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Mish: Panic!

Mish: In my previous post Desperation Bazooka Tactics; Gold Soars Following Huge Headfake, I mentioned "This seems like desperation bazooka tactics. Specifically, the Fed is in a panic state over jobs."

I am not the only one to come to that conclusion. Saxo Bank economist Steen Jakobsen sent out a post moments ago, FED Did Panic...

They are now doing 'open ended' bond buying - no finite time or amount...hence this will go down as QE Extreme.

I remain of the view this is final phase...

I'm long stocks, gold, short us dollars next 24-48 hours but ..on the anniversary for LEHMAN... tonight could be the day where FED did too much.

Low yield and monetary policy stopped having an impact two years ago, tonight could be the night where after the rally low rates no longer impact stock and risky asset - the only cheap asset right now is: money ...every time this has been the case in history it has ended in bubble and tears.

Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/#sD3HQuFPHcKp2qJK.99

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Ron Paul:

Ron Paul: Bernanke Has Lost Control, People ‘Should Panic Over Fed’s Decision!’


I just received another news letter saying this was the

key to getting Obama elected in November. I can't figure this out the market keeps going up on all this slowing down in all the Countries yet they pump up the S&P 500. When will the crash happen before Nov or after?

The madmen at the Fed are

The madmen at the Fed are dangerously close to pushing us into hyperinflation. This announcement signals to me that the Fed has no problem with continuing QE to infinity.

If the world of investors and savers comes to believe this they will drop dollars like hot potatoes and we will see prices rise astronomically.

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