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Tom Woods clears the air on Jesse Benton

Tom Woods: Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton is going to head up the campaign of Mitch McConnell. Gee, now why did those incorrigible naysayers have so many unkind words for him?

People who said Benton was positioning himself all along for bigger things in the GOP were scoffed at. Why, Jesse has a secret plan to get Ron Paul the nomination at the last minute!

Well, now we know the real secret plan.

Ask yourself this: how much money would you have to be paid to work for an enemy of the things you’re supposed to stand for? Maybe now people will understand why Jesse would fly into a tirade after some of Ron’s most heroic moments, when the rest of us were cheering.

I could go through a lengthy catalogue of problems with Benton. The grassroots folks already know a lot of them, so there’s probably no need. What’s done is done.

Not that the world revolves around me, but just a word about how I was treated.


Video: Tom Woods Unloads on Jesse Benton and John Tate
Interviewed by Mark Edge of Free Talk Live.


Published on Sep 13, 2012 by LibertyEvolution

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Grange, even I am swirling.

Integrity vs strategy vs honesty vs ...

I believe the grassroots will be taking hit after hit for sometime now. It will be a matter of overcoming it all.

Thank You Tom

I don’t log in often, but this thread and article really hit home with me. Maybe it is because of the fact that it was Tom Woods (and surprisingly not Ron Paul) that first turned me on to the Liberty Movement and libertarian principles. Thank you Tom for all that you do and lending a cool, articulate, and sometimes snarky :)(if need be) voice to the principles of Liberty. I tried not to pay too much attention to the Jesse Benton stuff during the campaign. I figured it was another example of how some piled on Rand Paul or Gary Johnson for any deviation from the dogmatic Libertarian principles. I see now, however, that Benton was and remains the Judas figure in the campaign. Thank you Tom for all that you do and I pray that you will be around for Rand 2016 and your ability to hold your tongue about injustices done to you for the sake of Ron Paul is admirable. Best of luck Tom, keep up the great work, and may God bless you and your family.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

+10 respect to Tom Woods for putting Jesse Benton on blast like this.

Now it make sense why the campaign seemed to be so disconnected from us, and almost seemed to be suppressing our efforts. Good to know who the Judas was (even though we all already suspected it)

Right now, I think my anger towards Jesse Benton is starting to rival my anger towards the GOP

Very interesting.


I recommend getting your

I recommend getting your money back the campaign has $2.8- $3.2 million left over and legally you can get it back.

(703) 563-6620 is the number to call

How is that helpful now that Benton is gone?

You would be attacking the wrong people.

No I would be using free

No I would be using free market politics to punish human action to prevent further corruption.

when I unsubscribed to C4L I put Jesse as the problem,

The organization is now tarnished and untrustworthy,

I'm a better way to spend my money than someone else,

the economy is collapsing cash is needed.

Ron Paul is also at fault he is ultimately responsible for the campaigns implosion.

Mises is the way to go donate your time and money there.

Tom Woods is a real spokesman for the Liberty movement, and I knew Jesse was bad, months prior to all this shenanigans.

No, Mises is ran by Lew Rockwell

Who is the Judas Goat of libertarians, encouraging them to drop out and not participate, which will obviously have no results.

Because doing nothing results in nothing.

Yes, it's tempting to just give up and not participate, because that's the easy road. And I'm sure this is why so many libertarians find Rockwell's advice appealing. But Rockwell directly contradicts Ron Paul who encourages everyone to stand up and do something, which is proving to have real results.

NO, doing nothing is

NO, doing nothing is something, I will vote for GJ most likely, but I know there are two paths, those who engage directly and indirectly, Dont be so emotional the Mises crew is the best thing for Libertarianism, Lew and Ron are really good friends. I actually dont care for Lew that much just I dont find him interesting. BUt Tom Woods Robert Murphy, Walter Block, to name a few and of course Rothbard.

They give Libertarianism Austrian free market economics and politics, creditability


Murray N. Rothbard - For a New Liberty The Libertarian Manifesto

Murray N. Rothbard: Libertarianism

Ron Paul - Discussing Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics

Ron Paul interviews with college students (Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics).flv


Dr. Ron Paul - Libertarian Presidential Candidate (1988)

Doing nothing results in nothing

Rockwell is misleading people, and contradicting Ron Paul. Yes, the Mises Institute is a great school and resource, if you can avoid being discouraged by Rockwell and fooled into becoming an anarchist.

agree 100%

agree 100%

Ventura 2012

Anarcho capitalist is not

Anarcho capitalist is not bad, its just not ready for this society, it would be the next evolutionary step,only a well informed,educated,polite well armed society can facilitate an Anarcho Capitalist mission statement

Once again whats doing nothing? They are obviously doing something by not participating in a rigged election system. You just have emotion on that subject. Without Lew you dont have the MIses institute so by proxy Lew did something and you appreciate what he has done for you providing the Mises crew

Society will never be ready for anarchy

Not unless you can somehow eliminate evil from people.

And yes, doing nothing is something, but the point was that doing nothing results in nothing. Doing nothing results in no change, in fact, it makes it even easier for evil people to take charge. Tyrants love people that do nothing, that don't challenge them.

Further, the Mises Institute was actually founded at the direction and with the funding of Mrs. Mises, which means she could have put anyone else in charge, but Rockwell was a suck-up, and I wonder why. My impression is he's controlled opposition, having infiltrated the Austrian School in the U.S. (there are others around the world), in order to mislead people away from taking action with the knowledge they gain.

Doing Nothing causes a Deficit, not No Change

Yah, I cannot understand how doing nothing accomplishes anything. And to top it off, I think it creates a negative effect because for lack of activism the other side gains. Every seat that Friends of Liberty do not take is taken by an Enemy of Liberty resulting in a net loss, not a static position.

And when I ask the question of someone who endorses doing nothing, they tell me it gains non concent of the governed.

As far as I can tell the government is acting from a position of force now and does not care whether it has consent or not.

I do not agree with your paragraph:

"And yes, doing nothing is something, but the point was that doing nothing results in nothing. Doing nothing results in no change, in fact, it makes it even easier for evil people to take charge. Tyrants love people that do nothing, that don't challenge them."

Because I believe doing nothing results in negative change, not no change. It causes the balance to move to the left of 0 such that it is a negative balance. Compare that to the positive balance to the right of the 0 on a number line. It takes twice as much activism to move from a negative balance to a positive balance.

I would say political activism goes hand in hand with “exercise your rights, or you will loose them.” Or as said here: http://www.dailypaul.com/254589/detained-in-america?from=lbp
“If you don't exercise your freedoms, you don't have any freedom.”

And let me add: A loss of freedom is not a static position. It is a position of being owned and in bondage such that one is subject to the whims of the power of the self-proclaimed owner.

Actually, Rockwell founded

Actually, Rockwell founded the institute, with the blessing of Ms. Mises, who also served as the first chairman. In other words, it was Rockwell's initiative.

I don't know what you've got against the man, but you should be ashamed of yourself coming to this site and spreading your disinformation.

The Mises institute is, perhaps more than any other think tank, the intellectual center of libertarianism world-wide. The scholarship funded by the institute, the media made available to students of liberty - all of it for free - has done more to promote the cause of liberty than perhaps any other entity with the possible exception of Ron Paul's presidential campaigns.

Lew Rockwell has been nothing but complimentary of Ron Paul and visa versa. Both are untiring advocates of liberty, both contributing to the cause in their own ways.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Not true. That's a misconception.

In fact, the Mises website even used to state that the Mises Institute was founded at the direction of Mrs. Mises. Somebody has changed it. Could it be Rockwell himself that suggested the change?

What I've got against the man is that he is discouraging people from standing up and participating, in direct contradiction of Ron Paul. And that he's misleading people into believing anarchy is a viable society, also against Ron Paul.

And, when I see Lew Rockwell discouraging Ron Paul delegates from even attending the convention, right before the convention, he is obviously working AGAINST Ron Paul.

None of his promotion of liberty does any good if he then goes on to discourage people from fighting for liberty, encourage them to withdraw, contradict Ron Paul, and in the end promote anarchy. That's not good, that's harmful.

An example of his character was his belief in creating racial divide, and the racist newsletters that he wrote and refuses to take responsibility for.

There you go again. Give me

There you go again. Give me one single example of a racist newsletter penned by Lew Rockwell.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Rockwell was responsible for all of them

Ron Paul says he was unaware, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, of the bigoted rhetoric about African Americans and gays that was appearing under his name. He told CNN last week that he still has "no idea" who might have written inflammatory comments such as "Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks"—statements he now repudiates. Yet in interviews with reason, a half-dozen longtime libertarian activists—including some still close to Paul—all named the same man as Paul's chief ghostwriter: Ludwig von Mises Institute founder Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.

Financial records from 1985 and 2001 show that Rockwell, Paul's congressional chief of staff from 1978 to 1982, was a vice president of Ron Paul & Associates, the corporation that published the Ron Paul Political Report and the Ron Paul Survival Report. The company was dissolved in 2001. During the period when the most incendiary items appeared—roughly 1989 to 1994—Rockwell and the prominent libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard championed an open strategy of exploiting racial and class resentment to build a coalition with populist "paleoconservatives," producing a flurry of articles and manifestos whose racially charged talking points and vocabulary mirrored the controversial Paul newsletters recently unearthed by The New Republic.


Mr. Paul has long repudiated the newsletters, contending that they were written by the staff of his company, Ron Paul & Associates, while he was tending to his obstetrician’s practice and that he did not see some of them until 10 years later. “I disavow those positions,” he said in the interview. “They’re not my positions, and anybody who knows me, they’ve never heard a word of it.”

Mr. Rockwell was listed in business filings as a director of Ron Paul & Associates from its founding in 1984 through its dissolution in 2001.

In the Rothbard-Rockwell Report they started in 1990, Mr. Rothbard called for a “Right Wing Populism,” suggesting that the campaign for governor of Louisiana by David Duke, the founder of the National Association for the Advancement of White People, was a model for “paleolibertarianism.”

“It is fascinating that there was nothing in Duke’s current program or campaign that could not also be embraced by paleoconservatives or paleolibertarians,” he wrote.

Mr. Paul described Mr. Rockwell and Mr. Rothbard as political provocateurs. “They enjoyed antagonizing people, to tell you the truth, and trying to split people,” he said. “I thought, we’re so small, why shouldn’t we be talking to everybody and bringing people together?”


In the thread about Benton's

In the thread about Benton's resignation, I called him a traitor and some idiots told me I "didn't know the other half of the story." Well, hows this for the other half?

Benton is a traitor. I will not donate anything to any organization to which Scumbag Benton belongs.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.



I love it. We've been trygved by bentonism. Jesse bentoned us over, took our money, called us 'fringe', and then got under the covers with the adversary.

Im beginning to think..

Im beginning to think that the campaign was a scam. Maybe some good comes out of it? but geez oh man... What else can you call it. I dont earn a lot of money but I saved for four years to be able to donate a lot to this campaign. Then this chump just pays himself hundreds of thousands of dollars to put the kibosh on it all.

Don't judge everyone based upon the actions of a few

Everyone is an individual.


There is a very short list of people in the liberty community that I habitually look to and respect for consistent sound thinking, honest analysis, and integrity.

I consider carefully what they have to say, and end up learning more of value from these people than I can possibly say.

Ron Paul is at the top of that list for me.

And Tom Woods is at the right up near top there with him.

So when Woods gives this account of his experiences with Benton: I believe it. In conjunction with Benton's McConnell appointment - that pretty much seals it for me.

What a shame. That Benton was allowed to run the show.

Woods has an air of respectability about him.

For him to speak out like this, sh*t is going down.

Judas-goat Benton

.... led us all down a huge dead-end. Never again . . .

»»»»»— EVERYONE leave the GOP 9:00 am Friday —«««««

Amen, TW, on Rand in 2016,

if Jesse's name is anywhere near it.

Thank you for verifying so much info that for me, was so hard to wrap my head around during the campaign.

Jesse gives a whole new meaning to Libertarian Moocher!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

egapele's picture

I am so sorry to have read that.

I had truly hoped for Ron Paul's sake that things being said about Jesse Benton were misunderstandings. How in the name of God has he managed to endure all of the filth that goes with politics & appear so seemingly unscathed?

Thank you, Tom.

What Tom describes is exactly what I believed was going on. And when I and others here talked about it, we were attacked by those who fantasized this was all part of some "master plan" that apparently involved a great deal of deception (lying, if you like). Well, there was a plan alright, but it wasn't a plan to get Ron Paul elected.

Now that any reasonable doubts have been dispelled, the delusional Bentonites continue to believe that Jesse is on their side. "He's infiltrating the enemy camp," they say. Give me a break.

It's very sad that Ron was subverted by members of his own family. It's very sad that Rand's people have poisoned relations with Ron's sincere, long-time supporters -- people who share his ideas and defended him vigorously on their own time and dime.

All throughout this campaign, Ron himself was stuck between a rock and a hard place, like a man whose mother doesn't get along with his wife.

At this point, Rand Paul is nothing to me except another member of the senatorial gang. Probably the least-bad of the bunch in terms of his votes, but that's faint praise. Rand isn't going to inspire a revolution of ideas.

I actually blame Rand more than anyone for killing Ron's campaign. It was Rand's people who acted as Ron's "handlers" and tried to water down his message. It was out of deference to Rand that Ron chose not to fight until the end. The Republican establishment used Ron's family to neutralize him. Rand was their man.

Thank you, Tom Woods, for being a true fighter for liberty, and a truth-teller.

why we love

Tom Woods, even more.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

i can't put into words...

I can't put into words how much I appreciate Tom Woods & everything he does. HE should have been the campaign manager!