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Photos of Libyans reacting to the Christopher Stevens killing.

This gives me hope that the World is changing and governments have nothing to do with it.


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These people have a hell of

These people have a hell of alot more in common with me than my own so called representatives, I know that much

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite


When I don't know the truth about other cultures, I start with this baseline assumption:

They have as wide a range of morals, ambitions, needs, wishes, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and heroes, as we do in our culture.

In other words, I assume they are all individuals.

Just as we have a variety of people, from Quakers who free slaves and Jews from certain death, to mindless serial killers, so do they.

Parents have a lot in common. Business owners have a lot in common. Children have a lot in common. Sometimes they have more in common with their counterparts in another country than they do with other people in their own.

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I belive

That people are good by nature, I believe these pictures are real, Also I believe this is proof the world is waking up to how we are all being controlled into hating each other.

Now that Al CIA-duh has

Now that Al CIA-duh has murdered another American, we need to hurry and purchase billions of dollars worth of weapons on printed money from the military industrial complex and start slaughtering women and children who live on the other side of invisable lines.

That will make us more free and make God like us more.

oh hey comrades! Did you notice that the war for production has been won!? The Dow Jones rose 100 points today thanks to the heroic actions of comrade Bernanke!

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Anyway, and GUESS WHO had predicted it wasn't going to be

Anyway, and GUESS WHO had predicted

it wasn't going to be the end of the story in Libya :



with or without Gaddhafi around.

(thanks go to DeejayG for the refresher)



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

False Flag signs or False Flag killing?

we can't take the actions of a few that kill Stevens as an expression of the whole, and then say these few don't represent the whole. or, that the first was a False Flag and this isn't — or vice versa.

my point is, we have to take this as real as we take the killing of Stevens and in both cases they can't represent all people, only the actions of the one's involved.

if you wanted to have a rally to support the people of a different language, would everyone be involved in writing the sigs or even know what they meant? no. you'd have one or two people writing them and handing them out. my Ron Paul yard sign looks just like everyone else's. i didn't make it, but i display it with my own personal sentiment.

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Google translate

كريستوفر ستيفنز - Christopher Stevens in Arabic using Google translate.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

I would show up with a sign

if paid terrorists had killed a foreign ambassador to make my country look bad, and make my people at risk for drone or nuclear attack! US-NATO has paid terrorists in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and all over the Middle East to further the NWO agenda. Syria is staged, so is Iran, and so is this!

Did you read these signs?



Nor does US-NATO represent we the people of the world!

the photos looked completely staged

my first thought was that they are propaganda shots.

Think about it this way - how many Americans would turn out with signs showing support for the Libyan ambassador (who is it?)

staged. phony.

No, they don't look phony at all.

These are definitely real people.

Ann in Florida

Probably not as much

Because this is AMERICA, and that's LIBYA

You're comparing apples to oranges

And it doesn't look phony to me

who is the Libyan ambassador

to the US?

does anyone even know?

how do these people know what media story is being fed to the US population?

or that the US population even knows about what just happened?

chew before you swallow, please. Think how you would have reacted to the photos if the headline called it a propaganda shot. My old boss used to arrange these types of photos - these had all the marks.

That's the thing

... There is no "headline".

And the only images being passed around in the media are of the riots - images depicting violence, anger, and hatred. If there are any "propaganda" shots, it's those.

Wow, what a bunch of paranoid cynics onboard today

Damn right these people are scared sh!t of a US response to the raid on our embassy.

Staged? False-flag? Planted signs? Who the hell knows for sure.

But what about the possibility that these individuals might just be exhibiting some kind of SELF-RELIANCE to REPRESENT THEMSELVES TO THE WORLD, rather than rely on their government to do it wrong? Something I can definitely appreciate in the name of liberty. If I were a native from Benghazi I would see the value in sending a message of peace to the world, even in the wake of this destruction.

We live in an empire of lies, and everything may not always be what it seems, but what if what you see in these images may just be a simple demonstration?

The natural course of things and the logic of human action has always indicated to me that not everything can be staged the way THEY want it to be. Sometimes sh!t just happens because someone decides to take action in their own best interests. Others may follow.


These pics mean nothing

There are any number of reasons for this "show of sympathy". They may be genuine. It may be propaganda. Or perhaps these are people who ignorantly support the US because they by into "America is great" propaganda. Or they may just fear reprisal and are trying to thwart it.

As an American I say he bought his ticket. People die every day.

Nobody buys into the America

Nobody buys into the America is great propaganda except America.

Actually they probably were handed the signs...

... and told that what they said in English was "Death to the Imperialist Yankee Infidels!". [Just kidding.]

The Virtual Conspiracy

Scroll down to the picture of

Scroll down to the picture of the guy with the English sign:

Now go back and scroll down to the picture of the Babushka with the
"Rest in Peace Chris..." sign.

The lower case s looks similar in each one. I'm scrolling through the imgur images trying to place the background in the Daily Mail image or spot someone in both sets of photos.

could be nothing though

Southern Agrarian

I didn't see a picture at the daily mail.

I didn't see a picture at the daily mail.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


for the link to that article. That's better than anything I've read in the US. I still don't know who all of the murdered people are...I guess we no longer care in this country who dies for us. Very sad. So sad. Ambassador sounds like wonderful person.

This is precisely the sort of story FAUX NEWS

and other MSM outlets avoid. In the larger picture of their reporting in general, it is what is known as 'news by omission' where they use only part of the story to create public perception. I believe this is all part of a 'strategy of tension' and the playbook is right out of Langley. Look up "strategy of tension" if you are unfamiliar with the term.

Passed it on

via Twitter to CNN and CBC. Sent all the photos to my email list.

I put a link to the photos

on my Facebook page.

Ann in Florida



What about the Aarbic signs?

Arabic is a common enough language that at least one of us on DP either speaks it or can find a friend to speak it. I'm pretty sure that we can resolve whether or not these photos are staged if we can figure out what the non-English signs say. Anyone willing to help with this?

Re: Staged

Obviously the event is "staged" just like most rally's here or anywhere are staged. The intended recipient of the message, especially the English language signs, are Americans by way of the cameras of any media present (who probably were alerted to be there ahead of time). The man and the boy holding the same sign on striped paper could easily be father and son.

I don't think the idea of this being "staged" in any way diminishes the fact that most people, here and there, do not support war and murder. Unfortunately there are many Americans that are led to believe that all muslims are blood thirsty terrorists (and I'm sure there are many Libyans Iranians etc. that are led to believe the exact same thing about Americans).

The people of the world do not want war.

Governments want wars and USE the people of the world to fight for their political gain and profit. Who among the people wants to sacrifice their sons and daughters to more war? Not them. Not us.

Is this the red flag we were warned about?

Another staged event that perhaps went wrong; the three people were supposed to get out of the building. So maybe US-NATO "armed and paid for thugs" did this? There are US-NATO paid terrorists in Syria and all over the Middle East. They are still working on the NWO agenda.

I sent this to my email list. We are NOT our governments. They are not representing us with these wars. This is an excuse for more war.

Consider this. Pay attention

Consider this.

Pay attention to the posturing of all (3 or 4) signs written in English. They are held by people who are always in front of the native Libyan signs.

Do you think the kid can read English or knows what he is holding?
The lady with the spotted babushka seems eager to get her sign on camera.
Of all the other signs, only 4 or so of them are in English.
Now look at the crowds around the people with the English signs.
In several pictures they are all facing away from where the English sign holders are looking.

The English signs are staged.

Southern Agrarian

Staged? For what purpose?

And these people are smiling and hugging. There are women and children holding signs. Are you saying that they think they are waving "Death to America" signs??

Ann in Florida

"Do you think the kid can

"Do you think the kid can read English or knows what he is holding?"

Have you ever been over there? Almost every single child I met over in the middle east could speak english. They're taught it in school. So yeah, I do think he knows what it says. They're not stupid.