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Atlas Shrugged II - "Nikola Tesla" Is "John Galt"

REPOST: Atlas Shrugged II Trailer - "Nikola Tesla" IS "John Galt"

US Declares Martial Law in December 1900:

March 20th 1900 & November 5th 1901, Tesla files his patents for Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy & an Apparatus for Accessing Radiant, Solar, Microwave and Laser (Free Energy). See the Tesla Tower at Wardenclyffe, built in 1901, destroyed by the Army in 1917.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve began just after Tesla files patents for the Bladeless Tesla Turbine, used later for his 1931 Pace Arrow car that ran on only Radiant Energy.

US Declares Martial Law in 1932:

In 1932, Tesla patented the "Tesla Cosmic Ray Motor" and to Transmit Power 'Round Earth".

**As in the Tesla Tower at Wardenclyffe and the Egyptian Pyramids, The 10% of Cosmic X-Rays/Microwaves that come from a Sun's and Stars core's, react with the Radon-222, emanating from Granite, (accumulating inside Wardenclyffe and the Pyramids) to release Alpha Particles and releasing 2TW Trillion Joules of energy per kilogram as the Radon breaks down into Polonium in the radioactive decay process. Wikipedia Cosmic Rays, Radon, Granite and Alpha Particles. http://conservapedia.com/E%3Dmc%C2%B2

(terawatt (10*12 watts): approximate power generated between the surfaces of Jupiter and its moon Io due to Jupiter's tremendous magnetic field.[17])(think earth/moon connection)

The Wall Street Crash of 1932 and the US Economy Act of 1932 was in reaction to this discovery. It in effect took over all forms of production in the US and ceased all the companies, property and gold from the citizens of the United States.

In 1943, after Tesla's death, the US Government ceased his 1000 patents & (Free Energy, Death Ray, Missile Shield, Earthquake Machine). According to Wikipedia, in 1943, Rockefeller and Curious George (Herbert Walker Sherff), the son of Tesla's accountant who kept breaking into his lab and stealing things, came up with the idea to build Two Tesla Towers in the middle of the Hudson River.

By 1961 Eisenhower announces Permanent Martial Law, the takeover by the Technocratic Elite from the Solitary Inventor (Nikola Tesla), the Military Industrial Complex and Permanent Emergency Dictatorship in the United States. Listen at 9 Minutes and 11 seconds in...

Worldwide Wireless Free Energy, Levitation, Directed Energy Weapons (RF Radio Frequency, EMF), Star Wars Program (SDI), HAARP, Mk-Ultra, Earthquake Machines (Dustification), Weather Modification, Death Rays, Proton Beams, Lasers, AC Power, Radio, X-Ray, Solar, Remote Control, Electric Motors, Robotics, Nucleo Magnetic Spaceships, VTOL Aircraft, Neon Lighting, Modern Computer (Logic Gates), the "Ether", "Faster-than Light", Tunguska 1908 ... Patented or Invented by Nikola Tesla 100 Yrs Ago!

Nikola Tesla is an "Idea who's time has come"...

**Also, Radon-222 decays into Polonium-218 by emission of an alpha particle with an energy of 5.49 Million Electron Volts.

1 kg of Radon-222 = \frac{.622 \times 10^{27}}{222.0176} atoms. This is 2.7124611 * 1024 atoms.

That number of Polonium-218 atoms has mass .98194467 kg. That number of alpha particles has mass .01802830 kg.

The mass lost is .00002703 kg.

Each emitted alpha particle has energy of 5.49 MeV. The total alpha energy from the decay of 1 kg of polonium is 2.39 * 10+12 Joule or 2 Trillion Joules.

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I got the author to speak at the bookclub.


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Have no idea if this information is true, but if so, I sure hope more people start talking about this.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW


The "Power Elite" in this nation are struggling real hard to keep the curtain down right about now. America and the world are waking up.