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Rand Paul: I Will be Campaigning for Mitt Romney

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So what, RP isn't running for president

That does not stop our mission to fill committee seats and get backing for those running for office.

Do whatever you want. I agree, no reason to not discuss it what we are doing.

After November I will still have my seat, and still be voting NO to unconstitutional inniatives, resolutions, issues and platforms.

What will you be doing?

Where is your direction taking you past November for Liberty?

Yet again you try to change

Yet again you try to change the topic. An honest person would admit that Ron Paul never told ALL of us to become delegates and join a committee. An honest person would admit that in 2011 when anybody could still have become a delegate that he said, "Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual." You are apparently not an honest person. You do realize that by admitting you were wrong about what Ron Paul said doesn't mean you have to choose a different path, right?

Granger, give it a

Granger, give it a rest.

You've been justifying your support for Romney by insinuating that Ron Paul wants everyone to join the GOP and since you did, therefore you're justified in doing whatever you must do in order to keep your GOP leadership seat. In justifying your own actions to yourself, you feel like you have to put down those who have made the decision not to join.

You're turning off a lot of liberty movement folks who aren't comfortable associating themselves with the GOP.

There are other ways to support the liberty movement than by joining the GOP.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


When I went to my first meeting I WAS VERY AFRAID,, I imagined 21 Dick Cheney's and George Bushs were going to be there to torture me. Why Ron Paul insisted on the GOP was beyond, me, I KNEW we could do this without the GOP, why wouldn't Ron Paul listen to me? I didn't want the GOP. I hated the GOP. I feared the GOP, but I went anyways.

What did I find? Two old people eating Chinese food.

That is what I was afraid of.

These two old people have to lie, cheat and steal to materialize MSM BS.

So then I saw what Ron Paul was talking about.. END THE LIES. END THE BS, join the GOP and take those seats/ become a delegate.. the GOP is a FARCE, not a FORCE. We can become a FORCE FOR LIBERTY.

But too many have PREJUDICE, not based on any experience, but MSM.

Many people here get mad at Ron Paul, call him a coward, a traitor, says he won't FIGHT. Well, I will. And I am, even seeming people who say they are Liberty movement... Liberty movement is NOT the rEVOLution and Ron Paul is in our rEVOLution, which the liberty movement keeps trying to hi-jack.

Why wouldn't you want to be with Ron Paul? Don't you trust him? I'm sure glad I did. And I'm not going to give it a rest because my LOVE for Ron Paul and our rEVOLution is stronger than ALL that HATE combined.


Here it comes. We don't agree with your "Eat GOP shit to win" strategy so we are "haters". Do you guys have a script you follow? It gets boring and predictable.

You are a hater

which is worse than boring and predictable.

"Hater", the lame lefty

Neocon ad hominem. And you draw it like a gun, because you've got nothing else. Might work at Free Republic or some lefty site. People here see it for what it is.

Where's your love?

You go to my posts to insult me. Now, in this post, you are calling me a "lefty", because the Neocons were socialists from the Democratic Party who infiltraited and took over the GOP, lying, cheating, stealing, betraying and even murdering to get the power, and since I am sticking with my loyalty oath to the GOP and voting Romney, you attack me.

You are in effect saying I am a Neocon because I am voting Romney. You don't care, or care to understand, my reasons. So you make hate posts to me. People see what people want to see. Many here have not been here over 5 years, joined the GOP, became a national delegate and worked hard to get a committee seat... certainly not you, instead of showing me appreciatiion for doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do when he was in the presidential race, you attack me. That is hateful and many here see it.

I am REPLYING to you,

feel free to ignore my posts. Did the GOP stand by any kind of fairness or loyalty to fairly elected delegates? To Ron Pauls voters whose votes they threw out, "lost", caucuses and precincts cancelled while Rombamas were held? Your sense of "loyalty" to the crooks who screwed Dr Paul and us is so touching. Appreciation to you, supporting Rombama? No, you are correct, I DON'T appreciate that but you are the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror. I hope your lofty standing in the party of Neocon crooks is worth it. Where is the youtube where Ron Paul asked every one of his supporters to become delegates? He did no such thing, it is antithetical to who he is. He certainly promoted the delegate strategy, and it would have worked if he had had a real campaign and we had a legitimate electoral process. I disagree with you, get over it and stop whining about me "hating" you. That is nauseating emotional femi-Neocon trigger wording. Besides, what do you care who "hates" you? Man up, dude. Really.

The GOP was in shock by what they saw at the RNC

They campae home and told their committees, "You wouldn't believe what happened. The RNC removed Maine Delegates and replaced then with their own. They refused to say Ron Paul's name when he won votes, and they paid a tribute to him but refiused to let him speak. They gave him his own areana and it had more people than we had. It was crazy!! And the committees replies "WTF, if they can do that to Maine then they think they can do that to any of us? Who put these people in power, and why is Romney being forced on us. This is pathetic! That's how the other Ron paul Republican and me received an unsolicited apoligy from our chair. The GOP is NOT happy with what happened at the RNC.

YOU don't appreciate it, but who are you? An observer. I fought very hard for my committee seat and to become a delegate. What did you do?

Where you are all bent out of shape, you had nothing to lose, where I had a hell of a lot to lose, and yet, I'm still in there fighting, while you;re fighting me, because you are offended.

How do you look at yoiurself in the mirrow, you;re a do nothing big mouth. So you;re offended. BFD. I'm offended and I got an apology.

Apparently Obama isn't that bad, you have no faith in Ron paul Republicans and you like being offended while looking for easy street to a perfect political party. GOOD LUCK.

Where is the YouTube? How do you think so many peiople went out to become delegates? YouTube? Most the old video are currantly unavailable, but there were many like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewhekk7ObA0&feature=related adn there are web sites, and it's not like you never saw anyone on DP tell you to become a delegate.

The campaign promoted the delgate stratigy and it was genius. The propoblem was so many fans like you didn;'t have the cuorage to actually do it.

I could care less if you hate me, what I'm tired of is your ranting BS that is nothing but insults. Thanks for fewer insults. Maybe that turns you on, but to me, it shows a poor education as you are unable to disagree without being crude.

Too bad

you insist on conflating truth with "hate" and "insults". You don't think, you FEEL. How nice that "the GOP" was "shocked"...the whole time they were letting it all go down and participating in it. They said they were sorry so now you can vote for Romney like a good little tool.
No way did Ron Paul require "everyone" to become a delegate...for what that turned out to be worth.
Schmoozing with backstabbing pols is your thing, it's not mine. You fought for your committee seat...so you can now stick your nose up Romneys ass and make like a good little Neocon toadie. So proud of yourself, aren't you? BTW, I'm not offended. It's your business who you want to support and vote for, just please spare us all the horsecrap about how you're fighting for liberty. You are falling into line behind the creep Neocon who cheated Ron Paul, an illegitmate usurping crook. But hey, you're a big shot GOP person delegate at least as long as you play nice with the Neocons, ooooooooo. So impresssiiivve.

Many are called, few are chosen

Ron Paul did not leave anyone out of his request you join the GOP and become a delegate. IF you wanted to help Ron Paul, that's what you did. You have evry right to not. You didn't.

You are not impressive squirt.

Neither are you, liar. Again,

Neither are you, liar. Again, Ron Paul said, "Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual." I've provided video to back up my claim of what Ron Paul actually said. You just keep on yammering with nothing to back it up. Ron Paul didn't tell everybody to join the GOP and become delegates, and now that he is no longer running your claim makes even less sense. Stop lying to people, it is not a good character trait.

Ron Paul made that vid when being a delegate was no longer possi

So for those who didn't bother registering Republicans for Ron paul, or didn;'t even try to become a delegate, or want a committee seat.. they wanted to know.. "What should we do Ron Paul?"

And Ron Paul said, "Do what you want"> OIWs since you won't do what I asked, go on and do your own thing. You have a better plan than me, let's see it!" So let's see it. I'm looking and so far I see BS. GJ is BS. Write -in is BS. Those are for LOSERS. I'm not as nice and kind as Ron Paul.

This was in the last email from the campaign to me:

There are three rules in Government

Government works by committee (One person will not and cannot save you or do the work alone).
Majority rules the committee (The more good people you have on the committee that is the direction will go).
You need to show up. (Getting to the meetings is half the battle if you don’t show up then you put your majority in danger).

Those of us who did what Ron Paul asked are now seeking to fill committee seats. Those who didn't are running around seeking a new Ron paul ans accepting far worse.

You are a pathological liar.

You are a pathological liar. That video was in 2011. I've already pointed that out to you in this very thread and yet you come back with the same BS claim. I would say you are just ignorant but after I show you that your initial claim was incorrect and you continue to repeat it, the only conclusion I can come to is you are a liar.

It is good that you have continued to lie though. It makes it easy for me to expose you.

hopefully it will not be inside

a little carrier strapped to the top of Mittys mercury @ 75 mph