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The "Draft Ron Paul" Drive Is Still Alive

We are now getting close to the target number of 20,000 e-signatures with the on line petition, and the Libertarian party IS now willing to consider the option of having congressman Dr. Ron Paul fill the position as their VP running mate for governor Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket.

The conference calls have been productive even with the not so well publicized re-schedule of the Monday evening call to Tuesday evening because of a last minute scheduling for a governor Gary Johnson live Q&A on line town hall conference so that Gary could field questions about his positions on particular issues.

This is the pertinent information you can use to contact Dr. Ron Paul with your request that he consider this important effort to continue spreading the message of liberty by running with governor Gary Johnson, and to satisfy this humble request being made by some of his loyal Ron Paul delegates that served him well by becoming delegates for his 2012 campaign. We can do this. And we should do this.


You can do several things to help Ron see our support.

Go HERE to send Dr. Ron Paul an email: https://forms.house.gov/paul/webforms/issue_subscribe.html

Then call one of these numbers to make your request
(979) 285-0231 or (361) 576-1231

But be sure to sign the petition please

We have come so far and gained so much.
Why stop now?

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Get Off Your White Pony

Mary1! I think there is a White Elephant in the room. Geez!

Get Off Your White Pony

Mary1! I think there is a White Elephant in the room. Geez!

You don't change horses

in mid-race.

Dr. Paul has us on the Republican horse, and that's that.

Geez. One race at a time. Please.

I support this effort.

I was on the first two conferences calls but had no idea about the one last night. I would like to know what was said and where I can find out about further conferences. I cannot access any info on the weneedronpaul website and I do not do Facebook. Please let me know how to get updates. Thanks

Johnson / Paul ticket

Gary would love this ticket! He is waiting for your answer Dr. Paul. This dynamic duo could actually win! Dr. Paul has never said no. Anything is possible with a little positive persuasion! Sign the petition and show your support with an email to Dr. Paul. Time is of the essence! Strategically this is the best bet! There is no better option!

Seriously, you guys HAVE to

Seriously, you guys HAVE to move on.. This is like the 100th thread on this.. As if there is a chance Ron Paul will run 3rd party. ZERO chance.. yeah, you can vote me down, but I am ready to bet anyone that it ain't gonna happen..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Seriously go ahead and move on

if you want to. Those of us who support this effort will move on one way or the other soon enough.

That's right don't talk about Ron Paul. This is only Daily Paul


Release the Sandy Hook video.

You are always welcome to your opinon Brian

You know what they say...
Everybody has one.
This effort beats trying to get a third party run or the write-in option. And it is being spearheaded by a Ron Paul delegate from Alaska. Someone who went to the trouble of becoming a Ron Paul delegate in Alaska...if you were following that particular effort and the crap that went on there. And then there was the time and hardship to travel all the way from Alaska to Tampa to get more of the same abuse from the GOP. I think this guy and the other Ron Paul delegates deserve at least some help with their effort. I know it is very easy to sit there do NOTHING and ridicule others for a sincere effort to keep the message alive. But don't knock the people who are doing SOMETHING to continue to cause of liberty.


It is a complete waste and a

It is a complete waste and a exercise in futility. Do what you want, but there should be some realistic chance behind it. Why not just promote liberty? Paul will resurface after the election and do speeches etc.

Promoting false hope is not promoting anything. It's delusional..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Well...if we all felt that way...

There wouldn't even be a liberty movement like we have right now.
Why wouldn't there be a realistic chance? We already have close to 19,000 people signed on, and there has been plenty of progress made in this effort. It will all come down to what Ron Paul decides to do.
In the beginning I felt much the same way you do. But considering who is heading this effort up (Ron Paul delegates) I started to think that maybe Ron Paul would not want to let these people down.
These are the most important people that were involved in the campaign, and they deserve our respect and some serious consideration for this effort by Dr. Ron Paul. There is much to be gained with this particular effort if it were to become a reality.
I believe Rand has already de-linked himself from his father as far as the GOP is concerned. So I do not believe this will have any lasting effect on what becomes of Rand in the senate or the party.
What is two more months worth of getting the message out there worth?
A lot when you consider the alternative of not bothering.


Liberty movement is a RIP OFF of the rEVOLution!

Liberty Movement is for the cowards, cheats, liars and theives among us who REFUSE to do what Ron Paul asked us to do, and want us to follow them to never never land, Americans Elect, P.A.U.L. fest,L4RP, Write-in campaigns, GJ BS.. it never ends, attack after attack on our rEVOLution by those who NEVER once even tried to do what Ron Paul asked ALL of of to do.

They have the audacity to steal his name, his message, his votes for their own profit and agendas.

They work to FORCE Ron Paul into THEIR WAY, they are full of HATE and FEAR and that's what's behind everything like this write in: HATE FOR THE GOP.. HATE for Rand, HATE for Jesse, HATE for the Ron Paul Republicans..

Speak out both sides of your mouth. "oh those delegates look what happened".. it happened because YOU weren't a delegate, YOU weren't even a Republican,, like a vulture YOU wanted Ron Paul to FAIL, you wanted the rEVOLution to FAIL, so you could spring on the Libery Movement BS.

It's the Ron Paul rEVOLUtion or NOTHING. LP is NOTHING.

Ron Paul rEVOLution is the solution to the RepubliCAN Party.

You can get 2 billion

You can get 2 billion signatures, Paul isn't gonna run. He said it too many times. Doug Wead confirmed there is ZERO chance of it. It's too late. Johnson isn't gonna step aside. The whole idea, although noble, is without any merit whatsoever. We are about 6 weeks from election. You think he is jumping in last minute because you get 1000s of signatures?

Come on, now. I want him as President, but let's get real.

If there was even a chance, Paul would have stated he would CONSIDER It. But he has said NO. It's not even in the realm of reality... He even explained why on Leno.

Spread the message, as much as you can, but don't spread the message that there is a chance he will run.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I will stand by and support the Ron Paul delegates always

Have you been on the conference calls Brian? I think you are reading your own opinion into what Ron Paul said on Leno.
We could use some help spreading the message by people posting these links to all of their Ron Paul MeetUp groups and on their facebook pages. Tweet...twitter...whatever.
I have been campaigning for Ron Paul non-stop since 2007 everywhere I could get a table or a stand at the gun shows and fairs. And I have a Ron Paul T-shirt for every day of the week and then some. Keep the literature in the truck at all times along with a private stash of buttons and DVDs...etc. Never being certain that Ron Paul would even run this time around. I was reaching out and educating people everywhere I went. Some of us would gather for a sign wave just to get together and have a good time supporting a man who may not have even run again.
I will never back down or let a chance like this get away without giving it my best shot.
It's for the delegates. It's for Ron Paul. It's all about liberty.


I never turn down a challenge.

Whether this comes to fruition or not, I never quit until AFTER the finish line.

By write-in, if necessary.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Thanks for all who are

Thanks for all who are putting together this project! Let's spread the word.

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. -Thomas Jefferson

Thanks Eve

We just keep doing it like we do it when we do it.
Time will tell.


Bump from a proud signer on

Bump from a proud signer on that petition.

Blessings )o(

The liberty movement thanks you

Very much.