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Bring Tom Woods to Arkansas Fundraiser!

Do you want to hear Tom Woods speak live in Fayetteville, AR, on Friday, October 19th?

Arkansas - "The Natural State" - is in the heart of the country and borders several other states that are prominent in the Liberty Movement: Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. It's no secret among supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul as to the shenanigans that were perpetrated by the Republican Party in those states as well as others during the GOP primary season. Many times, the actions of the "Big tent" party were deplorable to say the least.

One thing that makes Arkansas unique among these other states in 2012 is the fact that Issue #5 - Arkansans for Compassionate Care - will be on the ballot in November. This provides an outstanding opportunity to grow the Liberty Movement statewide, and put Arkansas on the map as a state that supports liberty and rational governance. There's no reason for Nevada, Maine, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Alaska to be lonely. It's Our responsibilities to spread the message of liberty in the most effective ways possible.

To do my part to spread the message, I am helping to organize an event that will hopefully feature Tom Woods in October in Fayetteville, AR - home of the Razorbacks. However, it is up to the grass roots to raise the money it will take to bring him here!

This will be an issue based event that hopes to highlight the effects of American intervention on the average citizens of regions that are affected, such as the Middle East, Africa, and Latino countries. Tom has agreed to attend the event and be the featured speaker, but we need your help to raise the funds!

Any money raised above and beyond the actual costs to Bring Tom Woods to Arkansas will be donated to the local Young Americans for Liberty organization at the University of Arkansas and other potential sponsors of the event.

Help spread the Message of Liberty! Help make this event be a resounding success! Plan to attend the event on October 19th in Fayetteville! Help Arkansas fight for liberty!

Help Bring Tom Woods to Arkansas by visiting the donation page linked below! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Did I mention that Judge Jim Gray will be attending to discuss rational drug policy, as well?

This is going to be a great event folks!

Bring Tom Woods to Arkansas!

Donation Page: http://thelogicalperspective.blogspot.com/2012/09/bring-tom-...

Please visit Tom's websites:

TomWoods.com - http://www.TomWoods.com
Liberty Classroom - http://www.LibertyClassroom.com

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