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How to Achieve Draft Ron Paul to Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Slot - 9/12/12


1. We have until Monday the 17th, possibly one or two days more to draft Ron Paul onto the Libertarian Party Presidential ticket. The first ballots go to print on September 22nd.

2. The idea of drafting Ron Paul to the Vice Presidential slot is probably the most viable. And given that there is so short of time to make it happen, it should be the main focus.

3. Convincing Ron Paul is the main objective. Everything else is secondary. It might take just that one letter or call to convince him. The more people that contact Paul or his offices, the more likely a draft can be achieved.

4. The Libertarian Party, even at some of the highest levels is receptive to our efforts. But it becomes harder and harder for them to help us help them with each passing moment. If Paul contacts them, they will do their best to make it all work out. That does not mean it necessarily will work out, because there are several complicated things that need to be worked out by them. This should not be our focus. Our focus in Ron Paul. We will let others who are already in place to do so, deal with the rest, namely the Libertarian Party and the Gary Johnson Campaign.

5. Jesse Benton, one person who might be a particular hindrance to our effort, has just resigned from the Ron Paul campaign and Campaign for Liberty.


1. Get Ron Paul to Contact the Gary Johnson Team and the LIbertarian Party and tell them he would like to be Gary Johnson’s running mate by,

A. Contacting Ron Paul and his offices via email, mail, and phone, letting him know that you still support him, we can’t wait four more years, and the Libertarian Party, the message of Liberty, and the Country need his help, and

B. Getting others to Contact Ron Paul and his offices via email, mail, phone, and let him know that they still support him, they can’t wait four more years, and the Libertarian Party, the message of Liberty, and the Country need his help. This is best done with people who already support Paul, as it will take less time to convince them and they will know the things to say to Doctor Paul when they contact him or his offices.

2. Get Gary Johnson and Ron Paul into the debates by getting them 15% in three nation-wide polls by,

A.Getting Paul on the ticket as 15% may be unattainable without him,

B.Contacting polls and telling them you want them to include Gary Johnson in their questions, and

C.Saying you will vote for Gary Johnson if you are polled, even if you are still undecided, or even if you do not plan on voting for him, so that he at least has a shot of getting in the debates, so that the message of Liberty and the prospects of future third parties are maximized.


1. Mail

A. Be short if you can. But even if he does not read every piece of mail, simply being inundated will speak to him. And just because one office is not allowed to deal with such requests, it does not mean they will not feel the pressure and react positively to it.

Lake Jackson, Texas Office

Congressman Ron Paul
122 West Way, Suite 30
Lake Jackson TX 77566

Victoria, Texas Office

Congressman Ron Paul
1503 East Mockingbird Lane
Victoria TX 77904

D.Washington, D.C. Office

Congressman Ron Paul
203 Cannon House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515

E.Campaign Office

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee
8000 Forbes Place, Suite 200
Springfield VA 22151

2. Phone

A. If you are not able to talk to anyone, leave a message. If they direct you to call another number or send an email, do so. Be polite but let them know you are impatient and zealous for Liberty.

Lake Jackson Texas Office

1-979-285-0231 (hours?)

Victoria, Texas Office

1-361-576-1231 (hours?)

Washington, D.C. Office

1-202-225-2831 (9 AM to 6 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday)

Campaign Office

Headquarters (Toll Free): 1-855-886-9779 (hours?)
Headquarters (Local): 1-703-563-6620 (hours?)
Headquarters Fax: 1-703-563-7330 (hours?)

3. Ron Paul Congressional Website Contact Form

A. Be short if you can. He does not generally reply to people who are not his constituents, but that does not mean he or his staff do not read his emails.

B.One sample letter that was perhaps too long but had the right ideas: http://pauljohnson2012.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/letter-i-sen...

4. RonPaul2012 Petition

A. Sign the Petition and urge others to do so. 20,000 signatures are needed, preferably many more. http://RonPaul2012.net


1. Facebook

A. WeNeedPaul Facebook Group

If you are not in the group already, please join.

Post only things relevant to drafting Doctor Paul.

Share the group with friends via invitation or sharing to other groups.

B. Post in other Ron Paul, and even Gary Johnson groups.

Do not be antagonistic.

Try to convince people that already support Ron Paul to contact him.

Do not waste your time with those who overreact before they even know what the general idea is.

2. Twitter

If you have a twitter account, use it to tweet links to relevant information to drafting Ron Paul, making sure you have a line such as “#RonPaul can still win” or “#JohnsonPaul2012” or “#GaryJohnsonNeeds15%” or “Keep the Message of #LIberty Front and Center”.

B. If people respond negatively, try to ignore them.

C. If people respond positively, follow up, keep tweeting, connect with them on other social networks, private message them, etc.

3. Blog sites like Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress, etc.

A. If you already have a blog or think you can create and manage one without wasting time, please use it to spread the word. Tumblr is the easiest to use, and potentially, with the aid of tags, the best to spread the word. BlogSpot and WordPress, along with others are more complicated, but if you already have one, please utilize it.

4. Reddit

A. Reddit is one way to spread the word to a lot of people incredibly quickly, and target who receives the message with the use of subreddits. If you have a good rapport, take advantage of it. Use subreddits like /r/ronpaul (24,000 subscribers), and /r/Libertarian (50,000 subscribers). These are your best subreddits, but if you think it will have positive effect, include subreddits like /r/GaryJohnson (6000 subscribers).

5. Stumbleupon

A. Stumbleupon has potential to reach even more people than reddit, but it may be harder to target who receives the message without some very clever tagging.

6. Google Plus

A. If you have a gmail account, you already have access to Google Plus.

B. If you already have lots of email contacts on gmail or circles on Google Plus, utilize them. If you do not but you are able to friend people who will be receptive to the message. If you don’t want to clutter your inbox, set up another account for the purpose of spreading the word on drafting Paul. It is easy to do if you have the time and inclination.

C. Share the relevant information from facebook, blogs and websites to Google Plus. It can also be used to share images. Google Plus may be the best medium for images. They garb the eye, and spark interest. Make sure you follow up. People may like an image or a meme that you shared, but unless you tell them what its all about it won’t mean anything.

7. LinkedIn

A. If you have friends or associates on LinkedIn, spread the word there.

B. LinkedIn is a business network. It may have its own set of advantages and disadvantages for you to work with/around.

8. Blog Talk Radio

A. If you have any other platform, use it. Some have already volunteered to use their BlogTalk stations to spread the word.

9. DailyPaul and Ron Paul Forums

A. These are quite possibly the very best vessels for grassroots organizing. Unfortunately they have become rife with division between those wanting to write-in Ron Paul and those wanting to vote for Gary Johnson. So we are somewhat of a minority. Just something to keep in mind so you know what to expect.

10. Calling and Email Friends and Acquaintances

B. If all else fails, or you are not able or capable of using other means, email and call people you think might give this effort a chance. In fact, your closest friends, provided they already support or like Ron Paul, should be your top priority in getting the word out.


1. Sites

WeNeedPaul.The main website, which due to Evan Cutler’s recent illness is not updated. Use the Facebook group to stay updated and submit information in the meantime.



B. Sign the Petition!


C. Another site to visit for information and updates, but not as focused as the WeNeedPaul facebook group page


2. Groups

A. Meetup


B. Campaign for Liberty


C. Young Americans for Liberty


Sample Images

1. Create your own images or memes. Stay on topic and make them stand out. But do not let this be the bulk of your effort.

2. Here are some samples that anyone may use,

A. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/326234_1019639999...

B. http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/265298_1014819166...

C. http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/3112_102593716562...


Not a priority to contact Johnson, but here is the info just in case

1. Gary Johnson must work this out with Dr. Paul and Judge Gray

2. Email or call Gary Johnson and tell him if he wants to win this is the only way. That is not blackmail. It is the truth. He can't get in the debates without 15% in three nation wide polls. He can't reach that without Ron Paul's and his supporters' help.

3. http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/contact

4. (801) 303-7922

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Ask Johnson

Why not just ask Johnson to reconsider asking Ron Paul as his VP..see IF Ron Paul agrees..Or at least have Johnson sign an agreement that if elected, he will give Ron Paul a key role with REAL POWER.
This might....MIGHT..get Paul supporters such as myself, to vote for Johnson. With us..he has a shot..without us..he has none.

Now this might be away to go after Romney..and knock him out.
Republicans Caught Committing Voter Fraud
Its a shame you cant find any Obama supporting Democrats to join up with just for the purpose of knocking Romney out..which would put Obama against Johnson or write ins for Paul.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Sign, Seal, & Deliver!

This is it Paul Patriots the only viable option left. If RP agrees to our plea, just imagine the possibilities!

Debbie's picture




How do you expect this to work if you lose ballot access

because you are changing the ticket?

You do know some states don't allow that right?

And how do you expect to get into the debates?

Are you so naive to think that even IF Johnson/Paul were included in polls, which they will not be, that they would ever be reported as polling 15%, or that the CPD would honor that criteria and include them?

HA! The CPD will simply either pick polls that don't include them, or else show them at too low of support, or simply change the rules.

You can't provide one SHRED of proof they wouldn't.

And we have now witnessed two conventions, one run by each of the two parties who control the CPD, as to how far they go with respect to changing the rules at the last minute so they can get what they want.

And there will be ZERO consequence to them excluding Johnson and Paul.

There is a reason a group of us tried to convince you folks that "after Tampa will be too late" but ya'll are still stuck on stupid with this.

No naivete here my friend

Just if there is something I see that needs to be done, even if it can't be done, I do it. I won't bore you with my ideological preferences for too long, but its sort of the main concept behind the deontological libertarianism I adhere to, acting out something I see as a moral duty.

What do you want me to do? Roll over and support something I can not, when I can support something else that I can? Or when I can change that thing I do not support into something I can? I refer here to the Johnson ticket.

What should I be doing instead? Give me an answer and I will consider it. All this incessant negative droning, "no you can't" tires me. Don't you think we've had enough of it to last us a lifetime?

I am not in the habit of refusing to do things because I know I will fail, especially if it costs me next to nothing to continue to do them (besides a few extra hours spent typing and calling and writing, and some much-needed sleep). That is entirely the wrong attitude and is the same one that leads us to compromise our values! If that is what this site is about now (at least half of the fools posting and even more of the fools commenting), then relegate it to the trash bin. But that is not what this site is about. It is about promoting the ideas and the candidacy of Ron Paul, a man whom we all admire and respect. If I can do that for one minute more, even if my main goal in a particular endeavor does not manifest itself, I will gladly keep plugging, even to my own detriment.

Maybe I am wrong that this thing can be achieved, but I do not despair like yourself. My eyes are on the auxiliary fruit as well, not just the main prize, win or lose.

I love Sam Adams. My favorite founding father, second only to Patrick Henry

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

reedr3v's picture

A bump for tenaciousness and spirit


Yes, Patrick Henry is my favorite, but there's no beer named

after him. And I really like beer. (but the flagship Sam Adams Lager is dreadful)

I understand the sentiment.

My apologies for my demeanor.

I'm simply tired of these "efforts" to try to hold on to something that can't be done.

It isn't a matter of want. I want Ron to still run and have a chance. But I admitted to myself long ago - way back in January, that he just wasn't into it like he said he was. I get it. I don't like it. But I accept it.

Yes, I am cynical with respect to this particular race.

I've had to channel my energy into local party building and elections.

If that doesn't pan out, then I've done my all and I'll hang it all up and hunker down.

I understand this post is part of your attempt to do whatever it is you still can.

I respect that.

Sadly, I just don't see it getting anywhere because of practical and legal logistical problems.

Certainly, if we ever approach the point of "fighting" even when victory is guaranteed to be outside my grasp, I will fight, if only because living as a slave is unacceptable to me.

But we aren't there yet. And I don't see this as "that time."

Hey friend.

My apologies for MY demeanor as well. The above effort has officially failed (as of the 17th), and I hope to direct my efforts to other, perhaps more fruitful activities. Its been a little rough here on the Daily Paul and in the movement as a whole. I think disagreement is healthy, even if on occasion it brings out the nasty in all of us (our little tussle was mutual admiration compared to some of the stuff I have seen!). The only thing none of us should abide here is quitters (and of course trolls who never were part of the movement and just pretend they are quitters.) Cheers my friend. Oh, and I've only ever had one type of Sam Adams, probably the one you're talking about. It wasn't the best, but I've certainly had worse.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

Here are some of my personal favorites, in some order, but not


Cherry Wheat (hence the moniker)

Honey Porter
Black Lager
Cream Stout

The "Imperial" series isn't bad either, but quite potent.

I've also had a "double chocolate" version that was excellent, but I don't see it often in stores.

Also, the Summer Ale is drinkable.

The Scotch Ale and Boston Lager are dreadful.

I found no discernible difference between the Boston Ale and Boston Lager, though I generally prefer ales.

There are still many styles I haven't tried from them if only because I don't see them in stores locally.

Though I'd say my total unique beer sampling to be somewhere in the 100-200 range, I have a bottle collection, but never counted them, and I'm sure there are at least 50% more I've tried on tap but have no trophy for.

To Be President Or Not To Be President

I seriously doubt that Dr. Paul got over the idea of running as President in the first place.. showed reluctance throughout both seasons while doing so. And, now, people want him to run as a backseat Vice President? Oh.

Well, its an easier job, but...

...more powerful than Congressman, because the VP can be a presidential advisor, next in line, breaks ties, and presides over the senate. Good job for retirement. And he's no where near gaffe-prone as Biden or as hypocritical as Ryan.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

A backseat to.... Gary Johnson?

Dr. Paul seemingly has become the go-to-guy for everything under the sun, good grief, he's only one person, one man. And Dr. Paul of course lacks youth, a component whether anyone wants to agree or not. Taking a backseat to.... Gary Johnson? Oh!

A backseat to Judge Napolitano and you might be getting close. Doubtful if The Judge would pick Dr. Paul for the Vice.

The Repubs and Demos are embedded, the convention proved that they can spit you out seemingly at a moment's notice.

There is such a thing as being, too nice, too gentlemanly, too polite, too respectful. Not that these things should be abandoned.

Kill your baby, its o.k. Gary Johnson, that Gary Johnson?

Why do you...

...think I am advocating this in the first place and not just jumping on the JohnsonGray bandwagon, which is doubly pro-choice? Gary may be pro-choice, but if he simply lets the states decide (one possible route Ron Paul, pro-life, would take), and Ron Paul is his pro-life running mate, it is that much better. I will not be voting for Johnson for several reasons, not the least of which is his utilitarian position on abortion, unless Ron Paul is on his team. And even then I will not be decided.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

States Rights

Am highly in favor of these things going to the States to decide, including abortion.

Even though disapproving of abortion because of the demeaning of life: makes life flippant.. spreads a very unfavorable overall belittling attitude, that life doesn't mean anything or very little. Degrades what life we do have.

Now if the argument of, "its a woman's body" and "I can do whatever I want with my body", could be deepened into something much more substantial, I'd consider the thought. On that alone, it lacks serious argument.

I look at the abortion issue...

...the same way I do foreign policy. Murderous dictators are awful, but I do not want to send troops in to "make things better." The best thing to do with backwards countries is to use persuasion, show them the benefits of liberty, commerce, and limited government. The same is true of other states that allow abortion. I don't want to send the police in there to surveil every woman's womb, but I do want to show them there are better ways to deal with unwanted pregnancies, or improve their situation so that they more inclined to keep their baby. Noninterventionism is on a global scale as states rights is on a national scale and voluntarism is on as community scale.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

draft Ron Paul

Yes, yes, yes. The only possible way to elect Dr. Paul now is to lobby him to run as VP with Gary Johnson on the Libertarian party ticket 2012. Please help those of us who want to return to constitutional liberty and justice for all. "Remember Maine 2012" Peace,



November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I second that bump!

I second that bump!

Blessings )o(

For the delegates that gave so much...get involved.

To all the nay sayers out there.
If you were not a Ron Paul delegate that had to deal with all of the fraud and corruption at the state convention or at the RNC in Tampa, you have no right to disrespect anyone involved in this effort with your crude remarks and banter.
To all the couch potato patriots that have to sit there and just toss out their negative remarks...grow up.
This is an honorable effort that ANY self respecting lover of liberty should get involved in to support the delegates who worked so hard and traveled so far for Ron Paul. For us. FOR LIBERTY.



The Pres/ VP is backwards too.
RP as Pres, let GJ run as pres next time after Ron straightens everything out.Don't trust GJ.


You are absolutely...

...correct. But unless Richard Gilbert pulls off a miracle with his current lawsuit, this is a near impossibility. Paul would face several if not dozens of lawsuits, all of which would be counterproductive. I do not fully trust GJ either, which is why in order to vote for him I need Paul on the ticket or promised a cabinet position (state, defense, treasury, fed). Johnson can not even get in the debates without Paul's help, let a lone win.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

There is a darn good reason for this particular

Ron Paul would do more harm than good to the Libertarian ticket if he were to run as the presidential candidate due to many states having what is known as a sore loser law. The ballot access would be denied to the Libertarians in those states. AND...AND...the door would be wide open for Gary Johnson to get the limit in donations to his campaign with a Johnson/Paul ticket. Another somethin-somethin to think about.
This is the best plan out there. So sign the petition and make a call to Ron Paul - TODAY


seems backwards to me

They should be contacting Ron Paul. Certainly they realize they will get a huge amount of support if Ron Paul is on their ticket.

They have contacted him...

...they are basically awaiting his answer. I agree with everyone that Paul should be at the top of the ticket. I am reluctant to trust Johnson as well. But unless Richard Gilbert's suit produces a miracle, Paul can not run on the top of any ticket without facing at least a dozen lawsuits.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg