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Liberty Live-Stream Team Show with MatLarson10 Tonight 8PM EST

Tonight on 'The Liberty LiveStream Team Show' with Qadoshyah and Suriyah Fish they'll be discussing some of what happened in Tampa, as well as where to go next in the Liberty Movement. And, they'll also discuss the issue of whether or not to vote for Gary Johnson!

If you don't know about the 'Liberty Live-stream Team' they're the ones that live-streamed the Oklahoma, Texas, & Nebraska state conventions. As well as the PaulFest, Ron Paul's SunDome Rally in Tampa and the Republican National Convention. They also filmed the Arkansas Committee Meeting election of delegates.

Spread the word and enjoy the show!
Watch Live at 8 PM Est: http://show.RonPaulTribune.com

Their blog is http://libertyliveblogteam.wordpress.com/
YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/libertystreamteam

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Outside of turning every post

Outside of turning every post on the DP into YouTube videos, who is Matt Larson?
Why is he so popular?

Im sure this will get down voted but I'm just asking questions. Down vote the ignorant!!!
Was he the guy that had Dr. Paul in his dorm room?

this guy

this guy :)


10,667 subscribers
4,409,320 video views

Live in 12 minutes

Live in 12 minutes

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This looks great. Keep it bumped.

This is FP material, IMO.