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New Indie Film asks "What if the US defaults on its debt to China?"

This film asks the question "what will happen if the US defaults on its debt to China? What if China takes Military Action to claim what it is owed?"

The trailer / teaser looks really well made. It is an Indie film being made with Community Support. The filmmakers are not necessarily Ron Paul folks, but their message will resonate with this community. Please watch.


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I have been saying for many

I have been saying for many years that the us govt should just print some one trillion dollar bills and just hand china a handful and say paid in full. Although I was totally ignorant about the federal reserve until about 8 months ago, it turns out I was not far off. The fed just plans to create the trillions of dollars with a few computer strokes. They are more efficient at creating money than I ever dreamed.

This is interesting. The idea

This is interesting. The idea of a hardware type virus or simliar has only recently become more wide spread a topic. While I find it currently unlikely to be a problem which could do something like this, its still a possibility.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I am not dismissing it. I am

I am not dismissing it. I am simply saying that at this point in time, a virus imbedded in hardware or a flaw is probably unlikely. I suppose we also shouldnt forget that alot of electronics come from places that are not China. One of the largest exports from China to the US is electrical machinery and equipment. This covers alot of stuff, but its mostly things that are of a non-computer chip nature. I still think that Korea and Japan hold the title for the number of computer products.(just a guess, I didnt look that up)

Anyway, while its possible, I find it unlikely. If it did happen, I dont think it would be as crippling as menioned because so much stuff in electronics doesnt come from China.

As for the link, stuxnet is not what was mentioned if I am not mistaken. They meant like a virus hardcoded into the hardware itself, not a software virus. Some sort of hardcoded flaw in computer chips that could be taken advantage of.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.