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I just joined the Laissez Faire Book Club

Tonight I finally signed up for the Laissez Faire Book Club, which is an entrepeneurial endeavor of various folks, including notables Jeffrey Tucker, Doug French, etc. It is $10 a month and as a member, you are able to read countless e-books written by various libertarian/anarchist minds such as Tucker, McElroy, Hoppe, Rothbard, as well as numerous others. There are also forums and videos attached to each release that I think is very much valuable for $10/month.

Tucker advertises the Club as a mini-"city", and I think that the city needs to grow a little bit more. The future of the Liberty movement is ideological and educational. Lew Rockwell's advice for the advancement of the Liberty movement is READ BOOKS. Ron Paul's future will include education of Liberty and economics. We will not EVER fix this government. We must learn to live around it, and ignore it, and watch it die, while laughing and enjoying ourselves as happy men, who were not meant to be ruled by fascist states. Books and community are the two ways to do this.

I think the future of the Liberty movement will find its comforts in private online communities such as or, and similar sites. I hope members of DP continue to post here, but also consider joining these sites, continue educating themselves, and continue finding ways to subvert the State. Thank you.

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Cool. Thanks for the heads up

Cool. Thanks for the heads up fellow book worm.
You may already know about it, but Liberty Fund puts out a yearly catalog of great austrian, anarcho-cap related books.

Here is their website:


Also, just an FYI:
They have a few anti-liberty sponsors
But overall their catalog is awesome.

Southern Agrarian