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Libertarian Party - a security blanket?

I have a little experience with some people in the Libertarian party at my local level.

A national view is - for Bob Barr to be nominated in 2008, what is supposed to lean me to the LP. I had to vote Baldwin because the LP was on par with the dems and gop.

Locally, I noticed over the last four years, that there was no involvement to unify in political process activism when I made contact. An excuse given would be - "no entangling alliances." Seriously. It made me believe that being involved in the LP was because it was a security blanket to keep away from the "friction and thuggery" of the bad people (GOP). It came across like the LP was a safe haven, like being a computer activist.

Last week I contacted the LP party in Washington and our states LP chair to shutdown a takeover of our event in which the local LP party joined in on. I compared this action to what was experienced by the GOP Soviets over the last five years and just recently in Tampa.

We held an event about choosing a Presidential candidate. We shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but does a person really believe that personal presentation does not matter?

The three reps from the LP party showed up like we were going to play some poker while the baseball game is on TV. These guys were speakers for the event concerning joining the LP, pushing Johnson, and one of them as a current candidate. Another event coordinator, who is an avid poster of pictures taken at events, has not posted the pictures. If she posts the picture of the guy who is running for U.S. Senate, and someone Googles his name and the word Senate, and when that picture pops up, it is going to either be a laugher or mercy. Who is going to take this seriously. It was that bad. I am sure she will post them, but man, it will hurt the LP instead of help it.

I don't know what to say about this. I currently won't join the LP party after this behavior and showing. It is like, it is not ready for prime time. Actually, the third party thing is not ready yet. We have to work on this.

And, I do recall that entangling alliances thing ...


Now I remember Johnson at the Rally for the Republic in 2008 and am impressed with him. It was good to see him at the PAUL fest too. He will get my vote if write-ins for Ron Paul are not counted in my state.

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I gave up on the libertarian

I gave up on the libertarian party when I realized I don't even know "who" I'm voting for. It's party-lines B.s. for most.

To be fair, Johnson is a viable candidate compared to others. (I once selected Lib. candidates on a ballot just because they were Lib. party...) / Doesn't he support the drug war or something? Ron Paul is irreplaceable so why vote ever again?

I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather NOT VOTE than vote "libertarian."

What victory would be greater:

a) 40% of americans picked a tyrant. some liked mitt, some like barack, and a few like this other guy.
b) 35% of americans picked a tyrant. etc etc etc

The less who bother to give their approval to this joke of a system, the better. The fact that hardly anyone votes in the first place is enough evidence for me that we should just give this stupid system up altogether.

Today was a PRIMARY in NH and I didn't even know. and I'm politically savvy. Sure those old redneck neocons voted for Frank Guinta, but they watch Channel 5 every night because they don't know how to read books.

I read books. I read blogs. I ignore the state. I ignore authority. I live my life. Ignore the state. Laugh at the state. Live your life and move on. The State will fail. I can't wait.


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GJ was a Republican until late 2011 when he joined LP.

Does it make any difference?

Free includes debt-free!

I know. Gary is a good candidate.

I am just trying to get some attention out to those that are in the Libertarian party that there needs to be some concentration put forward on professionalism at the local level. What we experienced does seem to validate the Barr horror as LP persona.

This has to be worked on. Carrie had a good conversation with the LP state chair before our event. I am sure she will had a chat with him again and explain what happened. They have a good rapport.

You make good points

LP is largely not ready for prime time, but with an army of now mostly trained and enthusiastic political warriors coming over they could be. The problem, the political problem, we face is not the leadership or the platform of the GOP, it is the two-party system and the corruption and suppression of ideas that this leads to. If we replace all the leadership of the GOP, we haven't changed anything meaningful. It has been done before, many times, with the Reagan Revolution, the Moral Majority, the Neocons, etc. Nothing fundamental changes.

There is a reason our government was designed with three branches, because this makes this type of power sharing much more difficult. The LP doesn't have to be the third party in this equation, but if we create another party we will simply be overlapping most of our platform with the LP party anyway, why not just make the LP party a party that has to be contended with?

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

There is going to be in-roads created now.

I don't know what is going to develop. We know Independents became that because they didn't want to be involved with the two big parties.

It's just, Dr. Paul set a course here, and his reasons are based on wise experience. So presently, I have been working that. I won't just change direction out of the blue.

2013 will be different. I am getting some twinges that we are going to have to have more patience due to the Liberty folks trying to focus in a direction that may have some changes. I just don't know.

I do feel though, Dr. Paul is much wiser than me. It's his wing that has got me where I am today. And that is pretty far. lol...

Third Person

The one representative was dressed professionally. He has experience.

The photos have not been posted yet.