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Muslim Video Riots & U.S. Foreign Policy

Much has occurred in the past two days, stemming from an “American-made” anti-Muslim video posted online. The American embassy in Libya was bombed and destroyed, and further attacks and protests have occurred in Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt. Obviously the deaths of U.S. citizens and the American Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens is a tragedy, perpetuated by people with little intelligence and ample anger. The reaction in no way fit the imagined crime and those murdered had nothing to do with the video in question. The violence that occurred was a foolish reaction (or possibly planned action) by barbaric people.

That being said, the overarching reason for this violence lies not only in a video that denigrates Prophet Mohammad, but instead in a populace that stretches beyond the borders of any single country into the entire Muslim world, that is tired of U.S. meddling and occupation. They hunger for any reason to attack Americans. Libya and Yemen both have plenty of reasons to be up in arms over American military involvement over the past two years, and Egypt’s politics have been interfered with via our government for decades.

As Ron Paul bravely stated (t0 much derision from GOP neocons with tunnel vision encased in cataracts), the reason we were attacked on 9/11 was not because of our freedom, but because of our intrusion into the politics and sovereign territories of Muslim countries. Blaming “freedom” is an easy scapegoat, as there is much in the religious views of fundamentalist Muslims that goes against our way of life. However, that alone doesn’t drive people to the type of violence seen on 9/11. There are plenty of closer, easier targets that are awash in capitalist ways that can be attacked, and the attacks would be constant if that were the case. Just as then, these latest riots and attacks are blamed on religion as the easy scapegoat, and that cry is taken up by those rioting, but in reality it’s a rebellion against American foreign policy and presence throughout the world. This is an excuse to attack, not the outright cause.

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Don't forget about the part

Where the US AIDED Al Qaeda operatives to help topple Ghaddafi in the first place, and is still aiding Syrian "Al Qaeda Rebels"

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Al Qaeda

is not a homogeneous organization. I realize the US government sowed the seeds for the for the beginnings of the group in Afghanistan, in order to defeat the Soviets. To say that the Al Qaeda that our CIA trained is the same group that is in current day Afghanistan or Libya is a stretch. They are an opportunistic gang of thugs that will take money from whoever gives it to them. More like mercenaries than allies or enemies. Much like our own government. They support you when convienient and kill you when you don't coooperate.

But I do agree that the driving reason for the violence toward the US is because of US government violence toward the Middle East. It's not rocket science.

Al Qaeda

"The base" aka the original name for the database of US assets in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

Acutall "Al Qaeda" is only around 300 disorganized people. It's always been a paper tiger used to trump up fear in order to achieve foreign policy goals politically, or in the case of Syria and Libya, to employ in order to achieve those goals violently.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


Everyone in the middle east is always an ally before an enemy. It's a perpetuating cycle.