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TALKING POINTS for activists

For talking points about the Bill of Rights, as well as pertinent Thomas Jefferson quotes interspersed:


For talking points about the communist manifesto, along with even more pertinent Thomas Jefferson quotes:


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Verbally stomp liberals

with their own ideals. Let them know who really wrote them: Karl Marx. Here's proof for you.

great help in talking to others

and good for bumping online polls downward.

These will help your activism

unless you'd rather hunt trolls, an activity I'm sure will further the campaign.


troll argument

Sorry but this is more interesting

than a troll argument. I learned stuff here to help me in my canvassing. If you're in a liberal area, these talking points will help you.

great quotes

I will use this, especially in liberal Memphis.

It's shocking how many

of the communist manifesto planks are in place!

That is freaking me out.