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New idea for 2012 election

First a question: Does anyone know much influence we Ron Paul supporters outside of KY had on Rand Paul winning his election?

My idea is that we need to find this 2012 election's Justin Amash and/or Rand Paul. If we can get two of these type of people elected every election, in a matter of years it won't matter who the President is because we will be running the House and Senate.

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How is this a new idea?

People have been taking this approach for years. It's why political groups put out voting records with the idea for replacing the bums and getting pro-constitution people in office - by changing the make-up of Congress (specifically the House for 4 very good reasons), it doesn't matter who the President is. It's been the Birch Society's tactic for years with their Congressional Index (now the Freedom Index.)

The problem is it doesn't work because people are stupid. And why would you want to elect someone like Rand Paul - he's a sellout.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Thanks for your helpful

Thanks for your helpful input!

I'm in CA, and I know John

I'm in CA, and I know John Dennis is a hard-core Ron Paul supporter, AND he is running against Pelosi. I'm not sure that San Francisco is the best place to focus our efforts though. Does anyone know of a Liberty Candidate in their area that is not populated by such, collectivists?

Yes, Mike Peterson, campaigning, now, in North Dakota

He's working on a direct mail campaign and has asked our help. You can find his post on previous threads.

We should be focusing our fight on Congress and the Senate.

Right now, the most important battlefield for freedom in America is in Washington D.C., but not in the White House. Congress and the Senate have the power to veto harmful bills before the president has a change to pass them, and even make decisions on the constitutionality of bills. Most damaging decisions in this country are made or at least allowed by Congress and the Senate. While presidents can still issue harmful executive orders, Congress and the Senate have, overall, more power.

So, while we should fight on every front we can, we should be focusing much of our energies on electing liberty candidates to Congress and the Senate (or running as one), and holding the feet of all of our representatives in Washington to the fire to the best of our ability. Ron Paul was often the only congressman voting constitutionally. Imagine if all, or even half, of Congress voted according to the Constitution. Making that a reality should be one of our biggest goals.