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The Revolution Comes to NBC, Mondays at 10


Watch the full pilot on Hulu.com I haven't watched it yet. If you have or do, please let me know what you think. Some may wonder why an MSM TV show would be posted here. It is to bring to your awareness what is happening in the world. Many people here don't have TV, including me. I only stumbled upon this video by accident, but it has over 8 million views. Meaning the kinds of ideas that are discussed here daily are going mainstream.

FYI. The progress of the series and its mainstream reception is something to keep our eye on as a barometer of the sentiment of the general public.

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How can a flare melt RR spikes made of iron

and not incinerate the population? Seriously?

It cannot

If you tell a person a story and they tell it to someone...

The solar flare of 1859 The Carrington Flare caused severe damage and did melt telegraph wires and start fires.

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No clue...

Unfortunately I am a science MORON. It has something to do with the sun flare creating a huge electrical surge (kind of like lightening, I guess). I would imagine the surge hit the tracks because they were metal, but people weren't affected.???

Truly, I just heard this as a brief story from my friend who's neighbor is the science geek.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I watched it last night...

I watched it last night... reminded me of the Jericho TV series.


What an excellent to way to promote fear.

When a person believes that the end of the world is coming, they freeze up, and are frightened to take action.

This series just feeds into that notion.

As for me, I'm focusing on learning about finance, law, marketing and trade. I'm preparing to be wealthy.

Garbage like this just keeps people in a state of fear, expecting the sky to fall on their head.

But not me, I'm preparing for a prosperous future. Remember, all of mankind has been saying that the end is coming since the beginning of time.

End of the world scenearios

End of the world scenearios have been used over and over as entertainment. Asteroids hitting the Earth...Jericho, with it's Thermonuclear war theme, people dig it and somebody makes money...just like you want to!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

This is a freakin' TV show...

Pure entertainment. Not reality.

Stop looking to mainstream media for validation of the things you believe in. Geesh!


Saw a tailer for it. Just looked ridiculous.

They were using swords or something with perfect groomed hair. I just kinda laughed and said "wow. lame."

No offense to the OP, but I give this series just one season at best. They may pull the plug after 4 episodes of just bad ratings. Don't use it as a barometer. It's going to fail on its own lack of quality.

Mother of god...

Triple post!

My computer is bad.

And I should feel bad.


You are 100% correct and I have been saying this for two years now. There is no coincidence that the whole "prepper" ideology is hitting mainstream.

More crap from your

More crap from your television to drug your life up.

Southern Agrarian

Gus Fring is back!

Oh, i guess his acting still may be fairly good, but the show as a whole seems pathetic.
Nice try, but you are not going to get me to watch such a cheesy show. Buffy had deeper content!

Better acting in the many commercials (hulu)

The music was typical for a low budget suspense drama.
The CGI animations and textures were good.
The script is 3rd grade reading material.
The natural on-site outdoor locations were pretty.
The props were good, but also silly. (Like the few bunches of tall brown grass stuck in short green grass, around trees and props. Or the medieval metal torches burning inside a bright sunlit building. And someone growing plants inside a shaded burned out car in the middle of the road.)

Overall was very slow and made me want to fast-forward, "because, it has electrolytes." (Idiocracy)

The music

from the trailer is a track from Two Steps From Hell.

You can't get much better than that! Their stuff is amazing.

Don't know much about the music in the rest of the show though.

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Shiney Objects...

The show will start out with special effects and lots of drama, but will eventually try to bend the watchers perception of what revolution is.

Here's how it will shake out:

In the beginning, the bad guy is no electric.

Then the clans will become ruthless and attack good people.

Eventually, all the good characters will migrate back to new government rule.

The clans will be the rogue groups, the bad guys.

It may take 2 years of episodes, but this is no different than the mind bending the show "24" created.

I Saw 24 Once or Twice

The purpose of the show was clear: justify Bush's foreign policy, including torture. Period. Even though the show was highly-rated and recommended to me by many friends, I refused to watch it beyond the one or two times I stumbled upon it.

24 is great

Learn to separate fiction from reality. Yes there were themes of the show that I disagree with in the real world, but in a world made for pure entertainment I found 24 very exciting. I understand the reasoning behind all these people that reject mainstream media, and I tend to get my news from non-mainstream sources too, but that does not mean you can't enjoy mainstream shows. They are not all out to get you. I'd rather enjoy as much possible in life than be paranoid about how everything is propaganda or the mainstream media is out to get me.

Yeah.. MSM isn't done fighting us yet.

Shows that showcase a change in attitude are usually done some time after the event has overwhelmingly won over it's target.

I don't watch TV anymore so the pilot will most likely be the only thing I happen to see, that's if I can muster enough enthusiasm to take a look.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I can usually find something

I can usually find something to learn from these shows, that's my rationalization for enduring the soap drama fluff, but with this one it was overwhelmingly what not to do when TSHTF. Especially tired of yelling at screen; "You idiot, pick up the bad guys gun!"

The beginning, showing how quickly everything can turn to sh*t is always motivating, though, to remind one that when the music stops you better already have everything you'd need well beforehand and close at hand.

BTW, the biggest wrenching self-incriminating regrets, for not having sufficiently prepped their own family and seeing them then suffering tragically cause it was all so needlessly, will be on those who knew better but had procrastinated ever fully doing so.

Things could be so bad so quickly that most then would give their right arm to tune back the clock even just one week to have better prepped and positioned their families.

It'll tear them apart how easily they could have and should have, back then, dumped useless assets and invested their time/money/energy towards readily available preps that would have made such a huge difference for their family now.

- Shane


How many of these type of post-apocalypse movies have been made? lol

ie. Postman, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, George Peppard movie after the nuclear war, Red Dawn, V, etc.

I hardly watch any TV shows, but I do like that Burn Notice a bit.



Love burn notice


LOL! Amazing how hot, well

LOL! Amazing how hot, well groomed and well dressed the women are in Hollywood's version of the disaster filled future... take me there now....

It will be used to promote collectivism, attack individualism

No matter what it's called, no matter what the theme, if it's in the mainstream media it will support collectivism.

The mainstream media is owned by the enemies of liberty.

hollyweird... truly is weird

it's always a mix of front-loading predictive programming, or those in-the-know doing their darn-tootin' best to warn the citizenry, and others simply tracking trends to profit off of.

the whole female-teen market is supposedly rife with post-apocalypse distopian 'survivalist' fiction which the Hunger Games is apparently one of the beneficiaries of.

but, not just tv and films, but 'reality shows' like Survivorman, Dual Survival, Man Woman Wild, the Colony, etc. have been creeping up in popularity in the last few years.

though the best one in recent memory IMO is Columbia BS' Jericho.

lately there's one truly underrated Canadian SciFi called Continuum which sorta plays with cautionary tale/propaganda/plausible tech tyranny projection, the R3VOLution, OWS, corporatism extended into govt dissolving into Corporate Congress and Nano-bot injected cops in the future; it's highly interesting in the trajectory it's taking modern concerns, into the future, then back again.


in some sense the now cancelled Spielberg's exec.produced show TerraNova deals with the same post-human-induced climate crisis meme, too.

here's the weird, but psychologically understandable part, though cognitively dissonant it maybe: even your worst statist and neocon knows and completely accepts a character in entertainment medium who used to be a cop, a soldier, or govt employee who finds corruption and fights the system. yet, they still never question the legitimacy of govt organization or the very govt itself.

They BOTH accept that govt is corrupt, and bureaucracy ALWAYS comes up with often murderous excuse to justify its actions. Yet, like an abused spouse suffering 'he beats me 'cause he loves me'-Stockholm Syndrome, they never question the very foundation of it.

It's always astonishing to watch how the worst statist enablers both 'liberal' and neocon CHEER the ex-govt antihero, but would rather watch such character burned at the stake, if they found such brave patriot whistleblower in real life!

these sociopathic cognitively dissonant statist goons? I 'get' it, but still don't get it, get it.

And, much to my chagrin, shows like Falling Skies (another one exec.produced by Spielberg) are propagandizing that post collapse people will STILL turn to the military for salvation.

They live in a policestate essentially, under vestiges of military infrastructure. They vilify them erroneously as 'militia' in Falling Skies. And in Revolution, they vilify voluntary society by having roaming bands of thugs and mini warlords who are ex-military (another predictable meme), and the people HELPLESSLY paying them weekly 'protection fee' like the mob. message being, without govt, you'll have anarchy, oh my! and NOT in the way ancaps under stand "anarchy": without ruleRs.

the liberal Hollywood scribe's version is always "without ruLES," in the typical brainwashed sheeple meme.

plus, was disappointed with horrible actors in Revolution. it's obvious the show's producers tried to hire the obligatory 'vulnerable but tough, resilient adaptive, endearing type' best suited for the role, but the lead actress has NONE of such nuance found in the face and line delivery of the likes of Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games.

The Revolution's lead actress doesn't have that proverbial 'it' factor. Her lines seem unconvincing, her pain seems feigned, at least speaking from a 'believable fiction' acting POV: I simply don't buy her character.

Hey, it is, GE owned NBC afterall; if the acting don't improve, I see the show going the way of "The Cape" and "The Event": cancelled.

The show's premise is promising, but execution, frankly sucks, IMO.

Plus even little things like clothing... they were too clean, considering how scarce running water is in the show's depicted scenario.

But that said, at the same time, here's the other flaw in the show's premise: it's not like we went to dark ages 200yrs ago. the amount of manufactured items produced and with the sheer number of post-industrial revolution/tech revolution engineers around, there is no way in hell that an EMP wipeout would extend for more than 2yrs without any electric powerplant/source being re-created!

there are simply too many people with the know-how, and with enough tools to figure out how to re-power everything to have the show's premise of 15yrs with no electricity, to be realistic in any shape or form.

the worst punch in the face, again? the pilot episode seems to suggest that rogue element within govt or corporatist merc. contractors are the ones who pulled off the EMP attack.

AGAIN, floating the meme that SELECT govt actors are evil, but not govt itself.

I truly wish there were more 'subversive' libertarian/voluntaryist Hollywood writers/screen playwrights/script doctors who'd utterly destroy this statist nonsense.

worse, for all their bitching, we ALL know the seeds of dissent in both astroturfed OWS and TeaParty became possible BECAUSE we are the only real political movement in the country right now, who raised enough hell and rabble roused enough to make legitimate almost every single public discourse of any import.

yes y'all: we laid the foundation for OWS and the teaparties, even if they're astroturfed. Well, it's actually PRECISELY WHY they ARE astroturfed: for the Ruling Class to harness the energy and vigor we brought to public discourse, and astroturf it, under their banner.

but I fear the modern TV version of bread and circus to calm the masses are gonna be meaningless when the possibility of the looming currency collapse triggering a bigger civil strife/'distopia' than the ones depicted in TV, is all too real.

I know that the Ruling Class delusionally feels since they're limiting real life venues where the people can protest now, to be solely relegated to entertainment medium to serve as a 'valve' will work, but that only 'works' when the gap between fiction and reality is while 'close' but still far away.

well, the police state is here. the depression is here. so what else is left??

we're all walking on thin ice until whatever 'that' is, that will tip everything over... on both sides: both the citizenry, and the ruling class/their whores.

and not sure if shows like "Revolution" benefit the Ruling Class' intent to distract the 'peons' and satisfy their anti-tyranny urge via films/tv acting as surrogate means to 'release the tension', as it is already approaching that bad in real life, before season two of such show can air.

the bread and circus 'public tension release valve' only works when reality don't suck worse than the fictionally 'worser' reality being depicted...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

The militia are

The Bad guys-----

and they call themselves


Oh.. Did anyone notice the slight red in the word "Revolution"? I wonder what they're trying to connect with that whole image. lol

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

...and they're wearing black.


I wrote a screenplay very

I wrote a screenplay very similar to this called, Liberty. Liberty is a city-sized "militia" that rose up to fight the tyrannical Civilian Police Force that pretty much took over after the collapse. It was fun and challenging developing it. I just wish I had the millions to get it made. :) That's the problem with trying to write movies today - once you get it finished there's no gatekeeper to get it too. I hate screenplay competitions because they are largely just ploys to make money.

I could see your idea

I could see your idea becoming a movie with a volunteer force of extras and actors. Various fans of different genres have done wonders for low- and no-budget movies.