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Cuccinelli Pleads Impotence To Charges Of Brandon Raub Cover-Up

Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli says he is powerless to see justice done in the Brandon J. Raub case. In a response to Revolution PAC’s letter demanding that he take action to prosecute and bring to justice rogue law-enforcement and judicial officials who kidnapped and attempted to “disappear” Mr. Raub into Virginia’s psychiatric gulag, Mr Cuccinelli’s office pleaded impotence and in so doing sounded remarkably like Sergeant Schultz from the old Hogan’s Heroes TV show—“I see nothing; I know nothing.” (We still await the AG’s response to our FOIA request.)

Although the Virginia Attorney General is a constitutional officer of the executive branch of Commonwealth Government, second in line to the governorship and titular chief law-enforcement officer of the state, it seems he has very little actual power and is a virtual figurehead when it comes to overseeing law enforcement in Virginia—more a politician in waiting for the governorship than a real attorney general. As Mr. Cuccinelli’s Director of Communications informed me:

“The Attorney General of Virginia has no legal authority to investigate or charge public officials—local, state, or federal—involved in the temporary detention of Brandon Raub. If any official involved violated Virginia or federal laws in the process, only a local commonwealth's attorney (for violations of Virginia law) or federal law enforcement officials (for violations of federal law) have the authority to investigate and prosecute.”