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Question For Experts: How will QE3 affect gold and silver in the short run?

I know in the long run, it will definitely go up. But what about the short run? Will the price go up or down? Should I start buying right now or wait a little later? thanks

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Silver was at $26 about a month ago, and gold was at about $1550. PM's usually take a dip around the Christmas Holidays, but who knows what'll happen this year. Last Christmas though, silver was at $24.00/oz Hopefully they will give us the same gift this year.

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Gee if I knew the answer I'd

Gee if I knew the answer I'd already be rich.

My guess is that most of the short term PM bump from this QE announcement is in. The wild card is, as always, our fellow humans. How many will wake up to the need to buy PMs for protection based on this particular announcement? How many who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a downturn in PM prices will capitulate? How many will conclude that there has been an overshoot in PM prices and will go short?

Most of us, hopefully, have already placed our bets on QE to infinity and are just watching this all play out.

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Wait till tomorrow or the

Wait till tomorrow or the weekend to see if it goes back down before buying. It shoots up at FED news then may settle again. Then consider buying.

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They went up today...

how short of a time frame are you talking about?

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A couple weeks

A couple weeks