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Not to freak anyone out, but uh houston we have a problem

So I posted a pro Benton comment under the Benton topic and it was gone when I went to the Original Post page. So I decided to look at my account page and clicked on the comment and found it amisdt the rest of the comments. So I went back to the page where it was missing and hit refresh, and it was not there still. Is there a reason for this or do we have someone from the outside deleting comments on here. It may be something we need to look into or it is a mod thing to check posts before they get published. It seems awfully strange to me for some reason even knowing nothing about computers.

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Next time

it might be prudent to directly contact the site administrators with your problems instead of flaunting it in front of everyone.

You sure it wasn't on a different page?

Comments on many of the posts are so numerous that they span several pages.

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so...you're saying the comment wasn't where it wasn't?

I've read your OP 4x and that's all I can get.

I'm assuming it's this one:



there it is.


Now, it's at -9, so it's minimized by default, unless the initial URL to its node has the #comment-id identifier in it. That might be the confusing part.

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Thank you for finding it

now I can go ahead and down vote it :)