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An End to the War on Terror? Terrorist Leader's Brother Proposes to be a Peace Broker

Now I know this probably won't happen, but I find the list of peace terms rather intriguing!

All terms are aimed at "stop intervening." Not that we didn't know that! From the sound of it, they definitely don't hate us because we're "free," if we can even call ourselves that anymore. Anyway, here are the terms for a 10 year truce:

In brief they are:

• U.S. and West to stop intervening in Muslim lands
• U.S. to stop interfering in Muslim education
• U.S. to end the war on Islam
• U.S. to release all Islamist prisoners.

The document also calls on Islamists to change their behavior too:

• Stop attacks on Western and U.S. interests
• Protect legitimate Western and U.S. interests in Muslim lands
• Stop provoking the U.S. and the West

Where do the terms say, "we will cease fire when you stop being free!"?

Read the rest of this CNN article here:


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After reading the comments

I have come to the conclusion that WE. ARE. SCREWED. These people are actually claiming "There can be no peace" and "All Muslims leave the west" and "We should continue to bomb their countries with our drones because we are keeping them poor."

Government war propaganda is damn powerful.

The comments are all

very depressing.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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let the haters get you down.

I'm just relieved a major news network is even putting this story out there.

If this happened, Obama would just co-opt it

for his own credit - He'll be the "president of peace". Or perhaps he made a deal with this Zawahiri so it makes him look good in an election year.