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My First PCO Meeting.

As I went through the process of gathering my forces, and attending my caucuses with those RP followers id managed to find, I often found myself wondering why the Neocons were trying so very hard to force a flip-flopping democrat down America's throat. Could they not see that Romney was just another big spending liberal with absolutly no intention of cutting spending? Were they stupid? Grossly naive?

Last night... I found out. I attended my first PCO meeting as a newly elected member, along with several other Ron Paul guys and gals. We got very close to a majority. Throughout the meeting, we heard a bunch of giberish about cheerful optamism, other Neocon candidates prattling on about how they needed our help to sign wave, door knock, etc, and of course, how crazy demorats are with all their spending and taxing.

Toward the end of the meeting, after most of my fellow Ron Paul fellows had left, one of the PCOs in the room stood up and said in a joking fasion to his buddies (they all knew each other and were very causual) "I know this is going to be a hard sale, but I need to ask you guys to support a tax increase." I immediatly started laughing, thinking it was a joke. It was not. He went on to talk about how his fire dept. needed more firefighters so they could comply with federal laws, how people were in horrible danger, etc etc.

I was flabbergasted. I looked around the room, and saw my fellow "republicans" nodding their head in approval of voting for yet another tax increase. I didn't see a single person who looked outraged. Thats when I knew. The reason that the GOP forced a lying, cheating liberal down our throats in the form of Flip-Floppney is because they don't want to cut spending. They "want" tax increases, just not Democrat ones.

I spoke up, saying something about how THIS was how Government grew. One small tax incease at a time. Our state spends more than it brings in, and you want "more" firefighters? I talked about how they always used the poor police/schools/fire as a victim to guilt us into bleeding more taxes rather than cutting the giant, bloated beuracracy. I told the guy I would "never" support another property tax increase and that I was already being bled to death. I told him if he wanted more funding, then the entire purpose of our group should be to demand cuts in non essential services to pay for them first.

Some other lady tried to sell me that "this" one was so important blagh blagh. I told her, everyone has one last issue that is so criticle that if we don't cut off just a bit more of our flesh, we're all going to die. Enough is enough.

Eventually a few people came to my side, with one lady suggesting maybe it was an oppertunity for private ambulance services if the fire department couldn't handle it. Other chimed in here and there, and than the Chairman cut it off, saying we weren't there to debait the merit of that particular proposition. I disagree Mr. Chairman. We are here to debait the soul of the Republican party, and what kind of direction we mean to take this country in.

The fraud and abuse of power is one thing, and clearly we need to stand against that by becoming the party, taking it over completely. But these people are not bad people. They are all nice and friendly, they simply do not "get it." How are we ever going to cut government spending across the country when our own GOP can't even hold a REPUbLICAN PCO MEETING without begging for a tax increase? This is beyond ridiculous. We have no choice but to become the future, because those who currently have stewardship of our nation are absolutly naive to the crisis we are facing.

I expected to hear crap like this at a Democrat meeting. I was actually shocked to hear it here. But now I know how the establishment is able to stomach supporting Mitt Romney. Because they "are" Mitt Romney. Big spending Liberals who "talk" about being conservative, but in the end, just want more, bigger government.

This has to end. Take over your parties and draw a line in the sand.

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chinks glass in a toast. I suppose I knew more about it going in, but yes, that is the reason we get liberal canidates, because we have liberal Republicans running the county parties all the way up to the national level. Keep going to meetings, and make sure your fellow Ron Paul PCOs stay for the whole meeting. It sounds like you were waking a few folks up who you didn't bring with you, and within a few more meetings I expect you'll have a majority there to stop this garbage. In 2016 your county will be standing up for a libery canidate, congrats and keep working.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois