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Stand With Pete The Carpenter

From Pete Harring on Facebook:

"I was informed this morning by Robert Sevigny, that the Executive Committee voted to remove me as Chair. No further explanation was provided.

"Pete, As Secretary of the Auburn City Republican Committee, I have been tasked to inform you that after 45 minutes of intense discussions, the Executive Committee voted to remove you as Chairman, effective immediately. This action was taken lightly."

I can find no authorization in the City Bylaws for this to be able to happen. Amazing how these things happen when I am not around, back in July Georgia Chomas held an illegal Special Caucus while I was away and last night I had to work late, gave more than a 12 hr notice that I would not be able to attend and they pull this CRAP! This surely will help promote unity ! What a JOKE !!!!!!!!"

Pete "The Carpenter" Harring has been a consistent and principled leader in Maine politics for some time now. As founder of the Tea Party movement here, he was instrumental to the resurgence of grassroots conservatism and the principles of liberty.

Pete is also an active Republican. At the Maine Republican Convention, his hard work for the party and conservatism was rewarded when he was duly elected by Maine Republicans to represent them on their National Delegation to Tampa. This was overturned however, when the establishment stepped in and a challenge resulted his removal alongside half of the Delegation, in violation of RNC bylaws.

The attack continued when, on September 11, he was notified by the Auburn Republican Executive Committee that he had been removed as City GOP Chair. No reason was given for this divisive action.

It is becoming apparent that there is an attack on the grassroots within the party, and the repeated attacks on a devoted leader is nothing but divisive in a critical election cycle. We stand with Mr. Harring and condemn the actions of the Auburn Republican National Committee.

"Like" the following page and share it with your friends. Let's get the word out and stand with him!

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what can be done to help?

what can be done to help?

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That's crazy!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot