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What If The Young Won't Work?

Suppose the youth of this nation were unwilling or unable to work. What then would happen to the country? The answer to that question should be obvious. The country would become progressively poorer.

Government, no matter its intentions, cannot create product or wealth. They only redistribute it. If fewer people are willing to work and the population remains the same, then per capita wealth necessarily goes down. The rate at which it declines is a function of many things, although the labor participation rate is among the more important.

Productivity is an important element. People are more productive when they have better tools and equipment to work with. Included among their tools is an education. “Human capital” is primarily a function of the quality and quantity of education, something that has been in decline for decades. Tools and equipment are a function of past wealth creation or savings. As this diminishes, so too does the productivity of workers.

As the population ages, demographics come into play. An aging population means proportionately fewer people working and more not. Fewer people then must support more. Social security and medicare were both programs that depended upon their funding from those working. They were based on unreasonable assumptions (if you prefer, they were Ponzi schemes from the start) regarding demographics. As a result of rosy assumptions and increased benefits, these program are insolvent and will not last much longer in their current configurations.

Now it appears another factor is coming into play. The participation of youth in the workforce is declining. Bruce Krasting describes the deterioration:


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No problem,

there is plenty of room and work in the fastest growing sector the Private Prison System. (sarc) We will finally be competing with China on a level playing field. (sarc again)

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

By Design...

...They want youth to be in school, racking up the debt, without professional opportunities. This creates a habit harder to break where young people get good at learning instead of producing. In contrast, Ben Franklin had formal schooling up till the age 12, did 12 hour work days from age 12-17, and then was financially independent and off to Philadelphia. We have child labor laws and a societal attitude that bars young people from professional-grade work and they grow up around non-productivity and become non-productive and have to hustle to become productive. The dream of fascists: have kids in school racking up debt as long as they can and teach them unproductive habits, so they graduate as perpetual debt slaves. #ThisIsHowLibertyDies


"The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty." - Donald Sanborn

welfare only in extreme cases

welfare only in extreme cases and No minimum wage = boom

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

We are willing to work..

I'm in my early 20s as well as most of my friends and were all willing to work. The problem were having is finding work... Were finding that most of the entry level jobs in our degree have left our shores and internships are few and take advantage of the free labor, or they require experience we don't have because no ones willing to take a chance on us.

All of us had to move away from home to find work or had to get insider connections to get hired because the market is so competitive. I was lucky enough to have had a recent interview with a local start-up mobile app studio, and even there they had over 15 people considered for the position. I didn't get the job but I have another interview elsewhere.

Even getting into retail is so insanely difficult, because every single retail store requires 6months past retail experience... if you don't have it your application will never make it to the eyes of any HR personnel. The only way to get in is to know the manager or someone whose great friends with the manager.

We would import more foreign labor

We would give immigrants the benefits and fruit of their labors, and let the youth find their way.

I would still feed them at my soup kitchen and I will do the dishes, sweep and mop the floor, and clean the tables and chairs, and bless them, and hope they have a great life knowing I did what I could to help them.. also give them clothes, toiletries, whatever I could, because they should be able to do what they want, and if they don't want to work, they should have that right.. I LOVE to work, so I'm happy to do it.

I think it's better for those who LOVE LOVE LOVE to work to work, and thiose who don't to not.


That's a fine idea. Spend scarce resources feeding, housing, clothing, and changing the diapers of the lazy.

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." II Thessalonians 3:10

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

It's actually kind of easy to get the kids of today to work

It's actually kind of easy to get the kids of today to work. Take it from someone with 6 kids, ranging from 20 to 27. With this crew, we have had pretty much every type and problem and situation but they've all had very common paths to an extent.

Each has basically had to be shocked into realizing they had to work. Most of them wanted to drink and party all the time... right up to age 21 and then they virtually stopped because it wasn't taboo anymore. Most thought they could take any old job and pay for a nice apartment, great car, booze, high end electronics, internet/cell/satellite/eating out/etc., but they leaned that it's very embarrassing to have to come to our house to eat because they blew too much money at a concert. (at least 4 have learned this so far) In the last 2-5 years, those 4 have also learned that education means better jobs, but they've also learned that a degree in crap is worth less than no degree because of the false entitlement it teaches. The fashion/marketing and business degrees are going to waste while the engineering, auto-body, construction and nursing degrees are producing nicely. As such, those kids are getting really tough on the others to make changes. And as a result of this, they're all beginning to really listen to my economic prodding and political considerations as they relate to their lives. Even the worst of the early partiers is now the strictest of parents with rules even I think are too 'puritan' for today. (watching that is great but is the pendulum swinging too far?) Even more shocking is the relationships with friends. Overall, the friends with goals and jobs and principles are quickly beating out the deadbeats. Oh, and the ADHD one is now the most sane, responsible father of the group, sans meds. They even have begun repeating our quotes that we had to start jobs at 13 and 15 and have worked every day since, actually growing and learning on the job instead of just collecting paychecks for showing up.

So, back to the topic, yes, the young in general thinks they deserve it all for nothing, but they can change pretty quickly, especially with incentive. Yes, the older generation dropped the ball on maintaining discipline and morals in how they dealt with government corruption, rotten marketing techniques, apathetic education and fiscal responsibility but those are all problems that take massive efforts to change the entire society before we start seeing the benefits over the entire culture. Just look at the effort it will take to remove Monsanto now, compared to preventing them in the first place. Same goes for the Fed, truth in advertising, Wall St. scams, etc.

So, for me, my generation (47) and that before me is really the worst offender of the two. The good news is that those changes are happening at an accelerating rate. We're still in the tiniest baby steps phase yet but it's growing faster all the time. When we get to the point where the majority of the working force learns that with genuine effort they can take back the fruits of technology and turn it into working less hard for more gain, only then will it attract future generations and become self propagating.

Side note case in point: My 'engineer' kid participated in a project to forecast the economics behind automating a small town's garbage collection. The results: With 7% less cost (2 fast robotic trucks, 3 dump trucks vs. 9 trash trucks) and 60% less labor, 55% less fuel, 280% route lengths and 2 shifts, they could increase company profits from $230k/yr to $650/yr after doubling wages. I think most kids would probably drive an automated garbage truck for $30/hr to get started in their career but I also think the project would fail if all the profits went to the execs and the wages were lowered instead.

Awesome post!

Most the kids I know are always wanting to work, very up front and competitive.. nice and good hearts too. I agree with you about the former generation and really like the comparison examples you provided learning from your children's experiences and studies.

Really a very uplifting and wonder post! Thank you.

Thank you for your kind comments

I have a little insight that many people don't. We (my other half and recently many of the kids) have been discussing hard solutions to the problems for a couple years now. The difference is that in these discussions, we stick to free market, non-government solutions and we don't allow any excuses like 'oh well, what can one person do about it'.

This has led to lots of genuine people-based solutions to government, welfare, the fed, etc., but it also led to a new business venture. I'm now part of a group that is bringing quite a few really big game changers to market. These are things that could easily replace many of the biggest corporate monopolies with thousands of small, locally based factories. Suffice it to say that I'm comfortable that those problems will solve themselves very soon.

My worries lie in the government problems. I still believe the people can solve them (e.g. we have the power if we'd only unite) but it's that unity that's the problem. What are the two main problems in this category you may ask? Voting and representation.

I posted a solution to voting the other day. It's a complete and well tested solution that's actually pretty easy to rally support for. Unfortunately, it got very little views/response by this crowd. See the "Support the rules change..." post. The representation, IMHO, will come once the people learn to put into action the methods currently in place to hold politicians accountable. That's going to take much longer (mass awareness is needed) but it can be quickly accelerated if we killed the robbery of the big banks. My other post on "United we stand..." outlines how to do that.

While these plans don't require that we wake up all the masses first, they do still require quite a few people to make them happen. That's where our efforts fall short. Perhaps with your following on this site, you could offer some suggestions?

While I admit I have not read the other posts

And I may have seen them, sometimes, I take posts in as food for thought. Solutions are important to me, as we can camplain, that's pretty easy, but, "Where do we go from there, and can we do it?", is the hard part, at least for me.

I agree with you, and I think there are solutions to voting and representation, and it's going to take the representation to make voting work for the people, not the corporations which are not accountable to the consumer, who has little choice or voice in the matter.

I am very grateful to Ron Paul for the invitation to the GOP. He was correct about it being a party that has lost it's way and needs representation to resolve the problems. MSM is a big problem as it's the voice of the corporations. I have found that being on a central committee is a way to not only be informed to what is coming up for ballot access, but the people in the GOP central committees are achievers, solution orientanted and we have great debates. Ron Paul has made this easier for us by having us focus on restoring America to constitutional government, so one needs to study the constitution and Roberts Rules of Order and be open to others, but willing to stand up against non-constitutional legislation, while making a case for constitutional government. I'm lucky in that I have a pretty good grip on Roberts Rules of Order, while the other Ron Paul committee person is very constitutionally minded, so together, we do pretty well, most recently we were able to have our committee reject the state central committee's reccomendations that were unconstitutional.

The number of GOP central committee seats recently increased because of Republican voter registration, which is in part Ron Paul's campaign, and this is what we won, that many here, don't care about. It was actually the most needed part of the win, as it affords us seats to be representatives for our local communities. I suggest anyone in your family who can spend 2 hours a month at a meeting do it. It's fun, educational, productive and you have the opportunity to take your solutions and write inniatives and resolutions and get a congressman, or even senator, to back you. A real good resolution can be the key to a congressional office.

I agree with you, the solution is not in the masses. It is a few good people who are focused and willing to do the work.

I don't know if you have a Grange near by. But the Patrons of Husbandry, and other fraternal orders are designed like our government with local, county, state and national conventions, where Republicans meet Democrats and we write resolutions and vote on them.. we have an 11 story office building in DC and we hire lobbiests for resolutions that make it to the national level. It's where I learned Roberts Rules of Order, and made government easier for me to understand how it works for people.

The big problem I found within government, from being on a committee, was when the Chair had placed a proposition under New Business. That is not proper, it should have gone on the agenda to be moved into new business. So I asked that we do that, and it bought me a month to research the propostiton.. I wondered why the GOP was "dictating" to us, how to vote? They were not. It was a private club called, Bay Area Council, the membership is private, only those asked, and includes past presidents, governors, senators from many states, Highly elected office holders, and CEOs of the major corporations running CA. They are the ones who are forcing their agenda on us because people no longer know Roberts Rules of Order, understand how the government works, forget about the constitution, and want to have a good time, get along, not make waves, not be scowled at.. I've seen some smart people do the right thing, and with a little bit of pressure, buckle. I've also seen veiled threats.

This is not going to stop until we educate ourselves and get some backbone. Many here are very vocal about their hatred and complaints, but what they propose as solutions are not solutions, they are distractions the appear relevant, and they refuse to get in the GOP game and play hardball.

Daily Paul has changed tremendously, and many solution orientated people have moved away from the harsh unkid environment of Daily Paul, onto committees, and so we see each other at conventions or GOP events. It's always a pleasure.

There are a couple of families who have become very politically involved, the Trehune family in Nevada is one, and it's very impressive, brings more family unity, and I think it's wonderful.

If I had a family, my family would be involved this way.

I will be looking for your posts now. I really do appreciate what you and your family are doing. It's very inspirering and uplifting. It makes me happy and gives me hope for the future. THANK YOU, to each of you!!!

You really are quite active

I commend that. I too, am active as much as I can. I just missed both national delegate and state central committee member because of corruption tricks. This year, I graduated from county secretary to county chairman and got our delegate balance to 3-2, to our good.

However, in all those games, I learned that at least in my state, the corruption is top-down, from the single highest state office down through the entire chain. (If you look at the state, you'll immediately have an 'ah ha' moment) I don't see any changes occurring until we have a solid majority and then some. That's going to be nearly impossible in a farm state where the current state is all about farm subsidies. As such, I'm now focused on solutions that don't require any government or party infiltration. My reasons are that until we have the power of money behind us, they will always be able to purchase public opinion and media bias against us to ultimately win.

This is why the voting solution (which I encourage you to read) comes directly from the people. Picture 15 million people pushing a referendum through for a Constitutional Amendment that would essentially perfect the exit poll system and make it instant, transparent (taking it back from the media) and incorruptible. I don't see how 'they' could successfully fight something like that because there are too many people from all sides that distrust the voting system and none that could even argue against an accurate accounting process to track it.

I'm not saying we don't need people like you, but in all the the last 3 conventions, I've had those late night discussions with the other delegates and exactly zero hard solutions can be agreed upon. There is always some little change that one wants while the others are unwilling to compromise on. If you can get the issue focused in tight enough for a consensus and get it passed, then great. Otherwise, as in my situation, I feel we have to turn to other (private) solutions. And regarding those, I would suggest reading the other post about uniting so we don't tear ourselves apart because after all, how much power could TPTB wield over us if their major worries are about losing their fortunes?

The Grange has been a great help

We have been able to decriminalize medical marijuana and we have NO GMO crops allowed to grow here.. this is grape country and sell the organic crops to other counties. I live in a very unique area where we have many small farms, farmer's market is huge, and so is the Grange, we have 9 in our county, also we have highest voter registration in CA.

It's a shame about your conversations with delegates, I enjoy my committee tremendously. I'm lucky< I know, I have many solution orientated and liberty minded people.

I would think the voting solution would go into an innative and pass through the committees to reach the government and actually get it to the people? Right?

Looking up "The Grange"...

I'm finding lots of good stuff in the co-op area. This is definitely a big piece of the solution puzzle which needs to be supported more. I'm refining a home aquaponics 'cube' which people can use indoors or out, year round to produce fish, shrimp and all but the largest plants for about $10/month. It's very exciting stuff but we're still hashing out the electronics of a monitoring/controller that will make it even easier.

On the election thing, my suggestion would be to begin a national petition for a national referendum to amend the Constitution. I think every committee is susceptible to corruption by big money once they learn that this change will completely expose all voter/election fraud. If SOPA/PIPA, etc. type movements can garner 10M + supporters in a week, I would think a non-controversial (as far as the people are concerned) movement like this could do similar. Given that a referendum only takes... what, about 10% of the previous voting population to force, that's maybe 10M people? Let's say double that for a guarantee. Also, given that we just came off the worst GOP convention tricks, DNC suspicians, tons of foreign election fraud news and now have two candidates that a majority realizes are their lesser of the evils, I feel the timing is right.

So my question is, how can we get some discussion to debate and refine it and then promote it into the cloud-o-sphere?

If I were you

I would put the referendum in a Resolution format, I would send it to lobbiests and politicians who have expressed interest in the area. and I would send it to Ralph Nader, who has tons of attorneys, ACLU.. I would put up a pitch-in, for fund raising (Committees are great because you can get a committee to help by forming a sub-committee). I would write a pamphlet explaining to the greatest detail what you are proposing with many bullets and to a 5TH grader comprehension level, and I would write essays why to vote FOR, for those who don't have time and for when you do achieve ballot access. I would make appointment with my congressman and talk to them about it after you have feedback to report from others, like Ralph Nader, Ron Paul.

Along the way, you should be able to fine tune, get more help and if you are not seeking credit or control, you should get pretty far advancing someone elses politcal career.

Great solutions are not easy to come by... You might even want to run it by Ron Paul by January.

Someone might take it off your hands, but that does not mean they won't dump it. I think it's a great project. But it needs to be run by you, or whoever's idea it was, until you give it up.

GOOD LUCK!!! BEST WISHES.. You've got my attention!

Soviet Union collapsed for the same reasons.

They could not get people to work for the greater good without pay without killing millions.

Free includes debt-free!

I for one will not work. I

I for one will not work. I will not submit to an unjust system of slavery. I am 22 years old and didn't graduate from High School because i have ADHD and i couldn't make it through that bs, which i am glad i didn't. High School and College are bull! They teach you crap you don't even need to know, all you really need to know is the basics and then follow your interests and progress. However, if i were able to use the necessary medicines in order to function properly (i use medical Cannabis as well as experimenting with an Ayahuasca Analog) for my chemical imbalance and my physical pain/nausea and symptoms due to my Gallbladder removed, then i would be able to contribute to society if the appropriate accommodations were made. But, i don't even believe in Capitalism. I believe that in the 21st century, we should have a government for the people by the people, a new constitution and deceleration of independence, and new ways of doing things through improving. I believe personally, that each and every person should have access to all the basic necessities such as food, water, medicines, education and understanding, clothing, electricity, shelter, computer with internet, tv and so on. Anything else that is not technically important to one's daily life like accessories such as ipads, xbox's, and so on should be able to be obtained using either some sort of trading or currency. These are my personal thoughts because i am a human being and i care about ALL life on this planet, not just one piece of land inside borders.

I hope that was a joke


"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

If they used a metal clip and you have mercury fillings.

Two metals in an electrolyte makes a battery that is tasering your nerves internally.

It is aggravated by titanium dioxide in food and toothpaste.

I know two people who had the roots of teeth dissolved in the process.

Did the ADHD get worse after the Gall Bladder removal?

In any event, get some Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Essential fatty acids aka fish oils (keep in freezer).

Free includes debt-free!


the ADHD was actually worse when i was a teen, but now that i have been stable on Cannabis for about 2 years now my symptoms are being successfully treated now. My Gallbladder removal was due to one day when i ate some bad chicken, got Salmonella Sepsis, my Gallbladder was dead apparently and my Spleen was enlarged pressing up against my left lung that left (supposedly permanent) scar tissue in the lower portion of that lung. The docs said i had an estimated 12 hours to live if they hadn't removed my Gallbladder and drained my Spleen. Now i suffer nausea/bloating/diarrhea every single day (especially in the mornings when i wake up and anytime after i eat), due to the Gallbladder being removed. I've been trying to eat healthier but Cannabis is a very good medicine and helps more than most will ever know. If it wasn't for Cannabis, i would have killed myself long ago, because no life is worth living in pain, and if i have a choice between suffering and being able to be happy and live, i'm taking the latter.

I am glad that you found something that helps.

It might be possible to get your spleen back in order and even deal with the lung scar tissue and even deal with residual ADHD with the BTT and Fish Oils I listed above.

I hear that Cannabis is more fun with less pain and nausea.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah, i appreciate the being

Yeah, i appreciate the being respectful towards my post unlike some people lol. Yeah with the Cannabis my Spleen and Lung seems just fine, i'm plenty healed from that. The nausea still gets me a bit every now and then, but Cannabis takes care of it for the most part. The pain though i only really feel when the weather is all weird and stormy. My ADHD seems way better than it has been in the past and even my family is amazed and i feel astonished at the rate in which i am jumping on my feet as a young adult.

But anyways off topic though, it's really been difficult for me and i'm not trying to seek attention or anything i could really care less, i just wish people would sometimes listen to what others have to say. I personally have had to deal with a lot in my relatively short life so far. I feel so alone on this journey of mine, so afraid for what the future has in store for us all, and i these days i feel like a human for the first time in my life that i have started realizing so many things about the way my brain is and how these natural medicines correct the imbalances and such... But i for one just wish people would be a little more open minded than they think they are. Most people seem to believe mind altering "drugs" are something to fear, well they aren't. And to be honest, if more people used certain natural medicines, the world would change overnight in a VERY positive way. There is waaaaaaay more to life than what meets the eye, and if people just shut the hell up and stopped to think for a minute, from a truly human perception, we could focus on what truly matters in this world. The thought of how this world is run is INSANE! I truly do not know how we as a species have managed to survive as long as we have. And i am afraid that we don't have much time left if we don't truly change everything. People can judge me all they wish, i have dealt with many years of pain which most can not and will never understand. Maybe some can relate, sure, but they will never know what i myself feel, think and perceive. And the changes i am going through feels like growing up, becoming a man, becoming responsible over my own mind, body and spirit. Society needs a good shaking, and whatever the source of the shaking is, it needs to happen. People need to truly wake up. Illusions are everywhere, even in the conspiracy realm where people can get "too comfortable" if ya know what i mean. What one perceives to be reality, IS their reality, so when people start delving down the rabbit hole they CAN and probably will get sidetracked and will go off course from their original set path. And that is the name of the game for EVERYTHING. Everything seems to be run like it were a game or a movie, but it's reality at least for me. People need a good shaking, and natural medicines for me personally has worked so well and i am trying my best to remain calm, cool and collective as i slouch my way through this troubled road.

Long ass tangent of a post i know, but i felt that needed to be said. Anyways, i'm out. Peace.

We can't change society,

Things are frustrating out there.

I have been working to get free of my health problems. I ate good for two years. Even took vitamins. But I started taking nutritional mineral solution with 60 essential minerals. Bingo!

Our soils are deficient in minerals. If the mineral is not there then plants can't make it even if you need it. If I had known I could have been free, in a health sense. I proved it to myself.

Here an expert talks about it.

I am not one to talk when it comes over-long posts, LOL!

Free includes debt-free!

And might i add...

I would go natural and give up the unimportant things and live in the wild, before i would ever work for such an unjust system. If i can't even use medicine that works for me while being able to work, then i'm not going to work. I'm not going to give up medicine that works for me because people are too stupid to realize it's illegality is bull, i'm not going to give up my medicines and be in pain, depressed, nauseous and vomiting, unfocused and not being able to concentrate not to mention shitting on myself due to having no gallbladder... I'm not going to feel like shit, just so i can work and make "money". If you think i can work without my medicine, i challenge you to stay with me for just 3 days, 3 days with no medicine and you will see. I'm not being unreasonable, i am merely stating that unless i can take my medicine, i will never get a job, much less be able to manage one (even flipping burgers at burger king would require me to use my medicine). People don't understand the severity of problems with today's system in the 21st century.

Besides, what do YOU think will happen, as technology progresses and takes over the human job industry? WHAT will happen then?

This is not meant as a joke.

Humger Games.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

They will work if they are hungry enough.


~Your perception becomes your reality~

One thing's for sure...

Willard's phony economic "plan" won't put young people to work, unless they don't mind working in a Chinese sweatshop for barely any pay and no benefits.

I don't play, I commission the league.

then the taxman takes a cut.

Oh look I can work for near nothing but I get to pay taxes.

Free includes debt-free!

I see the following happening . .

the asian and indian kids will hold the higher paying jobs because they are getting the difficult degrees and the $25 - $50 per hour jobs.
engineering - mechanical, civil, electrical and computer

The kids who's families(white, black, hispanic) have been here for a few generations and since their just spoiled punks who cant do anything really, think they should go get the bullcrap easy degree(commmunications, marketing, advertising, business) will be holding the $15 - $25 per hour jobs. These will become the lower/middle class.

Teach your kids skills before they're 18. I have and my kids can literally do many things that ZERO of their peers can do and that about 60% of the older men in my community cant do. They're being hired out fairly consistently for decent pay.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Good Job

Raising your kids. I hope we start recreating a climate where kids can get out and learn skills on the job. Probably way too much liability today.


Where I live entry level jobs are being taken by immigrants. I wouldn't say that's the fault of immigrants. Maybe it's because of the people hiring because of this theorem that immigrants work harder for less pay. It's not true. Maybe it's the laziness of our youth.

Our kids need entry level jobs. Crummy jobs. Who cares. Get to work.

I got a job at 15 1/2 working entry level work with a sign off by my school. It was really basic work but I learned job skills and to work hard or else someone would take my job. Spent the cash on my hot rod and cannabis. But I worked hard and actually got involved in laboratory work (my employee hired me after I became assistant manager, talk about irony I was his boss there and he was my boss the other place I worked) which encouraged my org chem studiess in college. Then I abandoned org chem and started producing goods and services.

I worked 70 hrs a week while going to college. I Paid my own way. My parents kicked me out the day I turned 18. I slept in my car most nights. Most nights I slept an hour or two. No I didn't haul 50# of ice on my back. But I worked HARD. I did my two years of the extent of high school. I'll give you that. You never know when you may need it. I could never do it again but at that age I felt invincible.

Don't be a typical consumer. Produce. Produce goods like Ron Paul spoke about in his last speech. Tangible goods. That produces self esteem.

Don't be a wuss. Man up. Cowboy up. Nobody owes you a damn thing. You only owe yourself..