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The Revolution Comes to NBC, Mondays at 10


Watch the full pilot on Hulu.com I haven't watched it yet. If you have or do, please let me know what you think. Some may wonder why an MSM TV show would be posted here. It is to bring to your awareness what is happening in the world. Many people here don't have TV, including me. I only stumbled upon this video by accident, but it has over 8 million views. Meaning the kinds of ideas that are discussed here daily are going mainstream.

FYI. The progress of the series and its mainstream reception is something to keep our eye on as a barometer of the sentiment of the general public.

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Pretty bad

I am thinking people involved in this are not going to get many more offers for other related work. Hope they enjoy the ride.

p.s. what is up with all the beating on that 18 year old kid?


Pretty Lame

One against 20 swashbuckling victories, 95 lb. girl thrashing 200 lb. men.

Michael, watch the "Jericho" series on Netflix. Very realistic (believable). Hard to believe it was ever on TV.

I agree with

Many below, the acting is horrible and the plot is starting to stink. However a lesson that does need to be taken away is why you should never let government take away guns. The plot shows a prime example of why tyrants take away guns.

This Past

Episode proves me right even more...

I thought the pilot was

I thought the pilot was pretty good aside from the fake Katniss Everdeens horrible acting. The second episode was lacking quite a bit in my opinion. I suppose there are some good aspects of the show, but overall I'm a bit disappointed. And I'm not seeing much of anything pertaining to revolution, though they might bring that about later. Unless the revolution was started by cutting off all power to the world, which turned out to be horribly violent and I wouldn't condone anyway. I'll watch the next episode though I'm sure, out of curiousity.

Haven't watched Episode 2

I was disappointed with the pilot.
Shoddy acting.
Shoddy casting.

(again, I have only watched the pilot)
Even the premise is wacky, IMO.
Information on a stick file somehow survives a massive EMP type of holocaust?

So far it seems tacky...

I want to see what the deal is with the Submariners not following unlawful orders in some other new show.

I watched the last 10 minutes

I watched the last 10 minutes of the submariners show last night. I think the name is Last Resort. It looked good and the acting was good. I wish I had watched the entire show. Next week for sure I'll catch it.

Last Night?

Shiver me timbers!
I thought it started next month.
Maybe there will be re-runs somewhere.



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it didn't work on my tablet, but I found it on u-tube. Not exactly highest quality (some dude filmed his TV with a camera phone - LOL) but I found it pretty enjoyable.

I think it might get dumb rather quickly... the Captain looks like he might set up his little fiefdom and quickly turn the show into "LOST, with a Submarine".

We shall see.

I have enjoyed the first

I have enjoyed the first couple of episodes so far. There are subliminal messages though. The Major one is the militia are the bad guy tyrants that fractured in to little so called republics and control everything and the patriots want to restore the United States...
Definitely attempting to make "militia" into bad guys thing is though the scenario is somewhat plausible.

I did have to laugh at the tube top and bare midriff displayed by the daughter.

The first episode did show a great survival trick especially for women with the poison whiskey to give to would be attackers. I thought that was pretty ingenious.

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The majority of up votes

Just goes to prove that just like the rest of society the majority of DPers are idiots too.

I get a laugh at the self

I get a laugh at the self righteous morally superior comments like this... Lighten up friend no reason people cannot have a little entertainment in their lives...

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

I like that you identify

with the majority. Ignorant people do tend to laugh at things they don't understand. And from judging by the barometer of your reaction as the post recommended we are doomed. This is a stupid show and that is obvious just from watching a few minutes of the trailer, but that is not uncommon. And it is also not uncommon that simple minded people play this crap up as some sort of meaningful programming when it is just more hollywood propaganda designed to mold the minds of the ignorant. Have fun in your ignorance.

Wow you think quite highly of

Wow you think quite highly of yourself don't you...

Only the simple minded berate others they know nothing about for some religious level belief that one must be stupid if they watch a TV show. Yeah that will move liberty forward... Sigh!

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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Go ahead and get your education

from Hollywood you moron. Liberty doesn't come from your TV.

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Aha...I was wondering what would come of MSNBC

after it split.

I had hoped there was someone pretty high up with at least half a brain that might actually see the huge market that exists for people looking for actual entertainment.

Instead of watching this

Instead of watching this crap, you could be reading Hayek or Mises.

Southern Agrarian

Some of us have read it all

Some of us have read it all years ago. All work and no play is not good for the soul.

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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Thank you for shedding a

Thank you for shedding a little sensibility on this. Bob forbid somebody watches a little tv after studying and working all day. Like you said, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and we saw what happened to Jack!!! REDRUM, REDRUM!!!!! (and the creepy little twins) brrrrrrr.....!

I watched about 15 minutes of

I watched about 15 minutes of this show and immediately noticed how fake it was. Where did the people get those new looking clothes after 15 years of darkness? How come the people look like they just came from the hairstylist shop? The acting made me cringe. I tuned it off. Let me know if it gets any better.

The 2nd episode changed everything

The direction this took made me ponder that everything WE have done the last 5 years IS being watched and they probably wrote the script from lurking this website. : )



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makes me wonder if it's not a matrix-ey thing

people are powerless, working as slaves and the tax man comes armed.

well, at least we have electricity.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

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I finally watched the pilot, and in spite of what others here thought, I liked it. An in spite of the fact that it is a soap opera, staring a sexualized Katniss Everdeen version 2.0 who looks more like she's ready to go out clubbing than a simply trying to survive in the PAW (the post apocalyptic world), with here tight brown pants, matching leather jacket, and turquoise tank top that reveals ample cleavage, I think there is much to learn.

I was thinking about this last night. I assume the online versions are on a delay from live?

Anyway, thanks for he heads up, and your cryptic clue. I can't wait to watch it.

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I'm not going to reveal anything but this

Keyword: Tattoo
I don't think you will be disappointed but become hooked,they got me already and I only watch one other show.

Yes I would think the episodes are posted after the broadcast times as not to lose any of the sacred advertizing revenue. I missed it live last night so I went searching and was surprised it was already up.

Not to be too pessimistic but as we all know we are heading for a disastrous cliff because of a forced US dollar hegemony around the world the other thing that for quite a long time that has weighed on me is the main scenario in this series. A complete loss of modern electrical devices.

I do not think the megalomaniacs at the top would do this via high altitude emp weapons even though they would be contained geographically but do think that it is coming within the next 1-3 years via our friend Sol and there isn't much we can do about it. It appears that NASA and other agency's are downplaying coming peak solar flares that could cook everything including the military's viability because they are 90% dependent on civilian infrastructure.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Just sat through the whole

Just sat through the whole pilot. Am I the only one that thinks this is horrible? I see this as attempt to fantasize something that could easily become a reality, and to The dumb masses will confuse this with the real Revolution like "oh, you mean the tv show?" Not to mention the writing, sets and acting was pretty bad. Muskets and swords, seriously?

A common tactic

"and to The dumb masses will confuse this with the real Revolution like "oh, you mean the tv show?"

I have seen this time and time again. Take a key word of a movement or any subject and make it mean something else to distract and marginalize the original meaning. This tactic is used in religion as well political society. Works every time.

I have a friend

who lives next door to a "science guy". This guy is convinced that a major sun flare IS GOING TO disable all electricity on the planet some time in the next decade. Evidently a smaller flare did something similar in the 1800's(??) and was so powerful it melted railroad spikes on all the rail lines, etc. In those times people weren't so dependent on electricity, so the "event" wasn't earth shattering.

Interesting concept. Preparing to live without electricity, and evaluating EVERYTHING that we do that would be affected. Hmmmm

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I've read about this

I've read about this too...and EMPs, it is why part of our prepping includes non electric and non electronic tools. And one pre-electronic ignition truck... I have also learned how to build a faraday cage. Ya just never know...

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