foreign policy e.g. Bin Laden (not Rumsfeld or Cheney) attacked us because we "are over there."

You fail to understand the logic in context of the 9/11CR

Paul is well known to have criticized the 9/11CR for its obvious attempts to shield people from incompetence yet he has been very successful in using it as a logical metric for those who continue to change the story or the implications from the event toward their own interests. Personally, I think this is brilliant by Dr. Paul.

What Paul has done so well is point out the premise which must be accepted by those who consider the 9/11CR the final word and which truthers also can accept. Aside from everything else in the 9/11CR, it gives the premise for the motivation of 9/11 which by no logic requires one to think religious craziness was a motivation. Thus, either it is guys were framed to look like they were outraged by immoral US monetary/foreign policy or they actually were outraged by immoral US monetary/foreign policy….It doesn’t matter.

The United States was protecting the generational sovereignty of an egregious human rights violating monarchy against internal dissent and had been granted and had been granted the right to occupy Saudi soil against the wishes of the kingdom’s subjects to set up bases from which the US caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in a neighboring country to which the Saudi subjects themselves (and the hijackers were supposedly Saudi) had no quarrel. We do know al-Qaeda was upset about this because they had already said so 3 years earlier.

The thing to learn from Paul in all of this is that the US dollar remains a reserve currency without any natural market forces in place to keep it free from competition from other credit based currencies since it is it is no longer backed by gold. Therefore the US uses coercion to sustain the dollar as a reserve currency and that includes protecting monarchies that suppress their people because it is the US has agreed to do so as these prick monarchies have agreed to use the currency as if it still were backed by gold.

Regardless of what really happened, the end result has been that the earlier status quo has been preserved and the US continues to use coercion to support the dollar and 9/11 has caused us to not face the true reasons for why foreign policy is as it is in that Reserve Currency Strategy for supporting a Reserve Currency which can not stand on its own is what drives US Foreign Policy. And whether 9/11 was a set-up or not, if people are placed in situations where there exists no means for a peaceful political solution to the repression they are being subjected to, sooner or later those causing that repression will be confronted by violence.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

There are too many holes in the official story

It takes MORE faith to believe the official government story, than to believe the so-called "conspiracy" theory.

It's amazing how everyone thinks the government is corrupt and can't be trusted... Yet when someone questions that same government, we are conditioned to label them a conspiracy theorist.

WTC7 is the smoking gun. It wasn't hit by a plane, and regular office fires wouldn't cause all 4 columns to break at the exact same time, leading to a perfect collapse of the building into it's own footprint.

The molten steel, as well as fires burning underground for WEEKS, is another smoking gun.

There is ample evidence that the buildings were rigged to explode, and that the government had already flagged some of the hijackers as terrorists well before 9/11 happened.

At the very least, certain officials in our government were AWARE of the impending terrorist attack, and LET it happen.

... Which is egregious in and of itself, but from the evidence I've seen it seems they played an even greater role.

Faith? It takes gargantuan

Faith? It takes gargantuan faith of a true central planner to believe that our lumbering Leviathan could pull off a massive conspiracy like this and then successfully cover it up.

Lumbering Leviathan?

No one said the ENTIRE government was in on it, obviously. It only takes a small group of high ranking and influential individuals.

And the "they're too incompetent" argument doesn't weight very much against the overwhelming evidence that the official story is a complete and utter LIE.

More speculation without

More speculation without evidence (and thus no standard for refutation or confirmation).....but, again, I'll humor you.

When did I say the "entire" government was in on anything? Even if it was one cabal in the government it was still part of the federal government and thus, it true, would be testament to a remarkable degree of governmental efficiency e.g. four coordinated attacks plus complicated coverups of each which must have included massive payouts or threats to scores of bogus witnesses who dutifully read their "scripts." Again, this an operation which would far, far exceed in complexity either the Manhattan Project or Normandy Invasion.

Right ON DoMiNO

Re: It's amazing how everyone thinks the government is corrupt and can't be trusted... Yet when someone questions that same government, we are conditioned to label them a conspiracy theorist.


Hummmm, it's also interesting to note that many of em are not common names here, just came out for today, did ya? I think we all got a pretty good reason of why this is....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I"ve been saying this for a

I"ve been saying this for a while Atkinson.

I've been visiting this site since 2008 and it's gone very far downhill.

Every week there's a new conspiracy post or a link to Infowars, etc.

I stick mostly with Reason.com these days, it's much better site for libertarians. Much more rational.

Thanks! It is probably time

Thanks! It is probably time to sign off (especially when something like this is headlined).....but I feel the need to at least point out to the truthers that their theories directly contradict those of Ron Paul. I wish Scott Horton would challenge them more but he is sick of their rigid "true believer" mentality and I can hardly blame him.

Since you put so much stock

Since you put so much stock in what Scott Horton thinks, perhaps you believe that Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job? Scott does.

I like Scott. I listen to him all the time. I wonder if you really do.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Huh? What the heck is your

Huh? What the heck is your point? And yes....I agree that Scott is right about Oklahoma city and, unlike you, believe that he is also right about 9-11? Apparently, you weren't listening when he addressed 9-11 because you didn't bother to make a counterargument to the facts he has laid out.

tasmlab's picture

The discussion boards at reason are rude

I don't really care for how rude people are at Reason.com on the boards. Everything seems to be insults.

I've been a suscriber of the magazine for about 13 years or so. It doesn't seem as serious to me as it used to. They tend to focus on policy minutia and miss out on the bigger philosophic stuff.

Just my unsolicited opinion. The degradation of the quality of DP posts only seems to be a phenomenon since the campaign sputtered a few months ago. I have my fingers crossed that it will improve.

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He is neither a liar or a fool.

He was running as a Republican. I would imagine saying anything differently about 9/11 would have been one more thing to use to slander him with. I don't know what Ron really thinks or knows about it, but those "guys with box cutters" could have really been on all those planes that day, doing exactly as we have been told. That much is not surprising to me. Sept 11, 2001 was an historic day not only because so many innocent lives were lost, but because the free-fall collapse of a structural steel building due to fire had never happened, yet on this day it happens to three of them. It became apparent to me that something else happened on that day after watching a documentary called AE 911: Blueprint for Truth. The group behind this film are over a thousand architects and engineers who don't believe the towers and bldg 7 could have fallen from the impact without the assistance of a controlled demolition. They and I are not accusing any gov't official of orchestrating it or even allowing it, just asking that a proper and thorough investigation of an American tragedy be conducted. Steel structures just don't collapse at free fall speeds. There will always be a resistance or bending of the steel which then slows the rate of acceleration due to gravity. If these two planes brought down both Trade Center Towers and Building 7 then the entire book of structural steel building codes needs to be evaluated, recalculated, and rewritten.

In your first sentence, you

In your first sentence, you deny that RP is a liar. In the second and third ones, you accuse him of being a liar.

In your first sentence, you

You forget that the reason Ron Paul was running for the president is to get his message out--the importance of the Constitution being used in government. If he had started talking about something that most Americans do not believe (the truth of what happened on 9/11.01, he would never had gotten to first base in his convincing Americans to get back to the Constitution. As it was, he got to home plate with many, many Americans. He was never a person to accuse, but always a person to avoid conflict that he knew would get him nowhere. Did you believe your government was involved so heavily with the WTC conspiracy theory until you saw the first video? Think about that. If you couldn't believe your government could be behind it, then it is certainly true that many other Americans believed the same, and Ron Paul would have been alienated by the younger generation, unless they already believed the WTC truth, as much as they were from the older generation who were kept from ever even knowing anything about Ron Paul on the MSM. He would have been known as a TRUTHER, a lot bigger put down than an Isolationist. What fun they could have had with Ron Paul then.

No....the most important

No....the most important reasons that RP was running was first to emphasize the danger of blowback, e.g. Bin Laden attacked us because we are over there, and second because he believes that government is not only a threat to liberty but a bungler. If the truthers are right, Ron Paul is wrong on both on these points. He is certainly wrong in calling government a bungler. If the truthers are right, and it can cover its tracks by micromanaging eyewitness testimony in this elaborate way, government is remarkably efficient and central planning can in fact work.

This video outlines the

This video outlines the official 9/11 story in its entirety. Thus the title of the video, The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory. If anyone who watches it thinks its a crazy video then they believe the official story is crazy. Maybe we should start calling people like you liars or deniers? Remember 9/11: Spread this video to everyone you know today. This one is great as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAOy7XzXYWA&feature=player_em...