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September 11th - A day Americans will always remember

From TheLogicalPerspective.blogspot.com -

It was before I had decided to go to college. I was sitting in my work truck on a construction site; I was a heavy equipment operator on a dirt excavation crew at the time. The 1980-81 Chevrolet truck had one of those old knob radios, but it worked. The morning was cool. There was a breeze.

The radio announced that the first tower had been hit. First impression: I thought some pilot and co-pilot may have had a few too many the night before playing each others' wingmen at some hot European nightclub. Then - however - those old dusty speakers revealed to me that the second tower had been hit. This was something new... something I had never been personally familiar with - a major attack carried out on American soil.

The rest of that day and the weeks and months that followed came as a blur of towers falling on television, people covered in ash and dust, war rhetoric, national pride, unification, ..., on-and-on-and-on. It seemed as if someone had hit the fast forward button.

Looking back now, someone did hit the fast forward button - the federal government. A new era of war was ushered in by the multitudes of demagogues, liars, and exaggerators that were chosen to push the government's foolhardy agenda to reshape the politics of the Middle East to their liking. Their motto: "Never let a disaster go to waste." America was immediately bombarded by a mainstream media barrage of war propaganda.


Now that we have been engaged in the longest war in United States history, don't you think it's time for real change?

I ask you to refuse to vote for either of the Status Quo candidates on November 6th - Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Instead, please find a third party candidate that YOU agree with and send a clear message to the Powers That Be to - "Kiss my ass!"

Don't fall for the same old songs and dances - again. America can't handle another four years of irresponsible government. Vote third party for all those that have died - and continue to die - in the name of the "War on Terrorism". Stop the tyranny - now.


Please check to see if the following 3rd party candidates are on your state's ballot. Click the links below to research each party and their presidential nominee:

Libertarian Party - http://www.lp.org/
Presidential Nominee: Gary Johnson - http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/
Ballot access - http://www.lp.org/2012-ballot-access

Constitution Party - http://www.constitutionparty.com/
Presidential Nominee: Virgil Goode - http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com/
Ballot access - http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com/ballot-access.html

Green Party - http://www.gp.org/index.php
Presidential Nominee: Jill Stein - http://www.jillstein.org/
Ballot access - http://www.gp.org/2012/ballot-access.html


Full Article - http://thelogicalperspective.blogspot.com/2012/09/september-...

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