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Tweets for Sam Canders, Candidate for State House District 15 Bangor, Maine

If you have a twitter account perhaps you can help this Maine National Delegate, one of 6 veterans who was disenfranchised, elected right from your couch!

Help Elect Sam Canders for State House District 15 by participating in this National Event!

RSVP and Details Click Here

"How?" you ask? By inserting Sam and his information into as many trending topics as possible.

For example, if #thevoice is currently trending, you could tweet something like, "Let @Samfor15 be #thevoice for District 15 in #bangor #mepolitics http://tinyurl.com/tweet4sam"

If that's not your bag, never fear, you can just send out tweets (funny, serious, or otherwise) about Sam and include the hashtags #MEpolitics #MEgop #Bangor or maybe even direct it at @BDN (the handle for Bangor Daily News). Be sure to include this url: http://tinyurl.com/tweet4sam

Ideally, we are looking for one tweet from each of you every 20-30 minutes. During the "down time" people can also RT the other tweets coming in, which will fill the void. Even if you can't participate consistently for the entire time, every tweet that you are able to send out will help. Honestly, once you get the hang of it, it's really easy and really quick.

If you don't currently have a twitter account, you can easily sign up for one. All you have to do is go to twitter and fill in a few information boxes to create an account. The account can be deactivated after the twitter bomb, if you don't plan on using it again, but I personally really enjoy it! Maybe you will, too!

*REMINDER* Please remember that your Tweets will be representing Sam and his run for District 15. Please keep them clean, respectful, and POSITIVE! Thank you!!

New to Twitter? Here is a set of photos accompanied by basic instructions for Twitter. Let me know if you have any more questions!!

Twitter Photos

For More information on Sam Canders or how you can help visit SamCanders.com

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I'm really looking forward to doing this! It's going to be fun.