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Good news from Louisiana

A bit of good news to post on this site. My family and I just went out to lunch in Metairie, Louisiana and there were at least a dozen people holding up Ron Paul signs near the busiest intersection in town. For those who feel inclined to do this it really made an impression and showed the passion of Ron Paul supporters. It also gets his name out there which is necessary if we are going to counter the MSM.

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My Aunt and Uncle

are in Baton Rouge, they both support Ron, too.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Louisiana is in the House!

I'm from Shreveport. La. and my meetup has been waving signs every Saturday for the past month and a half. Louisiana has a lot of delegates and alot of lazy people on the other teams, so I feel good about our chances here.

Awesome, from Narlins, now in Austin!!!

Hey Great!!!

I am from Narlins and moved to Austin, Tx 6 months ago! I am deeply immersed in Paul phenomenon out here.....great to here the ole home town has some "Paul" kicking around! Any plans on some Paul promotion at Mardi Gras...would be a receptive audience if you did it right! Why not go as Ron Paul / Bob Marley....came up with idea at meetup last night....a sort of Rostapaulian theme....innocent looking ron paul with dread locks and the slogan ....."Stand up for your rights!" the mardi gras crowd i am sure would be sympathetic and amused!!! may even vote in droves!


Be an activist! That means GET OUT THERE.

Thanks for reporting this uplifting update.

Thats great, don't forget to

Thats great, don't forget to write letters to newspaper editors and canvas! Keep up the great work!