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Pamphlet - Doctor Paul's 12 Step Process for America

I plan on making this into a brochure with graphics. I realize it's a little late for NH (where I'm from), but I think it could help in other places. Once it is done I will find a file-sharing site to distribute it.

In the meantime let me know what you think! I've tried to cover all of the bases of Dr. Paul's positions in ways that explain fully and don't leave things open to knee-jerk rejection.


Dr. Ron Paul’s 12 Step Program for Restoring America

1. Bring our troops home, saving nearly $1 trillion dollars per year in overseas spending.

In 2000, George W. Bush ran on the premise of a humble foreign policy, with no nation building or policing of the world. Instead, we have involved ourselves in yet another undeclared, undefined war in the style of Bosnia and Somalia that is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars per year, forcing our country into financial ruin.

Ron Paul is the only major candidate, Republican or Democrat, who advocates bringing our troops home immediately, end nation building and foreign spending, and focusing on building a strong national defense at home. He is the only presidential candidate who was against the war from the beginning - not out of radical pacifism, but out of respect for the Constitution and foresight on the fiscal practicality of endless wars. Congressman Paul knows that only Congress has the power to declare war, and that the President cannot take military action without such a declaration.

2. End the monopoly of the Federal Reserve Bank that destroys our Dollar.

Politicians have three ways to take money from us to fund the massive warfare/welfare state. The first is taxation, which is never popular. The second is borrowing, which gives power to banks and foreign countries that buy our debt. The third is by printing more money through the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, resulting in the unsaid “inflation tax” that hurts the poor and the middle class. Just this past year, the Fed created $300 billion dollars out of thin air to maintain an unrealistic bubble in the market that will adjust itself when it cannot be maintained any longer - making an already dangerous problem even worse.

Ron Paul wishes to return to the Constitution, legalizing gold and silver backed currency to compete, in parallel, with the Federal Reserve System. People can choose for themselves which money they put more faith in, ending the inflation tax and saving our dollar before it collapses.

3. Secure our borders the right way, and address immigration at its roots.

While our military is busy policing the borders of other countries, our own borders are left wide open. This weakens our national defense and provides easy access for terrorists to come here in the first place.

Ron Paul will make sure our military and national guardsmen and women are safe and allowed to fulfill their oath of protecting the U.S. Constitution here at home. By securing our borders and no longer stirring up unrest overseas, Ron Paul will make our country safer, even in a "Post 9/11 World".

Ron Paul also understands illegal immigration as an economic problem, but recognizes that it has gotten out of control and needs a hard and fast solution in the short term.

Ron Paul rejects the notion of amnesty, as it is unfair to those who wish to become citizens legally. Dr. Paul will seek to end birthright citizenship and the unfunded mandates on States and hospitals to provide welfare, education, and medical care to illegal immigrants. By lowering trade barriers and fairly trading with other nations, we can help countries generate their own wealth, reducing the drive for millions to emigrate from their homes. Further, with a healthy economy, the United States will be in a position to welcome legal immigrants who wish to live and work in our country.

4. Save Social Security and Medicare while weaning us off of the welfare state and mounting national debt from overspending.

Ron Paul understands that many rely on Federal programs for their retirement and medical needs. However, this practice has become insolvent and we will no longer be able to meet those needs at their current rates.

With the hundreds billions of dollars that can be saved by changing our foreign policy, Dr. Paul would make Social Security and Medicare solvent enough to meet current obligations while allowing young people to opt out of Social Security and Medicare, letting them keep their own money.

5. Repeal the “Patriot Act” and return Executive Power to its Constitutional Limits

Those who give up liberty for security will end up losing both. When government fails to protect us from homeland attacks, and fails to support recovery from natural disasters, bureaucrats insist that it was because there was not enough government intervention. The result is the erosion of our Constitutional Rights to speech, privacy, and fair trials, and a vast expansion of unchecked executive power that allows warrant-less searches, wire tapping of American citizens' phone calls, and imprisonment without trial or opportunity for release.

Ron Paul voted against the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act and spoke out openly against these blatant attacks on our individual freedom, done in the name of a security system that had already failed us to begin with. Ron Paul would repeal all such Executive powers and restore our civil liberties.

6. Phase out the Internal Revenue Service and End Unconstitutional Spending.

Simply by reducing spending back to pre-2000 levels, Ron Paul will work to eliminate the IRS and repeal the income tax, which costs Americans billions of dollars a year in time and accountant fees just to deal with the massive tax code. Many politicians wish to replace it with a national sales or other tax, but Ron Paul will replace it with nothing - it is an immoral tax that assumes that the government owns all of the your income, and allows you to keep a percentage of it. Ron Paul understands that freedom and prosperity go hand in hand.

Ending unconstitutional spending and beginning to address the national debt will finally start to lift the burden we have left to future generations, while returning the dollar to the strength it once had in the world economy.

7. Return Control of Education to Parents and Teachers

Politicians on both sides of the isle believe that more government is the answer to our education problems. Federal mandates like "No Child Left Behind" put arbitrary power in the hands of bureaucrats that have no business nor ability to manage our children's education.

Ron Paul would seek to limit and phase out the Department of Education, recognizing it as a massive and worthless federal bureaucracy that unnecessarily interferes with state, local, and individual rights to seek education and school reform in their own way. Ron Paul is also one of the strongest defenders of the rights of parents to home-school their children.

8. Return Control of Medical Care to Doctors and Patients

Our costly medical system is result of federal interference, despite calls to expand socialized medicine. Medical care is expensive because of massive over-regulation, huge subsidies, and poorly executed central planning. It is corporations that lobby for expanded government control of medicine, as they have the most to gain, while doctors and patients lose.

Ron Paul is an obstetrician and understands the medical care problem. Ron Paul wishes to give you choice over your medical care, not corporations or bureaucrats. He supports tax-free medical savings accounts to allow people to get out of the system, and supports the deregulation of the insurance and medical industries to return competition and choice to medical care. Ron Paul will restore the doctor-patient relationship that is at the heart of an American health care system.

9. Eliminate Big Industry subsidies and Corporate Welfare.

The power that lobbyists have exists only because of the assumed ability of Congress to take money from one group and give it to another, or give special privileges to one group over another. This is unconstitutional and detrimental to all. Ron Paul understands that corporate welfare is a bigger problem than the more well known “welfare system” and has consistently voted against any spending on corporate welfare. As president, Ron Paul will veto all unconstitutional spending and seek to rein in Congressional authority to tax and spend and limit it to the specific powers defined in the Constitution.

10. End the expensive and destructive federal drug war.

The 1920's taught us that prohibition does not work. Rather than reducing drug use, it creates a black market that increases crime, funds terrorism, and marginalizes minorities who are exposed to this underground world at a young age. Meanwhile, legitimate uses for controlled substances and benign plants waste resources and lock patients out of receiving helpful treatments.

Ron Paul recognizes that Federal government has no place in regulating drug use, a right that is Constitutionally left to the States to decide. Ron Paul will seek to end these wasteful and ineffective programs.

11. Return control of controversial issues to the States.

Abortion and same-sex marriage are difficult issues that have passionate advocates on both sides. One-size-fits-all solutions mandated at the Federal level only exacerbate the divide between Americans on these highly contentious issues.

As an obstetrician, Ron Paul is fiercely pro-life, and understands that while the power to regulate abortion is left to the Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade is seen as legitimate. Ron Paul would seek to overturn Roe v. Wade for the purpose of returning control of abortion to the States, preventing the legalization of abortion through judicial fiat while also protecting the people from heavy-handed abortion regulation that will not take a nuanced approach to the issue.

Further, while Ron Paul believes that marriage is defined as between a man and a woman, he does not believe we need the Federal government to define a word that we all know the meaning of. As an essentially religious institution, Ron Paul wishes to keep marriage legislation as local as possible so that peoples' own values can be reflected in their own communities.

12. Set the tone for a future of freedom.

The United State of America was founded as a Republic designed to protect the liberty of its citizens. This message has been lost over the past 100 years and threatens to destroy our great Union. A Ron Paul presidency will send a powerful message to Washington that cannot be ignored - that we want our country back, and want more power over our own lives, our own wealth, and our own values. Join Dr. Paul in restoring the Constitution and bringing real change to our nation.

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I like it.

Do you have the expertise to put together a trifold? I can if you don't!


On the ground in NH.


Actually, I was going to completely wing it. If someone else could do it that would be EXCELLENT.

I was thinking of using the Ron Paul resuscitating the Constitution pic on the cover, but that's about as far as I got.