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Jesse Benton Goes to Work for Mitch McConnell

Politico: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has hired a loyal aide to Rep. Ron Paul and fellow Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul to run his 2014 reelection bid -- the latest sign of how the wily leader is already preparing to head off any tea party insurgency and Democratic challenge.

McConnell announced Thursday that he's hired Jesse Benton, who led both Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign and Rand Paul's 2010 Senate campaign, to run his reelection bid for a sixth term.

"We're committed to running a presidential-level campaign in Kentucky and that starts with a presidential campaign manager," McConnell said. "Jesse is literally the best in the business at building and organizing conservative grassroots movements and I'm thrilled he's chosen to return to Kentucky to lead my campaign."

Since Rand Paul defeated McConnell's hand-picked Senate choice in the 2010 primary, the leader has worked to win over the younger Paul, giving him political advice in that campaign, allowing him to operate independently in the Senate and touring the state with him back home. Such moves — including the latest hire — have helped cool speculation that McConnell could be vulnerable to a tea party primary challenger in 2014.


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SteveMT's picture

Benton is the quintessential weasel opportunist.

He weasels his way into Ron Paul's family through marriage. He could not have done so by merit or skill. He gets into Ron Paul's good graces sufficiently to be made campaign chairman and collect $586k/year. He destroys the entire campaign in a few short months, then moves on to a bigger and a (not) better position with McConnell. Benton is a double-agent. If he could do this to Ron Paul (which he indeed did), he'll do it again without as much as a node or a wink. If McConnell actually believes that he is getting someone with very special "talents," he'll be correct. Benton is an expert at putting political knives in people's backs. This may be a blessing in disguise for the Liberty Movement.

I'd gladly prefer the "other" Jesse (The Body)...

Ventura anytime....than Jesse (The Traitor) Benton!!!

To HELL with the SIL!!!

Don't forget

The Peter Schiff clip that someone caught. Schiff did not seem to care much for Benton.

Benton is a traitor

Benton is a traitor to the Revolution, and should be treated as such.
I shall do any and all things in my power to disrupt, confuse and defeat the work he does for his not so new masters.

Get ready for a nasty fight you Traitor...


Ha! I guess McConnell better start packing up his office


If there's one thing Jesse knows how to do - it's piss off all your supporters.

Jesse has ZERO experience organizing grassroots.

He has lots of experience making them very very mad.

The only reason he didn't cause Ron Paul supporters to leave in droves is because they supported Paul long before Jesse got there.

With McConnell, not only will Jesse NOT be bringing in the TEA Party factions and the grassroots, but if they show up anyway (doubtful) then Jesse will easily manage to scare them off for good.

If anything, the hiring of Jesse Benton should ENSURE that McConnell will face a TEA Party challenger in 2014.

Aw, Jesse must be trying to take over the GOP ;)

Infiltratin'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoprzV1qCgs&feature=related

Seriously though, if McConnell thinks Benton was responsible for building and organizing the grassroots and thinks that Benton will build for him the kind of grassroots support Ron Paul had, the joke is on McConnell.

Go all the way Jesse

Don't just leave the liberty movement and campaign, leave the Paul family as well. Nobody needs a Judas around and you are a disgrace.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

No one plays to lose

Jesse's strategy worked to a degree. The GOP's choice Romney is most like Obama. Without Ron Paul, it is certain we would have "Governor Gardisil" or the "moon colony" guy. Take heart, liberty is alive and well. And no, it's not all Jesse's fault or by that reasoning he could take credit for all the accomplishments.

Jess was being paid to lose.

His job was the turn the grassroots or wreck them.

Free includes debt-free!

Ain't Smoking Guns a bi+ch?

Hearst Confession = Spanish American War
Magic Bullet = JFK Assassination
WTC 7 = 9/11 Attacks
Sen. McConnell hiring Jesse = Ron Paul loosing GOP Nomination

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

Ron Paul's message built and organized the grass roots movement

Despite Jesse Benton, not because of him.

Jess was the destroyer of grassroots.

Send in your guy with cash and a few friends. Keep grassroots busy on worthless tasks. Make sure communications is erratic. Send out bad communications.

Eventually the group is disbands.

Free includes debt-free!


Is all I can say

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

This isn't directly related

This isn't directly related to the events of today, but I just wanted to remind everyone that Mitch McConnell's name is still conspicuously absent from the list of co-sponsors for the Audit the Fed bill (last I checked).

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Kentucky Ron Paul Republicans

Now its time to ask Mitch to Audit the FED & ask Jesse why hasn't Sen. McConnell co-sponsored the Audit the FED Bill

Benton will be infiltrating Kentucky groups.

It's his job to turn them to the dark side or wreck them.

Free includes debt-free!

Some good may...

...come of this yet. I doubt it. Highly doubt it. But maybe now Rand will be in slightly more of a position to get McConnell to cosponsor. Rand is practically Jesse's uncle, right? Just wishful thinking no doubt.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

Rand is Jesse's wife's uncle - yes.

Nothing good will come of this save McConnell will lose now. Which is of course a good thing.

Perhaps Jesse can "pay us back" by unintentionally sabotaging other GOP campaigns.

He'll be trying to win of course, but since he's so back asswards about it, he'll end up costing neocons their elections.

And then once his track record takes hold, he'll be unemployed too.

You think it is incompetence...

...I say intentional sabotage. Jesse will sucker in just enough naive liberty lovers to keep McConnell in the clear. He didn't do this for Ron Paul because he was TRYING TO DO THE OPPOSITE, that is alienate initiated liberty lovers and confuse the naive ones who might have otherwise considered Paul.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

No I don't think so. You are more likely to be correct.

I was just proceeding without assuming the worst.

I was also employing the admonishment not to attribute to conspiracy what can be attributed to incompetence.

Benton did an Interview with BI

You guys should check it out. It is hilarious. At the end he's asked what he'd like to say to the grassroots and he states and I quote : "First of all, I absolutely love all of Dr. Paul's supporters. I admire every single one of them for the different things that they bring to the table." So much for calling us Fringe, am I rite?


How can he work to keep

How can he work to keep somebody in office who has done nothing but bad for this country. He was never a lover of liberty to begin with. To fight to get ron elected then just quit and join the complete opposite?!?! WTF!?!?!?!?

A man's actions support his words.

If there looks to be a conflict, trust his actions. Before this, Benton had the benefit of the doubt in my eyes. No more.

Hopefully history will repeat itself!

I truly hope that Benton's outcome with McConnell is similar to past results.

So who's gonna head up RP's 3rd party run then?

I can dream.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Question: Trying to make sense of the Unity Slate

Who orchestrated the Conservative Unity Slates that combined Paul delegates & Santorum delegates to run for national... we had plenty of Paul delegates willing to run and fill the entire slate. The majority of Santorum's delegates supported Willard in the end.

Who's strategy was this? Who chose the delegates? Why? Was it to suck up to the GOP establishment? Many revolted against the campaign strategy and ran for national anyway.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

It was Benton, Brown and Holdridge

Dudley Brown (a Santorum supporter who voted for Romney) was bragging on a youtube channel that he had Benton's personal phone number and worked with him to organize that "strategy." Holdridge indicated that as well. It was all about getting Dudley the chairman position, and they couldn't even manage that (while selling out the entire state in the process).

Forgive me for asking another question...

What did that strategy have to do with getting Dr. Paul nominated or building a strong Ron Paul Republican base at the state & local level?

The slate didn't stay unified very long if it ever was.

Watch this CO CD5 delegate's video recorded after Congressional & State in April: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEGsHS9rWQc&feature=youtu.be

It hurts watching it in hindsight.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Seriously? McConnell?

I could take Benton going to Mack, Palin, DeMint, Flake or Coburn...but seriously, McConnell? Neo-con, big government RINO in chief?

No kidding. Some sincere...

...people not entirely on the take.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg