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Who The Hell Else Are You Going to Vote for?

End the Wars
Balance the Budget,
Abide the constitution
End foreign aid
bring troops home

Most the other issues are not within the presidents scope of authority they are in congresses scope so they are irrelevant.

However even on most of those issues what other candidate aligns closer then Gary Johnson?

It's amazing to me all the petty bickering and personality worship I see among the liberty crowd. Way to fractionalize the movement people. And don't think there are not some plants in the movement constantly stirring the pot to keep the liberty movement divided.

Focus and tell me who the hell else is on the ballot in all 50 states that represent us better then Gary Johnsons? (unless the 3 challenges manage to succeed) Stop the all or nothing BS and help yourselves for once! Ask yourself what will move liberty forward now a protest vote or a viable candidate on all 50 ballots?


Honestly people time grow up and focus, ignore the naysayers and move forward and get the message to the public. Voting for either of the big two is unconscionable Gary Johnson is the only other guy on the ballot worth voting for put the set backs blaming personality issues and disappointments behind you and move forward for once...

One chance just just one chance...

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If for no other reason..

My answer to the "who to vote for quandry:" Let's all vote for Gary Johnson, if for no other reason, TO PISS THEM ALL OFF !

Who else am I going to vote for?

If you're referring to the presidential election as it seems you are, I'm going to vote for the only candidate capable of managing the decay long enough for us to build our grassroots movement into a mainstream political movement capable of controlling who comes out the GOP nominee.

M I T T R O M N E Y ! ! !

Johnson wants to end the wars....unless they're humanitarian in scope. Not even Mitt Romney is for that.

Johnson want to balance the budget next year, but, he gives no detailed plan on his website on how to do it like every other candidate gives a budget plan. (Probably because he knows he's not going to win and doesn't want to waste his time.)

Johnson is a Progressive. He doesn't want to abide by the Constitution. He wants the Constitution to reflect today's social values, not what it actually says. Otherwise, he wouldn't support judicially mandated gay marriage.

Does he want to end foreign aid? I didn't see anything about foreign aid on his website.

Granted, he is good on wanting to bring the troops home, but, he's not very good on etc.

Seeing as he balanced NM

Seeing as he balanced NM state budget and left a surplus I think he might know what he's talking about a littel better then anyone else in the race. And Romney is better on War then Gary who wants to end the wars... Sorry I thought you were serious now I see this post was a joke...

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just thought i should come back and add a reminder

this tone sounds completely like what establishment republicans have been telling their more conservative members who didn't like romney's record.. 'vote romney cus you have no choice'


some republicans like laura ingraham and rush limbaugh have recently discussed in open the idea of abandoning GOP should romney lose and moving to establish a true conservative party instead, of which i suspect is one much closer to paul's pro-life, regulated border, austrian economics as opposed to johnson's platform and they will be much more open to a less aggressive foreign policy (just as johnson tries to scale back his tone on foreign policy LOL), and since big money will be floating there along with it, there's going to be fierce competition for any 3rd party trying to boot up, so you will need unique message and principle--THE selling point of this era. but no, LP chooses this exact timing to come up with their mitt romney of libertarians. this is just beyond fail of any verbal description. LP is plainly hilarious

I'm voting FOR Ron paul RepubliCANs

How many Ron Paul Republicans does GJ have on central committees, and holding offices?


If yoou don't vote for Gary Johnson, you are giving the election to OBAMNEY plain and simple. If you want change, do your part to make change possible. Writing in Ron Paul's name or not voting at all is just what they want you to do.

Obamney is going to win

whether we vote GJ or not. I would rather the current Obamney get fired though so we can get a new Obamney in office. R/R 2012!!!

"If yoou don't vote for Gary Johnson, you are giving the

election to OBAMNEY plain and simple."

That sounds familiar. Is that you Priebus?

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Wow looks like the defeatist

Wow looks like the defeatist and short sighted have descended on this thread. Where are the Gary Johnson supporters Help me out guys?

I think writing in Ron Paul is short sighted at best and selfish and defeatist at worst.

Honestly what would move liberty forward? A protest vote for Ron Paul in a few states or a vote for Gary Johnson whose on all ballots who shares most of our principles has a proven track record and will end the wars bring the troops home cut spending cut foreign aid balance the budget etc?

Which option actually accomplishes some of our goals? Our we seriously abandoning them all because we can;t accomplish them all? Even Ron Paul would not be able to accomplish more if he were President!

No one has given me any viable reason why they are not voting for Gary just unsubstantiated rhetoric. Oh hes CFR he this hes that. With no evidence whatsoever. And yes I have looked at those accusations and there is no evidence just accusations. And oh he hired a CFR guy... Come on people really? Seriously this is all you got?

Seriously are you people voting based on your unsubstantiated beliefs on Gary and emotional attachment to Ron Paul and ignoring the facts? What makes you any better then mindless republicans or democrats that do the same. They are attached to their parties like some of you are attached to Ron Paul and damn the consequences...

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Gary Johnson...

will not bring the troops home, will not institute sorely-needed defense cuts, and does not share our principles. You're pimping his "proven track record," but apparently you don't realize that he has a track record of being anti-life and pro-taxation.

I am writing in Ron because, out of every option, he is the closest candidate to my personal principles. Not Willard, not Obama, not CFR Gary... RON PAUL.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Well if your talking about

Well if your talking about abortion the president has no control over that and not wanting government involvment in that is not anti-life. He cut taxes in New mexico cut spending balanced the budget but apparently you prefer to believe in fairy tales to feed your hero worship... Sigh!

Yeah screw the liberty movement lets all vote Ron Paul even though it will do nothing to move us forward... Sigh

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I don't know,

but I kinda like Ron Paul.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Ron Paul....

or none at all.

I don't play, I commission the league.

My options

I've narrowed it down to Ron Paul, Ron Paul, or Ron Paul.

You're throwin your vote away on Ron Paul, if you don't vote Ron


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Communist Party ;)

Put those neo-liberal-socialist-democrats in their place

ie. give the Democratic Party, 3rd party status :D


Gary Johnson doesn't share my politics

Ron Paul did, or at least pretended to. He gets my write in vote.

Gary Johnson may not be an official member of the CFR, but he hires them to run his campaign. I don't trust him. Gary Johnson smells like a puppet dancing around the issues I DO care about.

If I'm going to cast a protest vote, I won't waste it on a puppet.

Wow it's amazing people base

Wow its amazing people base their vote on well nothing but superstition. What ever happened to sticking to the facts like his track record as Governor in NM? You think Ron Paul never hired someone who was CFR? Chances are Johnson had no clue about CFR till he started supporting Ron Paul.

What politics does he no share?

End the wars
bring the troops home
Balance the budget
Cut spending by 43% right now
Cut Foreign aid

You think Ron Paul could do any better then that if elected?

Jeeze people help yourselves for god sake and move forward instead of pinning all your hopes on one man and squandering all the hard work.

I can't help but wonder where we might be if Ron Paul had put all this energy into building a 3rd party instead of fighting the GOP establishment. Not saying it did no good it brought him nation wide recognition. But even with the great gains look what happened the establishment GOP still beat you down and kicked the crap out of you.

But now that hes out it seems many in the liberty movement will squander his notoriety based on their Hero worship of Ron Paul instead of doing whats best to move liberty foward.

Remember Ron Constantly reiterated its not about him. It appears many do not get that...

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He Also

supported the KONY 2012 Scam, A scam designed to trick young kids and adults into calling for a war in Uganda.

Until he goes back on that and denounces it for the scam it was, I can not trust him.

Plus I do not believe he is serious when it comes to ending the Fed.

Yeah good plan let the big

Yeah good plan let the big two continue to rape pillage and plunder us because you cannot trust Gary based on hear say...

Getting a 3rd party elected period would be a huge change even if it was the green party. That would be worth it alone just to break the two party stranglehold.

We have a chance to elect someone that aligns with us very closely but no people don't trust him based on unsubstantiated hear say and conspiracy theories so they will support the continued status quo... Where is the logic in that?

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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What hearsay? Im sick of this BS, I will think how I want too thank you very much, and right now I DO NOT TRUST GARY JOHNSON. GJ Backed the KONY effort - which is so so WRONG! he also does not champion ending the Fed like Ron Paul does, because he does not understand its importance within this criminal network in my opinion.

Why do I have to explain that so much, what are you trying to do? Force me to like him?

Who is too say GJ is not just another Puppet, exactly the same as Obomny?? Here to stifle and divide our support? Has that thought crossed your mind? Can you answer with certainity that that is not the case? No neither can I.

Im am simply not putting blind faith into him. Sure get him into the debates and hold his feet to the fire.

People can Vote how they want.

I'm writing in Ron Paul.

I'm writing in Ron Paul.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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Seems like I saw a post

Seems like I saw a post saying New York was working on RP Write In!!! Yipee for you!!! I am so glad you are able to write in Ron Paul. You can cast your vote with confidence for a principled statesman!

Hi there,

Yes, that's the plan. I looked up how to do it on line, but apparently it failed to mention that there needs to be some paperwork signed by a candidate beforehand (for votes to count). It seems that even a write-in vote is mired in bureaucracy and conflicting rules, just like the whole election process. But a couple people here at the DP are on it, so I'll just wait for their direction. This isn't one of the states where "it counts," i.e., a swing state - but it counts to me. Yes, voting for a principled statesman is something I look forward to doing.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

"but it counts to me"

I understand! and IMO if we all understood that in our country things would be different. It is not allowed in MO since Dr. Paul ran in a primary and lost. I am still between a rock and a hard place. (not allowed: Dr. Paul cannot be a valid write in, but I can allow myself the privilege of voting for him.) I am concerned that either my whole ballot will be invalidated, or perhaps tampered with because if a ballot candidate is selected and a write in is also done the ballot candidate takes precedence...

I've watched 10 candidates for POTUS make promises.

The cleverer ones promised us what we were going to get anyway.

The bold ones promised whatever the people wanted to hear.

Free includes debt-free!

yes but he did what he said he would do

in New Mexico. I would think that would count for something.

Ron Paul said "Unless we

Ron Paul said "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

I understood Dr. Paul's

I understood Dr. Paul's position to be that murder should be handled on the state level. Is this any different than Johnson's?

As far as I know Dr. Paul was not planning on signing an executive order to outlaw abortion, am I wrong?