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Ron Paul is right again! Predicts Al Qaeda Will Move Into Libya

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The consequences are NOT unintended.

It has been obvious for some time that the plan being followed since 2001 is adhering to the Yinon Plan of 1982 devised by Israel to destabilise those nations which oppose the Zionist project and to provide justification for interventions in those countries to balkanise them and leave Israel as the dominant power in the Middle East. This is presently being done under the disguise of waging a war on terror. This war on terror was devised by the Project for the New American Century a Zionist run Bush family agency and is being used to also further US hegemony around the world.

The war on terror is predicated on opposing Islamic fundamentalism manifesting as terrorist groups associated with al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a creature of the Western intelligence agencies just as the various terror groups in Europe in the fifties and sixties were creatures of the Western intelligence agencies under Operation Gladio. These tactics are not new and have been used in the West since Elizabethan times when they were devised by Elizabeth I's spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham. These agencies operate under the umbrella organisation called CAZAB with Israel as an adjunct member.

At the moment by creating Islamist governments headed up by the Muslim Brotherhood in the countries being destabilised the scene is being set for further conflict between Islam and the Jewish/Christian coalition. The Muslim Brotherhood itself is an asset of CAZAB. The recent online film that has apparently caused riots in these countries now under Islamist governance is clearly a part of these ongoing provocations. The riots themselves are most likely organised and directed by the same actors who have destabilised the countries in question since it is their signature modus operandi.

By controlling both sides the oligarchy are able to profit from these conflicts and to direct them at will to whatever purposes they deem most suitable from time to time but always with the overarching goal of world domination. They create the narratives that will keep their populations quiescent if not avidly supportive of their actions.

In this sense Ron Paul is feeding into the overall narrative by suggesting that these actions by the US government are having unintended consequences as though the US were simply a blundering bully when in fact every move is carefully calculated to further their plans. Whether Dr. Paul is aware of the deeper purposes of the oligarchy it is impossible to know.

It may be that he is speaking to the only narrative that the people are able to believe at the moment. e.g. He agrees that Qadhafe was an oppressive dictator when in fact he gave over the reins of government to the people of Libya in 1979. Qadhafe also opposed the Islamist extremists linked to al Qaeda operating out of the western city of Benghazi where the rebellion originated and which was fomented and organised by CAZAB and militarily executed by NATO. Qadhafe assumed no doubt that these jihadists were also the enemies of the West since they were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan against the American forces and killing American soldiers.

He had imprisoned most of them and it was only at the suggestion of the CIA and his son Saif al Islam that he released them just in time to form the core of the rebellion. He trusted the many assurances given to him by the Americans since 2000 that his country was now accepted by the international community and finally by GW Bush personally when he paid out $2.7 billion into a fund for distribution to the victims' families of the Pan Am 103 bombing which he always denied having any hand in. He made reparations simply in order to have international sanctions removed from Libya. The leaders of the West and the Rothschild family betrayed him.

It is nonsense to suggest that America is giving foreign aid to Libya since they are only lending them their own funds through their new Rothschild Central Bank after they confiscated their foreign assets amounting to $150 billion. They also confiscated all their gold. Libya was the most wealthy country in Africa and ripe for the plucking. All the contracts for rebuilding Libyan infrastructure are being let to the global Western corporations who are crowding into the feeding trough for their share of the booty.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

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Great comment. Makes perfect sense to me.

Great comment.

Makes perfect sense to me.

In a one-word summary, it's all about ...


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Fantastic reading.

Thank you.

Truth, wisdom, and integrity...

...is what it takes to save this country. Not many Ron Paul's out there. We need to make more people listen.

He amazes me

He's always right with his predictions.