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Furious!in the wake of a passive and inept revolution.

In this country elections are defrauded,
captured by media and provable so,
yet the revolution, rather the man who sparked the revolutionary frenzy remains passive and lets the multitude of felonies be swept under the rug the American citizens stand upon.
I am done with politics!
Thank you Ron for waking me up but I'll keep the revolution much better in my heart and teach my children the real meaning of challenging the "status quo"...because frankly,
you have refused to challenge the fact that your campaign was illegally and unethically ambushed and swindled out of its very own momentum and cause.
I am a grown man and I cannot understand how you have fought your whole life for this glorious ideal of liberty, yet refuse to stand up to the embarrasment of this election process.

Down vote me, call me a troll...I speak from my heart and advise you all do the same!

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Did you go to ONE committee meeting?

Did you even try to become a delegate?

Too many did not. We did NOT have the people on committees, as delegates to win. We had the biggest fan club on Earth.

WE FAILED making Ron Paul president. All we did was make RON PAUL ROCK STAR. He NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS people on committees, running for office and becoming THE establishment TO WIN. If you don't the corporations will. We didn't; THEY DID!

Too many were is awe of Ron Paul and sent $20.12 to a money bomb and then expected someone else to do the work.

Of 800 people in my county that voted for Ron Paul in the primary, I was the only one who actually showed up to the central committee, became a delgate and stood for Ron Paul. That is SAD.

Too many sit on their asses and BITCH about EVERYTHING, but won't go to ONE committee meeting, and challenge them YOURSELF.

You expect Ron Paul, his small campaign, and a few people to do EVERYTHING FOR YOUR $20.12 and a bumper sticker.

Now you say they rEVOLUtion will remain in your heart. Well, my friend, it takes more than that. It starts in your heart, and then you have to use your head to find the GUTS, to go to a committee meeting and CHALLENGE them, become them, materialize the message.

Today there are two of us on my committee, and I LOVE it. I can't wait for my next meeting. I AM RON PAUL VOTING NO TO UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. Why aren't you? Excuses excuses excuses excuses!!!!!

Do your kids a real favor, GET REAL, GET INVOLVED FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, give them a legacy: YOUSELF.

Wrong Granger...

It all starts with what we instill in our children's minds...parenting is the initial committee, involvement in their lives is the continual challenge of being on the committee they look up to...the political system is absolutely corrupted and I'm not wasting my time fighting against the machine of money when I can fight it best at home...the children are the future.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

It's sad, that as a grown man

you have no grasp of how revolutions come about. They are not flash mobs. Revolutions, like the system they are changing, take many years to brew. The system that is in place now has been planned since the 1800s, implemented in 1946, and has managed to maneuver global events to their advantage since then.
Things take time, but the message is spreading...If you want Liberty, take back your Government.

I believe I said...

I am a grown man and I cannot understand how you have fought your whole life for this glorious ideal of liberty, yet refuse to stand up to the embarrasment of this election process.

This was directed at the refusal to stand up to the fraudulent election of Mitt Romney...nothing more...

Don't condescend, especially when you are proclaiming I have no grasp of something I never mentioned or implied.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

If you, as a grown man,

have not clicked on to the fact that the US elections have been traceabley linked to election fraud since G W Bush 2000, then you have a problem!
I applaud your stance, but it takes many raindrops to make a flood, and that flood is coming, it just takes time.
Dr Paul is the messenger, not the Messiah.

be nice Jill. this is my first revolution too you know.....


Thanks HVACTech,

Just get frustrated when people think that Dr Paul is an overnight fix. He isn't, and this "taking back of your government" will take time.

I didnt imply he was an overnight fix...

but stand up to the &*^%in liars and call them out...I would at least do that.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I am enlightened.

Dr. Paul has forced US to take OUR country back. He has forced us to learn the system from the ground up. That is more powerful than any presidency.

States are utilizing nullification to oppose NDAA, Obam-ney care, and working on other things at the local/state, which is the way our government was designed.

We have much to learn and much to do, but have faith and never quit. The more people that learn and stand on the side of Liberty, Freedom, the more we will accomplish.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Just what exactly do you expect him to do about it?


his political appearances to call the liars out!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

will that make any difference?

The media shut Paul out of the election, do you really think they will champion his voice now? Romney has been coronated and other than those of us closely following his campaign I imagine everyone else will just hear it as if he is being a sore loser. Personally I think the people should be the ones not allowing this to happen by protesting and voting for someone else.

The point is...

stand up your entire life, even if you are yelling at deaf ears...
those ears can only stay selectively deaf for so long...
I spent 11 months arguing in Circuit Court the "Strawman" defense for a credit card debt and even though I lost I stood my ground...
don't come this far to fizzle out and accept the small corner you've been fighting against.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness