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Liberty Groups a Front for the Republican Machine

Thank you Mr. Woods, you inspired me to speak up.

In an effort to believe that I was the only one experiencing this vortex in the liberty movement – I have kept my mouth shut. But no more – after reading Mr. Woods ‘ article about his experience with Jesse Benton and Campaign for Liberty (C4L), I think it is important to speak out and speak the truth.

Several “liberty-oriented” groups have completely ignored my candidacy for Congress because I refuse to run as part of the Republican machine. I told them I would not run Republican because I know how corrupt the Republican machine is (remember, these are groups that claim to be non-partisan). I think we witnessed how corrupt the Republican machine is with how they have treated delegates in the States and at the convention.

Campaign for Liberty has ignored my request for a survey and to be included in their survey (which I answered some time ago and sent to both the national and Colorado contacts). The Colorado director was an interim, and has changed again – they refuse to post my answers in a timely fashion up on their website so that people who are a part of this organization can see that I am a candidate who supports the Constitution. Why won’t they post my answers? Because they are supporting the Republican – the Republican even though the Republican does not speak up for Constitutional government. Campaign for Liberty is a front for the Republican machine.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) has ignored my request to be connected with other liberty-candidates in their organization. I don’t want their endorsement, I don’t want their money (they have a PAC) – all I have wanted is to be connected with other people (e.g. their membership that would theoretically support a young liberty candidate like myself), and their executive director, among others in the organization, just ignore me. I don’t exist. Stupid little girl, right? All of the people they support are Republican and men. Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is a front for the Republican machine.

Several other people associated with the “liberty-movement” had urged me to run Republican (my race would have been over awhile ago) and then did not follow through with their commitments to work with me. They are a front for the Republican machine.

Strangely silent – the people you thought were leaders – the people who are Republican, the people who tell you over and over that to “win”, you have to infiltrate the machine. Let me tell you something – you don’t win by fixing a broken system – you build a new one.

My name is Tisha Casida, I am running ‘unaffiliated’ (also called Independent) for U.S. House Colorado District Three, and I am officially on the ballot. I am also the only candidate to sign the Voluntary U.S. House Term Limits Declaration. And my supporters know the difference between an independent voice and the Republican machine – won’t you join us?

If you believe in me and what I am doing – please donate to help us reach more people. EVERY BIT makes a difference – would you consider donating $25, $50, even $100 today?


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Threw you a donation.

Keep up the good work.


I also just realized that Tipton voted YEA on FISA, on Wednesday!

Let it be known!


"The only thing we die with is our own personal integrity!" LRH
Vail, CO
Freedom and Liberty for Eagle County, Colorado. www.flecc.org

I am also the only candidate

I am also the only candidate to sign the Voluntary U.S. House Term Limits Declaration.

This declaration, is it governmental? If it is, it is, meaning it wouldn't be voluntary, it would be law. Right? If voluntary, there's no need for declaration. Tisha, would you explain this declaration?

As well, why would a person whose position socially is from people in his social environment limit the number of times they can place him into that position? To stop himself is to stop his agenda, his constituents' agenda, what they placed him into office to enact. Why is the elected person stopping himself rather than the people who voted him into office stopping him?

This limitation, self limitation, not only hinders the elected person's cause which is his constituents' cause, it positions the people who put him into office in indirect relationship to him and the office, the creation of false representation which is dictatorship, what we have now. How?

1. As the elected person's term draws to its end, there is room, opportunity, for him to slacken or move adversely to his constituents' wishes. He would be without repercussion.

2. Because directness between the voters and the elected person is removed, thereby creating unaccountability for the person elected, his successor or successors can be aware of this dynamic and use it. There could be no end to unaccountability behavior from successor to successor. This continuance is in the institution government, the people's government. Therefore, the term describing this continuance is institutionalization, making the people's government not theirs but those who wheel and deal behind the scenes. Which is politics today, isn't it?

3. Because terms are short, there's insufficient time to impeach an official on anything less than egregious legal activity, and even then doing so is near impossible. If people who advance tyranny claim this position, public office, compounding the constant resetting of advancing freedom is the time spent repealing tyranny.

Tisha, assuming this declaration pertains to law, please reconsider your want to codify, or make law, voluntary actions socially. To legalize (legal + -ize: to make) voluntarism, is an oxymoron; this making is an impossibility. It cannot happen and it would be on course (in contrast to of course, for clarity's sake) to cause misery for the persons receiving the law. Misery in the USA is something that's happened since 1767. It's time for misery to vanish. Let's be free.

If you, Tisha, want to talk to voters about you limiting your terms, do so -- which I think would backfire on you because the voters should want to elect you for as long as you want to be elected according to their wishes. Otherwise, and again, spend time thinking about your stance on this issue, institutionalized self limitation in the social setting, the setting whose members placed who they voted for into office, into office.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Interesting Take On Term Limits

Hopefully this helps answer your questions:

1. It was a form available from the Colorado Secretary of State.

2. Since I volunteered to say it and sign it, I believe that it is safe to say that it is MY declaration and not the government's declaration, which you are formulating as being "law".

3. Here is a link to such: http://casida2012.com/liberty-2/voluntary-u-s-house-term-lim...

4. I have as much of an individual right as anyone else to decide when I want to move back to my community to be back in my social environment. I do not want to be a career politician.

5. If you think limiting the times our elected officials are in office is an issue, then you have a lot of choices already on the ballot (and already in office), and I encourage you to keep voting for them. (But isn't it false representation on THEIR PART for NOT limiting themselves to how long they serve?)

6. There is accountability always because I have integrity, and I plan on continuing to grow my business in Colorado (meaning that I have to live there and attempt to grow a business in that community) - there would be no accountability to my constituents if I were merely attempting to further my career and how "law" is formed so as to extract your taxpayer money for special interests.

7. A "Declaration" to my knowledge, is not law. A "Declaration", much like the "Declaration of Independence" is a statement. Law can quickly be turned into plunder. I love Bastiat.

8. "They", my constituency, is a group of people, who have many wishes, that never all agree with each other and never will (as with any group/collective of people). If they want a politician who they can elect over and over again, then there are three other choices on the ballot. If they want a statesman, who is saying that "six years in office is enough, then we should bring in new blood", and that is honest that our country is broke and will soon face economic turmoil, that is why we need to focus on the Constitutionality of government, then they can put a check next to Tisha T. Casida on their ballot.

Very interesting take/discussion on Term Limits!


Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com


And I thought this was going to be an expose about The Faith And Freedom Coalition, FreedomWorks, Americans For Prosperity, The Heritage Foundation...and the like.
Those are your real nasty-assties.


Tisha Casida shines in Grand Junction debate

Tisha got her first opportunity to debate the two major party candidates in Grand Junction on September 8th at Colorado Mesa University. She was nervous during the day in anticipation of facing off with her opponents, but none of that was apparent when she was on stage.

Mesa University did an excellent job of organizing the day. Debates were scheduled all day long, and the university did a professional job of keeping things on schedule, and remaining completely non-partisan. The debate for Congressional District 3 was the last item on the agenda.

Tisha was placed in the middle, with Republican Scott Tipton on the audience's left, and Democrat Sal Pace on the audience's right. Three members of the press were there, and each was allowed to ask two questions. The text of the questions were displayed on a huge screen so that the audience could read the question as it was being asked. All three candidates were given two minutes to respond to the question.

The major party candidates gave answers typical of their party. Tisha struck the audience as a breath of fresh air. She admitted that she would never be able to pass legislation that would have any direct affect on the people of Colorado, however her solutions to the problem were reasonable, optimistic, and far more plausible than those offered by her opponents. I think her responses struck a chord with the audience simply because they were unique.

Tisha was very articulate and positively cheerful. She even gave the audience the websites of her opponents as well as her own, so that everyone could compare the platforms. When the debate was over, Tisha had no gaffes that she had to regret. Her performance was clean and smooth till the end.

When the debate was over, I was swarmed by people (both Republicans and Democrats) who were anxious to get a copy of the newspaper Tisha has printed with her platform. "Who is she?", "Where can I find out more about her?", and similar questions from people who had just discovered a superior option to "the lesser of two evils".

Scott Tipton and his supporters happened to choose the same restaurant for their after-party, and Scott came over to speak with Tisha personally. He did not explicitly ask her to drop out of the race, but he did suggest that the race was too important to let the Democrat win the seat. I'm pretty sure Tisha has established herself as a credible threat.

She has six or seven additional debates on her calendar, at least one of which is going to be broadcast across the state by PBS. Unfortunately, Tisha's campaign is running low on funds, making it increasingly difficult for her to challenge the status quo. If you'd like the chance to see her embarrass the competition, I strongly suggest you contribute to her campaign so she has enough gas money to travel across the state. You can go to http://www.casida2012.com/donate/ if you want to help her quest for Liberty.

Lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!

Video of Debate

Here is the link to a portion of the debate on Colorado State of Mind (Rocky Mountain PBS): http://video.rmpbs.org/video/2279226831/

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com


I must say that I followed your campaign and appearances early in Colorado until my heart sank when I found out that you were running Independent.

My personal political background began with such a move and I still have not decided if it was a good or bad experience, just something I don't care to have to do again.

I am obviously a member of YAL and a prominent one at that and your analysis while in some ways correct, is not completely accurate either. The great thing about YAL and from what I remember about C4L is that they are lead by libertarians who have quite the rouge nature concerning influence by top down organizations. They are at best, difficult to tame.

You want to network? I'd be happy to assist. I don't perceive the members of my organization to be bought and souled out to the Republican Party as you suggest. You want to break into some groups in your area? First I would suggest you show up to a meeting (much of which is public record) but talking to someone like myself would be just as good.

You've made your point. Now continue to make an impact.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

Contacts in the District? (Thank you!!)

Could you send me the names/emails/phone numbers of any YAL members/groups in the following counties?

La Plata
Rio Blanco
Rio Grande
San Juan
San Miguel

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

In Ohio we call them

In Ohio we call them tea-ocons
As a matter of fact the Ohio Liberty council originally founded by the likes of Jason Rink and a few other genuine patriots was co-opted by the establishment starting in mid 2010 long after Jason stepped down. about half the Ohio tea party groups involved left the olc after it was aparent who was taking over. It was obvious by the issues/candidates organizing members were going door 2 door for.

The tea-ocon groups true colors come out when independent/3rd party candidates are shut out.

The Ohio freedom alliance on the other hand is still maintained by real Ohio patriots,most of whom have been on the front lines of the 2nd American revolution since 07.

Good Luck Tisha. keep us posted

I will second those remarks

The Ohio Liberty Council (now known as the Ohio Liberty Coalition) and their new "leader" almost managed to put the KA-bosh on our hard fought for Ohio Health Care Freedom amendment by requesting liberty groups that gathered over four hundred thousand signatures in a true grassroots effort for the ballot initiative to campaign for our effort together with a ballot issue trying to save Ohio SB5, which was a failed piece of legislation railroaded through the Ohio state house in much the same manner that Obama care was pushed through in DC, with backroom deals and the whole nine yards. But thank God there were those of us that refused and did our own campaigning for our one most important issue,,,the Health Care Freedom amendment.
And you could tell where we did our campaign and they did their thing. The numbers don't lie. It was a setup. We manged to save it.
So guess who has been campaigning for and supporting Mitt-Witt for several months now already? You guessed it. OLC and all the faux TEA party groups that still participate.
We do not play that game here.
In Liberty
Tumbleweed Steve



Maybe I can't say I agree fully on what she thinks of C4L, but I can also say I don't know much about her particular situation. But looking further into her background she sounds like a great person.

She is!


"The only thing we die with is our own personal integrity!" LRH
Vail, CO
Freedom and Liberty for Eagle County, Colorado. www.flecc.org

I'm about to leave the republican party...to again become

Registered as an independent. I am also going to vote for Gary Johnson. Afterwards ill only register republican when i can make a change to promote a liberty candidate, So i have not completely given up at changing the republican party at all (we all know that is what they want, for us to give up). We all knew the republicant's were just as corrupt at the democripts...but everyone do you guys realize how much of an impact we the liberty movement made in the republican party. We have all kinds of people in positions of power for the next round of elections 2016, imagine what we can do in 4 years. Unfortunately (but fortunately) looking at all the polls from the dems news groups and the re"pubs"lican news groups romney is behhind in all the polls, he might just lose. We
Have a chance at winning in 2016. Plus there are a bunch of elections in between now and 2016 that will help the liberty candidates that show up to stand up for this country....we have just started..... Don't even think about giving up on the republican party.

Your doing the right thing trying to network here.

I'm not going into the technicals, but putting your name out here will help you out. Local voters will reach out to you discreetly.


I hate feeling vindicated, it always turns out poorly.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.


YAL and CFL are liberty groups which specifically believe in working within the Republican party. If they were to endorse and fund independent canidates openly they would be completely blackballed. You may be a great canidate, but to endorse you would be the death of both groups. These groups still sheare (most) of your ideals, and they are still on your side. They just cannot do so openly. It is not personal...its politics.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

Maybe at "headquarters"

But locally here, they are isolationists. Doesn't seem to be any involvement and joining strategy that is not on college soil.

Big disappointment.

Organizations that endorse

Organizations that endorse Ted Cruz but that refuse to endorse solid libertarian candidates like Tisha ain't getting another dime from me.

That's politics too.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Then they should say that

They should say that in their mission and they should tell people that they are NOT non-partisan and that they believe only in working within the Republican party. And I don't want an endorsement - I want for their membership to know that I exist (and I would like to know about other people in their organization who are running for office).

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

I have seen in several comments

Over the last 2 days suggestions about the grassroots needing our own method of vetting and promoting candidates who truly represent what we believe in.

There is a website that does this already though IDK much about it. What do you guys think of http://libertycandidates.com/ ?

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

http://www.liberty-candidates.org & http://libertycandidates.com

These guys are PHENOMENAL - they are the real deal and an excellent place to find EVERYONE who is running on a Constitutional/liberty platform.

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com


I find fault in both C4L and libertycandidates. I will reference the sites but only donate to candidates and not those groups. Seems neither group really vets the candidates and I have to do my own research if I want to support someone.

Bump for post that deserves

Bump for post that deserves continued attention. I will also be very skeptical about donating to YAL/C4L in the future.

I'll bet these...

...wolves in sheep's clothing would back you if you were a democrat. No joke. They like democrats who pretend to be conservative more than they like real conservatives and real libertarians. They are frauds and they need to be exposed! And I don't mean just C4L and YAL. Maybe with Benton gone things will loosen up a little. Keep it up!

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

Donated. It's disturbing that


It's disturbing that C4L and YAL won't help you out, apparently because you don't place an R after your name. Some time ago I decided that my financial support will be decided by me directly, as evidently organizations such as these can't be fully trusted. Everyone has their bias.

What folks running these and other liberty oriented organizations need to understand is that there are great numbers of potential liberty movement converts who currently automatically write off any candidate with an R after their name. If all of your friends and family are D's, and all you've ever known is the present day establishment GOP, then unless you're more open minded than most, why on earth would you think an R candidate is someone you could support?

Candidates like you, Tisha, may not win because you don't have party money behind you, but you can be invaluable in spreading the message - making it palatable to folks who might not otherwise give it an ear.

And who says you couldn't win, especially if you were able to raise support in some other way than from the party or party biased organization? The liberty movement really does need an INDEPENDENT clearinghouse for the identification and support of liberty movement candidates.

Best of luck to you Tisha!

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


We appreciate your financial support. There are an almost equal number of "Unaffiliated/Independent" voters in our district as there are Republican and Democrat - we just have to raise the money to reach people, we have already won the base grass-roots, now we need the masses. It is absolutely possible - people like you are making that so (and have been for over a year now!).

Again, thank you so much for contributing.


Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com


Tisha is getting the recognition she deserves on the DP. Over 80 comments so far, and most are positive. I haven't commented on the DP for months, after Benton and whoever else deliberately sabotaged RP's growing momentum during the campaign. After I saw how useless it was to call him out here on the DP because nobody wanted to believe that he and god knows who else was deliberately derailing the campaign.

I am poor, went from middle class pay to barely above minimum wage thanks to the FED, crooks, speculators, etc etc. But I worked alot of overtime during the campaign so I could donate consistently to RP's campaign in the hopes he would break through and succeed and that bastard Benton walked away with over half a million dollars?!?! That kind of pay demands a win, nothing less, and certainly not a betrayal of the grassroots, slander against most of us "rabble" who support RP, betrayal of major voices like Woods, and betrayal of RP and his message. FUCK Benton.

Anyway, rarely curse in public forums but that really pisses me off. And decided to post because I found out about Tisha Casida here on the DP and have donated to her campaign several times because she is the REAL DEAL. I have spoken with her on the phone and through short emails. Very impressive, genuine person. She's hardcore just like RP with her positions and well worth your consideration at www.Casida2012.com.

I loved your post Tisha and I'm sorry to hear you got rebuffed by those "liberty-oriented" groups. I have gotten more overtime here recently and got paid today, so you will be receiving a donation from me tonight as soon as I finish this post. Love what your doing, and you killed it in your debate! Go get 'em...Chris from Ky.


Top Down vs. Grassroots

The Top Down Groups have their own agenda and that is to grow and raise funds. C4L cannot support candidates due to their Corporate Non-Profit Structure. C4L work on issues. PACs and Campaigns support Candidates. The Top Down Groups also won't let their lists be used for Free. You have to build your own or buy/rent them.

Don't expect the Top Down Groups to help any but most likely to win candidates, and there are hundreds of races for them to consider.

Work with the Liberty Lovers in your district. Note that many Liberty Supporters have been working to get elected as Republican committee members, precinct captains and State and Federal Candidates.

Ron Paul and I believe the best path towards Liberty is thru the Republican Party, but everyone must choose their own path.

I think the best path to get the attention of YAL is to visit, work with and help fund their groups on campuses in your district. Hopefully, you've already been working with the Liberty movement in your area either thru Meetup or Facebook. If you have a viable campaign, this is the best way to gain their attention.

There are many, many Liberty Candidates running for office, so keep spreading the message of Liberty.

This post is a fallacy

that fuels our passionate take-no-prisoner attitude.

This post misdirects anger and frustration to CFL when that energy should be channelled toward the 2party system that produces politicians instead of people.

CFL didn't ask for the system to only allow 2 parties.

Of course there are more philosophically sound candidates in the world than typical Rs and Ds. Paul knows it, CFL knows it, I know it, you know it, Tisha knows it.

But CFL is not designed to help Libertarian or third-party candidates try to overcome the nearly impossible feat of winning in a system that is designed for them not to to win.

Any expectation that third parties will get backing in any form from CFL is totally absurd and for that expectation to be cast is either naive or disingenuous.