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Remember the Maine Shirts - Help Commemorate the Duly Elected Delegates

We all know the story about Maine and the duly elected delegates who were unseated. When we were in Tampa, we all stood together and supported Maine. That’s why we had several hundred people in the Maine walk out chanting, “As Maine Goes, So Goes The Nation!”

Let’s continue to support the liberty movement in Maine. Check out these awesome shirts the Maine delegates have put together to commemorate the duly elected delegates to the RNC in Tampa.

You can order the shirt from:

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I think the guy said the

I think the guy said the shirts should have shipped this week.

Southern Agrarian

Can't wait for my shirt to

Can't wait for my shirt to come in

Southern Agrarian

Alaska delegates are still working on this effort...

We are still looking to get Dr. Ron Paul to run with governor Gary Johnson as his Libertarian party VP running mate.

The details for this particular effort can be found by clicking on this link.

Getting Ron Paul on the ballot as a write in candidate is not even an option in better than half of the states. But if you can do it where you are, it may be worth a try.



This effort is...

...still viable! Some people are saying its a rumor. Not true. Others are saying it won't work. We won't know until we try it. So everyone get the word out, we only have until Monday the 17th, maybe a day or two more.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

Here is a video of our Maine Delegates

that someone compiled.

Maine stood tall and proud. We are the ONLY state whose National Delegates stuck to their principles
and did NOT compromise.

I love them all. Ron loved it too. He made a point to get to them on the floor.

Ron Paul is My President


Bump bump!!

We love you Maine!! Keep on going strong!

lindalsalisbury's picture


I am not budgeted for these cool shirts, or the Texas shirts displaying the 5 states. I think they are great.

I hope the Romney people have to look at them for the next 40 years.
Wash them carefully, and enjoy them.