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Jesse Benton Wouldn't Override Decision

So Jesse Benton is going to work for Mitch McConnell. At the Ron Paul Rally and the after party at Whiskey Joe's, the defrauded delegates from Oklahoma were not allowed in the private delegate area.

At Whiskey Joe's I asked Mr. Benton about this and I told him that I felt this was wrong, and I even offered to put him in touch right there with the delegate who could get in touch right there with all the Oklahoma people. In other words, I was giving him the oppurtunity to rectify this bullshit exclusion of our Parking Lot Delegates.

He seemed very nervous and called me "sir," and he called a young lady from his staff and asked her about it. She seemed confident and said something about the Oklahoma people were outside, yesm but there was a party outside as well. Jesse than came back to me and said, "A decision has been made, and I'm not going to overturn that decision."

Why would they exclude our people? I don't know, but the scuttle-but is because they went into the parking lot and it looked bad?!

This election cycle we have been told again and again that we did not want to be too extreme. We did not want to play into their hands and be smeared as "kooks." I'm all for putting your best foot forward, and even I have censored myself and conducted myself differently with a mind to representing Dr. Paul as best I could. But what exactly were we being careful for? Were we protecting Dr. Paul or Jesse Benton's future career?

The exclusion of Oklahoma from a Ron Paul event is appalling. Just as appalling as the campaign not helping Oklahoma with their RNC complaint. We are pissed off Americans. Our founders tarred and feathered people for assaults far less than the RNC and state GOPs have done to us this election cycle. I believe in peace and abiding by the law, but what I cannot abide is our own campaign being disrespectful to our own people.

I gave an Oklahoma delegate my delegate band for the rally and on Wednesday I gave another my delegate credentials so he could be on the floor during the tribute. I know other delegates helped as well. Bottom line is if Rand runs in 2016 with Benton at the helm or anyone else that was behind the mismanagement of the 2012 campaign how can we be expected to stand for it?

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The what if ?

If Ron had known you all were outside ? I bet we wouldn't be here talking about something so
sad and clearlyi wrong ! I'm sorry too ! Were lucky if we still have those OK folks with us today.

Jesse Benton is no good at all. He is worse than scum.

He will lie and do anything to promote himself.

He is personally responsible for having sold us all out.

Jesse Benton should have his scrotum incised and his leg poked through it.

And Folks, Rand Who? is not much better than Jesse.

Forget about Benton!!!

Hi people,

Forget about Benton, we need to look forward to getting our own people in office. First we need an organization that is organized and knows what to do. We need a plan. We have the manpower and our army.

Now I've always said we need to take over local and state level position of power. We need to outnumber the enemy. Now let us do what the Maine Delegates are doing. Let us get our people in all areas of government and take over. Let us all stop playing nice peaceful suckers also and do things like the politicians. We all know what goes on behind closed doors and I'm not talking about hookers and blow. I'm talking about deals and other things of that sort. So anyone want to really organize and get things done, let me know.

I just wish we'd known about the exclusion at the time.

I was a delegate & in the special quarters at the Sundome & also in Whiskey Joes. If I'd have known this was happening, I would have staged a walk-out. I know I could have gotten most of the people in both places to walk-out for Oklahoma.

I never met such a principled, intelligent group of people, as my fellow delegates at Tampa. They would have NEVER stood for such unfair treatment. Unfortunately, most of us didn't know this was happening.

In the future, if unfairness is going on at ANYTHING we're attending, get out the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriots

The Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriots are true heroes in my book. They stood up to being mistreated and they stood up to the fraud of a convention that they were dealt. I watched the whole thing via the live feed. Thanks for that too.

In a complicated political

In a complicated political situation Jesse Benton's namesake (ancestor?) shot Andrew Jackson in the back.


It is Ron Paul's fault. Ron Paul has a soft spot for his

family. He has to have known all of this. I mean he can read, right? He read the Dailypaul and he knew about the "contract for advertising" that Mitt and the RNC made.

That's just facts. Doesn't mean he's a bad man. Just means...well....it is what it is.

In many ways it is surprising and goes against what we know of him. Interesting. Angering too.


It is Called Co-option

Text Book
The objective was achieved

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

why is Ron Paul silent?

What makes me sick is why is Ron Paul silent ? that is why my dad said never trust any politician.

This is not Dr Pauls fault

When you run for POTUS it is such a huge undertaking its like being the Wendy's girl logo. Your just a face. The shotcallers of the campaign have to be people who can be trusted to do the right thing. In a campaign exspecially for .POTUS the candidate. He can' t possibly have his hand in every decision. In fact a candidate ,if the campaign is run well, should have NO say in the running of his campaign. It' s not the candidates job to run the campaign. I will defend Dr Paul till the day I die on this because be is one of the most honorable men I've ever met and I guarantee he was not responsible for this

Ron Paul silent.

Why is Ron Paul silent? i voted for ron paul in 2008 and 2012. i disagree with the idea to change the republican party. you will have sand kicked in your face again and again. we went from end the fed to audit the fed. we went from 911 was a inside job to no comment. and we went from the bilderberg group to not saying a word about the group. (RAND) also six million dollars from pay pal owner(bilderberger. to Ron Paul and thats when we saw the change from benton and the Pauls.

No rest nor solace nor peace nor comfort -- persecute Jesse!!

No rest nor solace nor peace nor comfort -- persecute Jesse!!

Anytime he appears in public, he must be verbally lambasted as a traitor and cad!

Any time be prints something on the web, it must be overwhelmed with accusations and charges!

Every time he sends something in the mail, fill the return envelope with excrement and c/o it to Jesse.

Harass and harangue HIMMMMMM!!

No rest! no peace! No solace! No comfort!! Neither dew nor rain.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Why are you here?

Read your disgraceful comment once again.
Does this sound anything like what Dr. Paul would say or support?

I've never been a Benton fan, he certainly did not help our cause. Nevertheless it is lunatics like yourself that hurt our cause much more than an opportunist like Benton. You give everyone else an opportunity to paint our entire movement as radical nutjobs.

There are many people here that are trying to promote IDEAS and those ideas are anathema to what you suggest. You give ammunition to our enemies.

Perhaps you have been out in the dew or the rain too long?

I'm here cause me mother gave birth. How'd you get here?

I'm here cause me mother gave birth. How'd you get here?

Blah, blah, blah. More useless criticism and utter spinelessness. But I'm glad you read my comment again. Read it over and over.

Our intention was to infiltrate and co-opt the GOP for our benefit. Turns out WE were the ones to be infiltrated and gutted.

I AM proposing ideas. On how to stop future treason and co-opting operations through simple, easy, humiliating preventive measures.

But it looks like the liberty movement prefers to be trampled in the dust by the redcoats, I mean, turncoats. TO WHAT END, I cannot say. Nor dare I wonder!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Benton brought in Olson

Please understand the depth of their strategy... this is no game... The stakes are life and death to their true employers... Benton won Ron Paul's trust then brought in the others. Olson is known internationally for his capacity to alter the direction of countries, etc. Then, also, you keep your seventy plus candidate on an exhausting schedule so he hardly has time or energy to resist.

But in the end it is guys like me who should have left our businesses and come along side to protect him and lend a hand.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

I was right there with you in that parking lot via Ustream...

...we even sent you some pizzas. You all are heroes to be emulated, not pariahs to be shut out and shunned.

And, if it wasn't clear before, it is now: Jesse Benton is beneath contempt. Was he wearing a flak jacket under his suit coat when you talked to him?

I agree

The OKC Delegates were heroes

Maybe I'm mistaken, but weren't they improperly


As I understood it, the OKGOP improperly adjourned the convention to another place and time and then had the RP supporters who were there to hold the convention, removed from the building, so they held their own rump convention in the parking lot, NO?

It was the GOP that "looked bad" for breaking their own rules and for stooping so low as to engage in such heavy handed tactics.

Jesse is a traitor, plain and simple. This incident does nothing to change that view.

1)OKGOP did improperly

1)OKGOP did improperly adjourn. The impropriety being that when the vote was taken there was way more Nays against adjourning. They called it closed anyways.

2) Parking Lot Patriots were not technically kicked out or even removed. At the improper adjournment we assembled in the Parking Lot.

3) We did a great thing in the Parking Lot and all the support was greatly appreciated. That said, despite the great work we did that evening we did not have quorum for the parking lot convention.

4) Not having quorum does not take away from the good thing we did that day. And the work involved with our Parking Lot convention moved forward with us in the challenge to the OKGOP before the RNC.

It's not a rump if it is the

It's not a rump if it is the official delegates holding it in the same place - ie the parking lot is the same grounds. It is the real convention.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


Was illegally kicked out into the parking lot . And the state convention was illegally adjourned yes


A "rump" convention looks bad? Yeah, well so did the American Revolution, Jesse!

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

Didn't know about this.

I was bummed when I was told I had to stay outside at Whiskey Joes'.

This is a far cry from the first C4L Leadership Summit in Minneapolis where Ron ate the same buffet food as us and sat at the picnic table I was at to eat.

Now its $200-300 to hang with Ron.

At Whiskey's, that was the first time I showed no interest that Ron was there. And that is not like me.

So I don't know what to think. But I do feel that there has been a loss of grassroots base to the movement. I just don't feel like donating to where things have distanced itself from.

Now I feel stupid for giving

Now I feel stupid for giving him love at whiskey Joe's... :(

robot999's picture

Me 2

I apologize now, in front of the whole DP for having faith in the Campaign Leaders. I was wrong now, and I can see that. I'm truly sorry.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


I couldn't do that. I was locked out from being inside and wanted to just lock him up.


Just stop whining about Benton already.
Its so behind us now.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul


or we will be fooled again

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I agree with you both.

1. Never forget.
2. Stop complaining about him. He's dead to us now.

Eric Hoffer

yeah, may as well include

yeah, may as well include Oklahoma and the RNC's efforts in that sentiment too, right? Because that was a large part of this person's message. And they're right, people were tarred and feathered for much less then this, yet nowadays people call others whiners for legitimate anger.