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Silver and Gold Adjusting to QE3

Before the announcement, gold was at about $1730/oz. Silver was at about $33.40/oz.

Gold: $1765
Silver : $34.60

LOL What a gift.


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if one is looking to buy. We just cashed out some CDs at less than 1% interest and wanted to buy more silver. We'll see if TPTB screw up again and it goes down a little.

Live Free Or Die

It will.

Your best bet is to sit on your cash until the Christmas holidays. Consumers pour so much money into the economy at that time that silver usually goes way down. Last Christmas it was at $24/oz. Hopefully we will have that present to open up again this year, that is of course if we make it past 12.21.2012 LOL <==== That last part was a sad attempt at a joke. Also, if you already have a good quantity of silver, you might want to look into gold. It is much easier to transport than silver. One gold oz is worth roughly 52 oz's of silver, but put 52 oz of silver in your pocket while trying not to have anyone notice.

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