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I have a question about the upcoming money bomb...

Even though I have been interested in Ron Paul since July, I was not a part of the first money bomb and only recently joined this group. Now I am trying to do my part in several ways, including donations and spreading the word.

In anticipation of MLK Day, can someone provide me with the numbers for the last money bomb? How many people donated? How it was organized? What was the average donation?

What are the realistic expectations for the coming event?

How many more people have joined the front?

Also, in advance of MLK Day, does Ron Paul have any news events to promote the event...or at least stimulate it?

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Almost have the online poll bumped.


I donated directly to the campaign last time. I just figured it was easier, they'd get the money right away.

You can donate whenever you want.

I don't think the money bombs are going to get press like they used to.

The good thing is that RP has been raising more than the other Republican candidates, though!
(but Hillary and Obama each made over $20 million last quarter :(

We must raise more than McCain and Huckabee!
(they'll be raising a lot after NH and IA)

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Huckabee folks are outraising us for the quarter so far

We need to keep on donating. We've slowed down quite a bit Huckabbe has about 500.000 more than Ron this quarter according to www.ronpaulgraphs.com

We are looking for more number of donors this time - I think?

Last time, we had about 60000 donors with little over 6 million, but I think this time we are looking for more total number of donors($10) rather then total amount in order to attract more precinct leaders. I think 200000 donors would be great number to achieve? Ron Paul has nothing to do with this event(for good reason)

Go Here

On December 16, over 59,000 people donated over $6 million. Trevor Lyman organized the bomb. I believe that the average donation that day was around $100.

You should be able to find the other information you request at www.ronpaulgraphs.com.

The goal of the MLK Day money bomb is to find out the number of supporters "out here" rather than to bring in a ton of money, which was the goal of the first two big bombs. People are being asked to donate only $10 instead of $100.

Here you go


Send this video to the top of the charts, let's promote this! We have just 48 hours make the week as we only have about a week left promote the fundraiser. Thank you!


More great videos/info at this link here, please promote them as well. Thanks again!


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It will be a success

It may not be as large because some big donors are maxed out at 2300 dollars. If you want to give 2300 dollars that would be great. Average is about $100. You can go to www.freeatlast2008.com to pledge that you will donate at least $10. The last money bomb had its own website and we pledged for $100. Hopefully we have a lot of new people like yourself on board. Give what you can afford.

If i knew

I would tell ya. I did donate on the last money bomb and didnt even know it though.



The website for the moneybomb