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Ron Paul Limo to tour the U.S.!

I saw this video a short time ago and wanted to share it with everyone on Daily Paul. It is truly inspirational... go have a look!


The Ron Paul Limo was just an idea a few short days ago. Joby had the idea, it is real now. Wow. These Ron Paul guys really make things HAPPEN!!

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Please take the limo to Las Vegas!

The Nevada Primary is January 19, 2008.

How cool would it be to have the Ron Paul Limo driving up and down the Las Vegas Strip this week?!!!

BTW, Nevada will have At Large Precincts on the Las Vegas Strip so all the casino workers can vote!

This could be HUGE!


You guys ROCK. Park that sucker out in front of the capitol building and don't feed the meeter!

Yea tooling around in a limo

will certainly help win the primaries!!! I mean the GOP will see that thing and just hand the contest to Ron Paul.. Right!!

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

Great PR for Ron Paul.

Seems there is a black out of any news coverage on Ron Paul since the SC debate. Hope you are able to get some T.V. coverage soon.


This is great.

I hope of those young folks are registered to vote.


That was cool.

Hi-Rollers for liberty... That was fun to watch.

I was smiling the whole time I watched this video. The young voters are well informed. There are millions who are joining us as we speak!

I have a feeling this movement is unstoppable.

The American Revolution 2.0 will not be televised... It will be downloaded!!!


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Totally Awesome! Hysterical!

I take back my earlier post.
Just watched the video; this is great!

I hope all those people really were Ron Paul supporters!!!

Maybe Florida is a lot cooler than I thought :)

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!


I was hoping you guys would tour! Great Job!!

This is great.

Thank you for sharing!

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The American people really connect with LIMOs

Seriously? A limo? That's supposed to make middle America believe in Ron Paul? Why not a bus, or a tractor, or something else that resonates a little bit better with the majority of the country?

Does your car look like that?

Awesome job on the limo! Granny Warrior used her motor home as another medium for the Ron Paul message. What does your ride look like Slapshot?



Paul says his economic policies will bring "prosperity." If that's true, then a lot more people will be riding limos. I like the limo image.

It's better than the "Granny Warriors" bus, or whatever that is.

Agree. I Hate Limos!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

We have photos of Paul on a tractor

maybe one in scrubs, Tom Coburn once had a picture of himself visiting a newborn on a piece of campaign literature.

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