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If I were Ron Paul's Campaign Manager

If I were Ron Paul's Campaign Manager I would have picked one state - Iowa - and set my boots down there.

I would have organized a simple chart on the key issues, and compared and contrasted the candidates, printed it out and given it to supporters to hand out on every corner.

I would have pushed for TV time not ads, to speak to the people directly and clearly for five minutes. I would have tried to negotiate this with at least one tv station and PBS for a good rate.

I would schedule Paul to speak on open venues not college campuses. Places where regular folk can stop by after work. I would hit all the major cities hard. Relentlessly.

I would have paul involved in some slightly controversial statements or antics to ensure the media covered SOMETHING about him. Even it it's just "oh kooky uncle ron is at it again"

But most importantly, I would have a TEAM of investigators taking EXIT POLLS at EVERY POLLING PLACE IN THE STATE and going over the results with a MICROSCOPE.

I would call a press conference and announce ANY SPECK OF FRAUD. And all throughout the campaign I would hold press conferences AND CALL THEM OUT FOR CHEATING. I would urge Paul to speak LOUDLY and DEFIANTLY against the CHEATERs.

would it have worked? It couldn't have been worse.

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Ummm, what do you think

he has been doing for the last 30 years?