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Moneybomb Today for Chris Hightower for KY State House 16th District

Chris Hightower was instrumental in helping elect Rand Paul to the US Senate from Kentucky, now he's the GOP nominee for the KY State House in District 16 and is poised for victory in this fairly conservative area. He's been endorsed by Senator Paul, incoming Congressman Thomas Massie, KY Right to Life and a few others of less significance. This is another chance for us to add to our farm team in state legislatures across the country to prime future federal candidates for success. Join me in donating to Hightower today to get another Ron Paul supporter in a State House seat. http://www.hightowerforkentucky.com/

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Really? No support here?

This is sad... I was hoping for at least a little support on the thread. For those looking to join the excitement, check out the thread at RPF:


The ticker is at $4,500... Anyone want to chip-in?

Front Page please!!!

$1,700 raised so far. Not bad!

Anyway we can get this on the front page?! It's important, this is a great opportunity to support a Liberty candidate.


Liberty Drive

His goal is $10,000 for this Liberty Drive (Moneybomb). Should be easy to make a difference in this race. He's only at $1,507 right now though.

Liberty Drive for $10,000

General Update: Chris Hightower has so far raised over $6,500. We need to show our support for this candidate.

Ticker is at $6,597

Please donate! Great candidate that will become our next US congressman after this campaign....

New Ticker Total...

The brand new ticket total is: $6,672.97

The Newest Ticker Total LOL


Almost Only 30+ days and counting...