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There is One Man Who Can Make Sense of What is Happening in Libya

Herman Cain
Why is the president on the phone with him right now!


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Everywhere like such as.

Everywhere like such as.

He sounds kinda like this:

Caption should read

Why ISN'T the President on the phone with him right now!

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What, does he have the stuff

What, does he have the stuff memorized, or does he know it?

Remember Herman Caine-We don't need no stinking audit

of the Fed, you can just call them up and ask them what ever you like!

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Yup, that is why I wrote my

Yup, that is why I wrote my Senator today to ask her to co-sponsor the S.202 Federal Reserve Transparency Act http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2738904

Any response

do you expect one?

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I just wrote it today. I

I just wrote it today. I haven't checked my email, but if and when there is a response, I imagine it will be telling me how I am wrong and she is right...as ususal.

yep typical politician answer

did you see pelosi today advocating foreign aid for egypt?-pathetic

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No, I watched Rand Paul

No, I watched Rand Paul advocating against it in the senate http://www.dailypaul.com/254671/rand-vs-reid-an-epic-filibus... . Where did you see it?

article in some magazine

i read on line

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Thanks and I love the way he played the

"i just run a pizza parlour"- I am an out sider
(not a full on insider Fed member)

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Yah, & more like a Fed Plant

Yah, & more like a Fed Plant to divide the playing field...


they all had their roles to play as assigned by the republican party. Rommey was already selected since 2008

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A reality show at best and

A reality show at best and the only one not acting...Dr. Ron Paul.

Libya? Let's make sure we are talking about the same thing.

.. no that's a different one.

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That Herman Cain-he knows his Libya

what a joke it is to listen to this-the befuddled looks on his face are priceless.
9-9-9 for Libya

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Has Frothy made a statement

on libya yet?

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Sadly , he polled better than

Ron Paul

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You mean the fake polls?

Ron should have changed his name to Other.

5 Romney

The Ayes have it
the RNC

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They should rename themselves too

Like the RNC is now the Real Nut Crackers or maybe Remember No Counting or perhaps Really! No Contest.