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Why isn't the Jan 21st Banner All over the net??

I would at least think the banner would be here, and on RP Forums...and posted on all Myspace pages etc. Why Not?

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This IS crucial because

Ron Paul mentioned the MLK fundraising day on the Wolf Blitzer/CNN interview about the "racist" newsletters...

so this MUST be a success!!

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Be FREE at last! MLK Day moneybomb - Jan. 21!

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That's what I've been

That's what I've been saying. I remember that for 11/5 and 12/16 that everyone was talking about it and ads and banners were on this site but I haven't seen the same for 1/21. I hope it is successful but I definitely am not getting my hopes up.

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.
-Barry Goldwater

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.
-Barry Goldwater

Won't just happen....

There are only about 700 people here now---members and guests, that's not enough! We can't make the mistake Huck & Co made of thinking it will just happen----it won't. We have to make it happen. Spread the word, post the links, email supporters--myspace, facebook, etc......

Find info and videos here!


This video is headed to the top thatnks to your positve ratings and comments! Keep it going!


delete my account!!!

There is.. side panel



But I barely see it until you just told me... Why not Headline banner?

That is an excellent question!

What's going on???

Campaing HQ??? Someone??? Trevor??? Let's get this going!


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