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Liberty Groups a Front for the Republican Machine

Thank you Mr. Woods, you inspired me to speak up.

In an effort to believe that I was the only one experiencing this vortex in the liberty movement – I have kept my mouth shut. But no more – after reading Mr. Woods ‘ article about his experience with Jesse Benton and Campaign for Liberty (C4L), I think it is important to speak out and speak the truth.

Several “liberty-oriented” groups have completely ignored my candidacy for Congress because I refuse to run as part of the Republican machine. I told them I would not run Republican because I know how corrupt the Republican machine is (remember, these are groups that claim to be non-partisan). I think we witnessed how corrupt the Republican machine is with how they have treated delegates in the States and at the convention.

Campaign for Liberty has ignored my request for a survey and to be included in their survey (which I answered some time ago and sent to both the national and Colorado contacts). The Colorado director was an interim, and has changed again – they refuse to post my answers in a timely fashion up on their website so that people who are a part of this organization can see that I am a candidate who supports the Constitution. Why won’t they post my answers? Because they are supporting the Republican – the Republican even though the Republican does not speak up for Constitutional government. Campaign for Liberty is a front for the Republican machine.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) has ignored my request to be connected with other liberty-candidates in their organization. I don’t want their endorsement, I don’t want their money (they have a PAC) – all I have wanted is to be connected with other people (e.g. their membership that would theoretically support a young liberty candidate like myself), and their executive director, among others in the organization, just ignore me. I don’t exist. Stupid little girl, right? All of the people they support are Republican and men. Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is a front for the Republican machine.

Several other people associated with the “liberty-movement” had urged me to run Republican (my race would have been over awhile ago) and then did not follow through with their commitments to work with me. They are a front for the Republican machine.

Strangely silent – the people you thought were leaders – the people who are Republican, the people who tell you over and over that to “win”, you have to infiltrate the machine. Let me tell you something – you don’t win by fixing a broken system – you build a new one.

My name is Tisha Casida, I am running ‘unaffiliated’ (also called Independent) for U.S. House Colorado District Three, and I am officially on the ballot. I am also the only candidate to sign the Voluntary U.S. House Term Limits Declaration. And my supporters know the difference between an independent voice and the Republican machine – won’t you join us?

If you believe in me and what I am doing – please donate to help us reach more people. EVERY BIT makes a difference – would you consider donating $25, $50, even $100 today?


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weiss words indeed.


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Interesting info.

Today is a day where I keep repeating - I don't know what to think.

Yes, something is coming to a head here.

Obviously, Dr. Paul is wise, and probably is correct about working the Republican party.

However, there is a overwhelming majority of RP supporters who want nothing to do with the Republican party. This is reality. And not a good one. It is the wise elder vs. the young bucks. And I do not know where all this is going to lead.

I am taking your word for what you are saying. In your case, this is very sad news. I wonder if the C4L will give a straight answer to this in the future when they are questioned from grassroots.

Bottom line is this...

We the people need to get involved! We need to rely on our freinds and families to do the right thing.

Our group supports Tisha, and at the same time, tries to walk that tight rope within the GOP. Most of our group are Republicans. We always need to be cautious of our moves. We can't get kicked out. We've come too far!

Tisha, Stephen and Michael are the best and we support what she's trying to do in Colorado!

Go get her some money!


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So this won't drop off the front page...
Thanks Tisha, do you have a web site?


Thank you!

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

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