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Its Time To Suport Gary Johnson For President

DPaulers, its time to get over the fact that Ron Paul is now retired from political life. So, what is next then?

I think the answer if staring us all right in the face but were to picky or feel too sorry for ourselves to see it. Without any doubt, this movement should be storming into the Gary Johnson for President campaign. We should be doing everything for Gary Johnson that we have done for Ron Paul. By directing our resources, talents, energies and money into his run for the White House we will be able to start a new chapter in our movement and be able to jump back into the game instead of watching from the sidelines hoping that Obama will be able to defeat Romney so that the country will fall apart sooner or that Romney will defeat Obama so that we wont fall over the fiscal cliff as quickly. We dont support these politicians so we should be someone who supports us.

Its time for everyone to suck it up and start fresh. The waiting game is for people who have talked themselves into burying their head in the sand or throwing their arms in the air crying that have done all that they could and it didnt work. Get over your disapointment and move FORWARD!

So, get over your Ron Paul heartbreak and start putting your energy into Gary Johnson for President, we can make an impact in this election IF YOU WANT IT! How bad do you want it?

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Quite frankly...

I will continue trying to get people involved with the effort to get Ron Paul on the Libertarian ticket as VP with Gary Johnson.
I know a lot of people who are involved with the republican party are less willing to participate with this effort because they have made in-roads and sit on particular republican committee's or are a precinct captain or chairperson...I get that. But you could still make the call and sign the petition.
And then there are a few Libertarian folk out there that feel that this would somehow violate the votes cast at their convention...darn few. Well lets look at this realistically. If Ron Paul were to join Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket it would not only give a giant much needed BOOST to the ticket, but also to the party in general, and...lets not forget the campaign contributions that could come flowing into the campaign. Suck it up and make the calls and sign the petition.
I don't care what your excuse has been for not supporting the effort for a Johnson/Paul ticket. But what does the liberty movement have to lose by at least trying to make this happen?
I mean...really...come-come now.


I think our time and energy is better spent

On working to help liberty candidates to US Congress as well as State, County and City elections in races they can win.

Get local and vocal!

I am!


If you have not ALREADY been dooing that much...you need some Beyond Tangy Tangerine or something.
We have been doing that for the last 5+ years and then some.
And you are right.
It IS time well spent.