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Sometimes the blindness of the Paul supporters staggers me

From the nasty, rude, and unkind comments that I see any time that Jesse Benton, or John Tate, etc. are mentioned, I think that many here must live in a bubble and never go outdoors. These people still feel that they can "get their friends together and put on a show in the barn, and save the old courthouse"... just like the old movies. I get a knot in the pit of my stomach every time there is a post on Jesse or Rand knowing that the same knee-jerk comments are going to come rolling out of the bitter angry bloggers on this site who have, evidently never experienced disappointment before.

Clearly many have not looked around at the society that we live in. Clearly many think that if the campaign staff had just worked harder "WE WOULD HAVE WON!" And worse, clearly many are looking for someone to "blame"... so they can hold on to that ANGER and BITTERNESS and HATE, which feels OH so good right now, and puts off looking at the WORK that needs to be done. This is a STUNNING disregard for the realities of the current situation in our country.

Ron Paul is not a stupid man, he is not an old doddering fool, and he is incredibly savy when it comes to the realities of politics. He decided to game THEIR system in order to spread the message. He KNEW the odds were stacked against him, but he put together a staff and they all worked hard to do the BEST they could, and MAYBE, just MAYBE pull off what would have taken a "CALL ROME, MIRACLE".

Jesse Benton went into it with a strategy could have actually enabled Ron to be "in the running". Ron actually WON Iowa, and had that news been told TRUTHFULLY by the media, the momentum might have been greater. Short of that, Jesse figured out the delegate strategy... but the ONLY hope of a brokered convention was if SEVERAL candidates were in play. Once Santorum dropped out, there was no hope.

Jesse told us the TRUTH. We didn't want to HEAR it. But it was the truth. It was an ABSOLUTE LONG SHOT, and they did their best. But people "always kill the messenger" and this time was no different.

To make an analogy, our movement was 4 guys in a Kayak, rowing as fast as they could in a race with a Navy speedboat. Possibly, with some clever strategy, you could outwit the speedboat... but the ODDS were INCREDIBLY slim.

We were up against all of the forces available to the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, the Military Industrial Complex, the major MEDIA outlets, the entrenched "old farts" in the RNC, the Evil Ones who are above ALL of those things and actually run the world. And we ACTUALLY made some IMPACT. We ACTUALLY had them SCARED, for God's sake. IF YOU DON'T CONSIDER THAT SUCCESS... that our little KAYAK caused that much distress.... then you are blinding yourselves to the success that was actually achieved.

On top of all of that, we were up against "the dumbed down masses" who outnumber us 1000 to 1! If you don't believe me..... FOR GOD'S SAKE LOOK AROUND YOU!!!!! The people in your circle of friends, at your school, at work and in your families. Look at the photos of those crowds at the RNC and DNC conventions! WE ARE NOT THE MAJORITY YET!!!! NOT BY A LONG SHOT, and placing blame on the campaign staff, for the reality of the situation is not seeing the world as it is.

When my son was 10 years old, our state's football team was in the Superbowl. It was SHEER LUCK that got them there because they were NOT a good team. They had a quarterback that could throw.... and that was IT! Needless to say, they were slaughtered!

My ten year old's reaction was "THE OTHER TEAM CHEATED!"... and I had to explain that "NO, the other team was better and stronger and they won the game because of that. No "wishful thinking" was going to win that game. And it was my job to TEACH my young son the painful facts of life.

I expect a little more maturity here on DP than that of a 10 YEAR OLD. But the way people go on you would think that they honestly never look around and acknowledge the realities of the SHEEP out there and HOW MANY of them there are! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!!!!
We have to start at the BOTTOM (local, state, and some national seats... letters to the editor, liberty parties in our homes) and work our way UP. It is the MASSES that will be the determining factor in gaining liberty, and THAT is where we have to cause change.

Ron Paul got 2 million votes in the primaries. He estimates double that from those that weren't registered Republican. OK... so lets say 4 million. Rush Limbaugh's audience is 20 million A WEEK. So the idiot Rush, has FIVE TIMES the followers that the Liberty Movement has, and he fills them with neocon tripe every day. And his audience is only a FRACTION of our "challenge". But OH NO, Jesse and the rest of the staff were somehow supposed to overcome the entire power structure and pull a rabbit out of the had and do MAGIC... and if they didn't.... well, then, they must have been PLANTS and SOLD OUT, or did their job terribly. ARGH!!!!!


So PLEASE, GROW from this experience, and stop trying to have scapegoats to BLAME for the REALITIES of our situation.

We have a LONG way to go and a LOT of work to do. That is the truth of it. It isn't "FUN" and it isn't "EXCITING" like a campaign. It is hard, dangerous, and often frustrating work.

Only MATURE, patient, consistent and loving people of character are going to survive. Open your EYES people and LOOK AROUND at all of the sheep out there.... and then roll up YOUR sleeves and get to work. You are wasting energy that is needed in moving forward!

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Well said

I've also noticed an unrealistic perception of our relative strength. The pure libertarians are a small percentage of the electorate now. Our best hope is to build the larger movement with Tea Party and enlightened Occupy populists. I see Rand Paul cleverly trying to do that.


Stopped after the Benton worship.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

A drop of common sense in a sea of hysteria.

We are winning people. Hold tight.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Great post. Well said.

Great post. Well said.

Thanks to Benton's delegate

Thanks to Benton's delegate strategy, we were able to supply the convention with a significant number of Paul delegates - significant enough to make the RNC hacks panic (like we always knew they would) and show their true colors for all the world to see.

As long as the Internet remains free, history will always record the day that the RNC removed the velvet glove from its iron fist.

Opponents will continue to claim that we had a disproportionate representation of delegates at the convention (based on which candidates won each respective state). But at least we played by the rules that were in place at the time. It's not our fault that the supporters of other candidates weren't as motivated OR as organized OR as well-versed in parliamentary procedure as we were.

And besides, Ron Paul received around 10% of the popular vote nationally. And what percentage of delegates at the convention were there to represent Paul? Officially - around 10%.


We showed people how the game was played and showed them how the grassroots could come together during the primaries and caucuses to defeat candidates that the establishment was shoving down their throats. Unfortunately for all of us, we played the game too well according to the RNC, and they made sure to close that route. But at least now more people (the ones who aren't willfully ignorant) can see the authoritarianism for themselves.

Benton deserves some credit guys.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Thank you Michael

Thank you for this website. I was late to arrive and was too sheepish to register and post until recently. Thank you for fighting with the grassroots.

I really tried to stay optimistic. I still am (not of Dr. Paul winning the presidency but just optimistic), but I really hope my money went to the campaign and not in Benton's pocket. I gave him the benefit of the doubt; I really did. But his resignation from C4L today spoke absolute volumes.

Right when the fire really started growing huge everything went silent. In fact after I finished giving my $201.20 to the campaign which was an exercise in what Ron Paul himself would not believe in; I'm about $50 away from eviction today. I truly hope the money helped.

I was fine at the time but then my rent increased by 10% (rent control is set at 10% and the last 5 years every year another 10%, but my paycheck has not increased, happy to have a job for a private business.) Oh yeah, inflation isn't high. :)

All my family thinks I'm a kook with all the Ron Paul videos I e-mail, all the diatribe in my e-mails; I wanted that fire to burn bright all the way through the election. So I am going to do whatever I can do to keep the message of liberty alive. I did manage to open a few eyes. But I couldn't sway a single person in the primary. Closest was "I really like that (Ron Paul) yeah I really like Ron Paul but he's not electable. I'm not going to vote. But people are thinking different now.

I'm stuck on whether to run for some sort of local office and abandon my trade, which I love very much, or opting out of the system entirely. Doing both would be awesome. Or simply lobbying for my trade, which has a PAC and I don't like PAC's including C4L (gonna get burned for that one) because I think they are unfair and voices should outweigh dollars.

I think I could light more fires but I'm discouraged by the state I live in and politics in general. I knew it was dirty beyond belief but not to this degree.

In any case I am very glad I found this group of "kooks", I wish I could have done more to help. I wish I'd have found this website sooner which used to be buried for some reason. Then I could have done a bit more and would be even more frustrated. Maybe that's a good thing. More frustration is not what I need.

But thanks again Mr. Nystrom. This website fired me up big time and opened my eyes and let me know I wasn't a kook. It even united me with my boss big time. Both of us were closet fans of Dr. Paul. I've had my eyes on Dr. Paul for many years but I had no clue about the Daily Paul. I wish I'd have found out about it long ago.


You are blessed for giving the campaign money.
It may have just bought your own freedom, one never knows.

Thanks for being a Paul supporter we need more like you.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


I would like to thank all of those individuals who both worked and financially supported this effort to bring the Leviathan down. I understand the great disappointment with the outcome, but please do not lose heart. The principles advocated by this great man are destined to prevail regardless of timing. More and more people are being aroused to question things that were not so long ago accepted with ignorant certainty. The cracks are starting to show in the cartoonish facade that was, at one point, draped over us all. Peace and universal respect to all those out in the ether seeking and bringing truth.

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.
John Locke

We have complained cause we

We have complained cause we spent a whole lot of money and felt that the campaign was run horribly! And it looked intentional! You don't watch the GOP rape us like it did and not suspect that our campaign was ok with it on some level.

What?! Dude, they're in a

What?! Dude, they're in a tough spot because of Rand. How do you not see this?

THE MAIN REASON they didn't fight to the death was to preserve Rand's political future as well as the staff's future in running other Presidential campaigns. It's classic self-preservation and Ron is a guy that puts his family ahead of himself.

And furthermore, Ron looks at his campaigns as a cause bigger than the Presidency. And you know what?! He f***ing won a ton! The GOP is a different party today because of Ron Paul. America's youth is different today because of Ron Paul. The liberty movements is bigger and more prominent than it EVER has been, because of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul may have lost two battles in the past five years, but he's won countless wars in the hearts and minds of many.

I stopped reading most of the

I stopped reading most of the comments here early in 2012.

Too many Ron Paul supporters got way too dogmatic. Case-in-point: "Ron Paul gets support from all over the political spectrum" was a common talking point.

But "f*ck you Zionist sheeple, go vote for Obamney" was the response when my slightly moderate libertarian ass said something that wasn't Orthodox Paul.

Really? So you use our ideological differences as a badge of honor for Dr. Paul but then tell us to stfu when we disagree. Lol... Yup, you guys will make great Republicans when they finally come around to accepting you in 2024.

Jesse Benton wasn't the problem. Ron Paul simply doesn't fit the Republican mainstream. It's like trying to sell indie rock to a group of people that listens to pop music. There are similarities, but unless the indie band "sells out" some, the pop music audience will likely never accept them to the point of being #1.

I think

A better comparison is that people are so brainwashed with pop(staus quo baloney) they forgot how good Rock n Roll was (constitution).

I disagree. Brainwashing

I disagree. Brainwashing would be a subjective assumption whereby you are projecting the reason for their choice based off personal experiences, biases, or preferred potential outcomes instead of using scientific methods or research to better understand what drove their consumption habits in regards to music or any other example (Like politics).

Its kind of simple

with regards to politics, the media is the main propagator of peoples positions and beliefs then add a lack of constitutional education(law and principle), you get a bunch of sheep singing the status quo.

You are a bit naive yourself

You are a bit naive yourself when you believe the media telling you Rush has 20 million listeners... If you haven't noticed they don't tell the truth about much of anything and what they do tell you fits their agenda.

It is also naive to not realize Psyops operation has been in play here on the Daily Paul.

It is also naive to believe that the power brokers behind the Federal Reserve will ever let you vote their money and power away from them. You can punch any button you want at the poll and they will count it as they see fit.

So then why vote?! If it's

So then why vote?! If it's "naive to believe" that things aren't rigged, why freaking vote or do anything? Why promise to use your time and energy if it's all predestined by some "power brokers" that nobody can define?

That is pretty much my exact

That is pretty much my exact point... As long as the machines are hacked it is pointless. Front and center should be the Electronic voting machines. I was a poll Deputy in Florida during the Bush/Gore debacle did you know that some candidates received negative votes in some precincts? How do you receive -380? The flipping code was faulty that's how.

I can define the power brokers for you... Start at the Rothschild family and follow the money. Look into who owns the banks that make up the Federal Reserve.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy

Homeland has purchased a billion hollow point bullets recently? What do you think they are making ready for? An election or a violent revolution?

I think where the campaign...

...blew it was in failing to communicate a vision to the mainline conservatives of what strong national defense, Ron Paul style, looks like. It seems like they only emphasized the negatives of interventionism without painting enough of a picture, in sunny Reagenesque manner, of the flip side of the coin, the positives of how national defense could be reshaped. I remember vague references to submarines in one early ad, and then it seemed like the campaign tried to avoid focusing on capturing the public's mind on foreign policy. I know it can be done with mainline conservatives, as I can speak to this from personal experience. I think about the time of South Carolina, this kind of effort was sorely missing. I remember Tom Woods making some comments to this effect around then, too.

I don't know who's to blame for this, but it was pretty deflating. Onward and upward...

The Real Winning Party Strategy

"... liberty parties in our homes";

Forget 3rd party, go 4th with a 5th (BYO) party.

I enjoyed the upbraid. ;-)

I totally 100% agree with this post

And - from my own observations on this board over the couple of years, and especially over the last few months of the campaign ...

I totally accept the fact that irrational, illogical, emotionally driven, peer acceptance motivated *sheeplike* mentality and behavior?

It's everywhere in modern life. It's like a nasty infection that is almost impossible to cure.

Even among Ron Paul supporters and liberty minded people.

[ PS: a little gold star sticky for the first irrational, emotionally driven, illogical sheeplike individual that downvotes my post .. because they don't like the mirror held up to their face. Thereby helping to prove our point ]

Your post...

and your response to critics only proves that politics is NOT now, nor EVER has been, the solution towards our problems... Bravo...

Ah yes, we're all so foolish!

Why don't you make a self-righteous post about it? Snarky snarky!

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.



The campaign did everything they could to make sure they were not a direct threat to Romney and thus Rand. The fact is, the campaign had enormous momentum going into June with huge gatherings that were getting bigger and bigger, people's interest in Ron Paul was spiking.

Just when it was getting exciting, the campaign with help from the GOP(bentton) devised a plan to squash it with Rand's Paul's announcement that he would endorse Romney which was rationalized to Ron Paul as the best way forward based on probable threats by the establishment that he had to stop, if not..who knows.

So they got Ron Paul onboard probably reluctantly, as evidenced by the fact that he kept his silence on Rand's endorsement and went on being the same person he was though without an active campaign.

If the campaign would have done everything they could have: 1.sending Ron Paul to Rand Paul and other big names to state conventions to give speeches and watch over the convention as the Romney campaign had done with his son and others. 2. Actively campaign through the summer gathering more enormous crowds - they could have reached a critical mass, and then, no matter if the GOP tried to cheat them, it would have been a huge battle.

But NO, they squandered people's hard earned donation money and cowered to the establishment and worst of all, divided us.

They have no plan now that Ron Paul is gone other than to assimilate with their masters.

Maybe someone can set me straight but...

...I found it disappointing that neither father nor mother seemed to once, openly disapprove of their son not only endorsing Romney, but doing it on Hannity, "happily!" If Jesse Benton, indeed did wrong, it must've been allowed by Dr. Paul for whatever reason.

It seemed that Mrs. Paul if anything was offended at the folks who got angry at Rand instead. That was a bit confusing as I know she was upset along with the rest of us when RP was abused at primaries and caucuses.

Was RP okay with Rand's endorsing Romney? Has anyone asked him? If he is okay with it, why?

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
The local church(not a building -a people) is the missing link. The time to build is now.

Rand Paul

2016!!!! That is what our focus needs to be now. Let us not be blind to what he is trying to do. We are awake enough to back him, I hope.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Good luck, he's got lots of

Good luck, he's got lots of "splaining" to do

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

The best post in some time

Thank you for posting some real truth.

The fact is that people just love fighting amongst themselves. You see it everywhere. Rather than fighting real enemies people love to fight their friends who have maybe 10% different views or strategies. It even happens in some of the best families.

The fact is that all the people who posted all the hate posts about the campaign ruined our chances more than anything else (apart from the establishment of course who was never going to let us win).

By dividing our movement and encouraging infighting the hate-posters weakened us. Who knows they may even have been the main cause for Ron Paul taking his foot of the pedal by the end. Why put you own life in danger for a group of people who blame you and your staff for everything that goes against their wishful thinking?

The establishment knows how to fight for a "common" cause, we don't. It's as simple as that and until we learn we will not win.

I guess when someone cries "blind" like this

they automatically have a beam in their own eye, as a super-famous wise man once said.

I can't believe Benton has your unquestioning support.

RP was threatened by Romney

that and Santorum dropped out making the actual plan for an open convention very slim. Romney probably threatened him too.

At any rate Benton handled it and Ron Paul was fine with the way he handled it otherwise he wouldn't have said so on his Facebook page.

There way too many unleveled people on here getting pissed off about anything that stands in the way of their narrow-minded vision.

There are ideas and then there are pragmatisms of those ideas. The actual act in practice to make the ideals come true are often not as fun as dreaming about the end result.