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Jesse Benton's Resignation Letter from C4L-With note from Ron Paul

Letter from Jesse Benton, with note from Congressman Paul

The following letter was sent from Jesse Benton, former Senior Vice President of Campaign for Liberty, to returning C4L President John Tate earlier today.

September 11, 2012

Dear John and C4L Board of Directors,

Helping found, build, and grow Campaign for Liberty over the last four years has been one of the great honors of my life.

Every day, I was blown away by the dedication and energy of you, our team, and the thousands of activists across the country fighting together to make our country a better place. Campaign for Liberty is a rare thing in this world: a real force for good and positive change that continues to give me hope and optimism for our future.

As I stand at an important crossroads in my life, I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities but also face difficult choices. After much soul searching, I have decided that my passion lies in direct electoral politics, and I plan to work on campaigns rather than resume my work in grassroots advocacy.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that I will not rejoin Campaign for Liberty’s staff this fall. Please know that you, our team, Dr. Paul, and all our wonderful members have my undying friendship and loyalty. I am of course happy to be a resource and friend to any and all of you, for whatever is in my power to provide.

Thank you as well, John, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance, wisdom, and calm, steady hand over the years. I know that with your leadership, the power of the message of Liberty, and the energy of the supporters, Campaign for Liberty will grow stronger than ever and accomplish even greater things.

In Liberty,

Jesse Benton

Note from Congressman Ron Paul:

As Jesse moves on to new opportunities, I wanted to take a moment to thank him for his tireless efforts on behalf of our cause these past few years.

Jesse remains committed to building on the historic progress our movement has made, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

I look forward to seeing the great things I know he and Valori will accomplish together in the years to come.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul


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That note from RP seemed

That note from RP seemed lukewarm. The part at the end seemed cordial only in relation to his granddaughter. I wouldn't be surprised if it was RP who distanced himself from Benton. There must be a reason why Benton did not attach himself to Rand's campaign. There is more to this.

the rats are always first....

to flee a sinking ship

Seen it coming all along.

I just wish Jesse had jumped ship prior to running the Ron Paul campaign ashore, but then again, he couldn't. Nobody had heard of him. I still believe, Ron Paul is a great American who could have been President if he would have had a professional team behind him.

alan laney

Congratulation Jessie on Your New Job.

However I am interested in what new job Romney is giving you. But I guess it does not really matter, I know you will "fit in" with Romney and his team like a hand in a glove.

Stand tall Jessie! You married Ron Paul grand-daughter,,,,, padded your pockets,,,,, you ran a presidential campaign,,,,, padded your pockets,,,,, help start C4L,,,,, padded you pockets and help Mitt Romney become our next president.

You have accomplished a great deal in your life time Jessie. And I know you, just like Mitt, will have your own herd of Sheeple.

So like I stated above, stand tall. You have earned your way into the arms of Mitt and his company.

Just remember we are watching and we won't forget.

-Just my humble opinion.-

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

A year late

and with you should go Tate.

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That rhymed.

Dear Dr. Paul...

... You can still re-engage in the political fight of your/our life, this time with the "KID GLOVES/KID Benedict-Benton" OFF.

Either GET BACK IN THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE. To HELL with all the limiting factors. You sir, are the apex of a tsunami movement that still has tectonic power in it and WANTS TO FIGHT FOR YOU!

If you are unwilling to get back in the presidential fight, sir, FIGHT FOR the Governor of Texas position and NULLIFY, NULLIFY, NULLIFY.

I beg you sir, NOT to fade into the western sunset YET. You've done well, but you HAVE MORE TO DO because WE ARE WITH YOU AND ARE READY TO FIGHT FOR YOU, now, not in some supposed 2016 run.



Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

No Presidential Race...

...But governor of Texas, yes, yes, YES!

That's in 2 more years, tho, so we have time.

And I wouldn't put it past Dr. Paul to nullify 70%, 80% of federal power in Texas.

You can always tell a Texan, but you can't tell him much!

Help clear this up for me please...

because i wanted to get involved in C4L many months ago but held back when the problems with Benton and Tate started to surface.

I haven't followed Benton close enough to drag him through the mud as others have, but i do know that where there's smoke there's fire, so better to just avoid any association with controversy and not devote my time or resources to it if he was involved.

so my question(s) is(are),
are we good with Tate at the helm?
how effective is the organization?
do we see C4L growing and becoming an integral part of the Liberty movement?

Not sure what is going on right now.

There should be some communication after the election I would believe.

The C4L was / is? educating on getting in the political process. This is good.

The bad, in my area, was basically poor to zero leadership at the county, regional, and yes, state coordinator level.

We have too many people that become coordinators in the leadership positions, have control, and then participate / lead, at just about non-existent levels.

I have contacted the C4L on this, so hopefully there will be some changes.

You can become a coordinator....

...in C4L at any level theoretically. Did you take the steps to become one?

Remember, you typically get the job you are *already* doing.

Sure did.

We had / have? an interim state coordinator from the Buffalo area who also had control of the original Buffalo Ron Paul meetup and now is a co-organizer of the Wny for Ron Paul meetup, had control of our meetups website and the 2008 delegate website.

The interesting part was, if anyone was blocking any advancement, it was this person.

The person who was / is? the county coordinator didn't want to be it anymore and I asked if I could take over his slot. He agreed and contacted that interim. I never got the position and the same person, who doesn't want to do it, I believe, is still slotted as the county coordinator. I discussed this with the present? state coordinator who stated he was going to come down to our area and have a meeting. That was back in 2009 I believe. He never did do that meeting.

In brief, we have a whole smack of RP people here who do not get involved in our areas events, or working the party. I believe they are waiting for the STHF, that is their strategy?... The UBYAL and Youth for Ron Paul are non-existent either. They seem to be all facebookers. I find it interesting how people can really not do much and somehow hold power.

A few months ago I emailed Deb at C4L and let her know the a person in another county and I would like to be the coordinators in those counties. Here response was to the effect that later on they will be doing things.

I participated from the first Leadership Summit back in Minneapolis and on.
Became a precinct leader/committeeman.
Ran for my town chair.
Was on the NYS RP delegate slate.

So, here I wait ...


For my area, I like a saying another person stated; "If your going to act like an infiltrator, you might as well be one." - James O.

But did you ever follow up?

Why not just do the job ANYWAY without the title? Then you end up being the indisputable coordinator regardless of whether "official" or not?!?

I can understand the C4L kind of being on hold until now, but now is the sweet spot for you to step up.

Don't seek a title. Just do the job and then there's no way to keep the title from you.

I agree with Tony M

The last 5 years Tony has been one of the most active Ron Paul supporters in NYS.

I agree, CFL let us all down. No one really wanted to do any real work, just belong to a meetup group, a dinner club.

That seems to have included you.

Why did you let YOURSELF down?

What were you waiting for?

If you wanted something, no one stopped you from doing it. You just expected others to do it.

I cannot believe that my replies here about SELF INITIATIVE and SELF SUFFICIENCY are getting voted down.

It's ridiculously hypocritical.


What is going on here is local orientated.

People are followers. When some people headed groups, or have titles, people follow them.

Initative was taken, and exemplary self-responsibility.

I also followed a respectful chain of command.

How aggressive would you felt my actions should be? Because, that is where it was/is at.

As it stands, the C4L is basically dead in Western New York. That wasn't my fault. I was one of the people who recognized it and tried to bring it to life.

So, if you want to get the self-initiative and self-efficiency going here, like I have, you too can put the effort in. You can start anytime.

Not in NY, but doing so in my state.

BE VERY AGGRESSIVE (corollary: stop being a p*ssy.)

It's not hard. Set up a monthly meeting and look at the bills going through the state house, pick 2-3 and get the group to HAMMER state reps and sens to do the pro-liberty thing and/or pick a prop or bond issue and lead the local or statewide effort on the pro-liberty side.

Go around to groups of natural allies to help.

Where in the above included sit-ins, sign-waves, retreats, patting each other on the back, freedom radio, or Adam Kokesh?


And, interestingly, no C4L title needed to do any of the above in C4Ls name.

Corollary, are you serious?

You mean the radio station I set up on the east of Buffalo. 101.1 fm I think that was.

Check out Adam Kokesh at our Veteran Showdown event on Foreign Policy in a Buffalo suburb,

you want the dates and videos of all our sign waves and events too? lol

You said zero about working the Republican party? That is C4L's main strategy? What have you done? Please provide sources that can prove your activism.

A pussy? You don't have it together.


Obviously you do not live in the area.

I was on the site as a co-organizer.
You can't lead, when no one will do any work.

Don't place blame where it does not belong.
You don't know anything about this area.

Thanks for the rude, unwelcome remarks.
Considering you are quick to point and blame others, why not tell us all what you did to help out.

Otherwise, I suggest you get off this site.

I will no longer respond to your attacks.

FBI. (I'm fired up now ... lol)

I will jump on Carrie's strike.

Did you become a precinct leader?
Did you put forth the effort to get others to become precinct leaders?
Did you try and form alliances with other groups? TeaGOP'rs, 912 ...
Do you attend your monthly party meetings?
Do you work the party? Go to their conventions?
Do you teach others on activism techniques?
Did you run for your town party chair?

If so, I commend you. You have then followed the C4L's and Ron Paul's plan of attack. If not, what's going on here?


1) yes
2) yes, walked many precincts and did recruiting
3) yes
4) yes
5) yes, yes
6) for over 10 years have been teaching those things
7) no because have other family circumstances at the moment, but have in the past. in past have been on several state central committees in the states i lived in.

Maybe we're talking the same language?

What we have

are people who headed C4L as coordinators and Ron Paul meetups who do not do these things. Actually, they distance from it. And all those people who joined their groups under them, have distanced themselves from it. Some have flat out stated, that they do not want to get involved in bureaucracy. But, they sure glad other people are.

If you want to help, why not contact the leaders of the groups I mentioned and see what you can do to get them off there butts and get involved?

When people lead groups, they influence people. If they are not doing the job, they have to be fired. They are the coach and that is the way it is. They were not fired and this is what we got - a dead in the water C4L.

Those people need to resign...

...if what you're saying is true.

Plain and simple.

They are sunshine patriots.

Correct. Now your catching on.

Now retract your pussy attack.

It wasn't an attack.

Toughen up. It was just thrown out there rhetorically.

You insinuated I'm a pussy.

I'm not backing down.

Let's talk on the phone,

Carrie will pm you with my phone number. call me. I'm a face to face person.

I'm working on rebuilding my Outlook, standard fix's are not working and I may after to restore an image.

I have taken that role and the workload years ago.

and had to accept the do-nothing'ers.

I have earned a break.



How about I drop from being an activist and do the gift I was given.

Be a Liberty musician. This way, I get respect instead of dealing with a lot of crap, make money instead of going in a hole, and get to love up the multi-BBR's.

Enjoy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sHFJqKQchA

thanks Tony

looks like another good topic to discuss in future phonecalls, I do appreciate your input.

C4L is what YOU make it.

Ron Paul gave you this multimillion dollar tool.

If you're waiting for a messiah, then you've already lost.

Look in the mirror, pick up the tool, and go to work.