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Ron Paul Legacy Lives On

Libertarian candidate Ron Paul may be out of the running in this year's presidential election, but that doesn't mean that he won't have a significant impact on the 2012 race. According to a new poll conducted by CNN/ORC, libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has developed a following that may tip the election in this close election. Chalk that up as a victory for Ron Paul, who has worked to put the libertarian ideals that Johnson espouses on the map in this election season, helping to develop an enormous following for Johnson, particularly amongst young people.

According to the poll, 3% of likely voters say they will vote for Johnson in November, and of registered voters, that number ticks upward slightly to 4% of the population. In an election that may only be decided by several percentage points total, that may have a real impact.

What's even more interesting is which way the libertarian voters swing. The poll finds that the inclusion of Johnson in the race hurts Republican candidate Mitt Romney more than President Obama.


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